"yes! I want a drop of this mysterious liquid medicine, whether it is soul damage or physical damage, which can be instantly recovered. Not only that, but also I want you to have a deep understanding of the law. This liquid medicine can also save the process of hard training and absorbing the energy of heaven and earth, so that you can directly advance-of course, as I just stressed, before you advance, it is how deep your understanding of the law is, and how deep your understanding of the law can make you reach. "Zhang Yang said.
Although I don’t want to let Luofei know about the life fluid for the time being, it’s nothing to tell her the efficacy of this life fluid. Anyway, she has witnessed it with her own eyes, and telling her now is also an incentive for her.
Zhang Yang knew that if he wanted to defeat the Zerg, he would have to rely on a large number of hands to support the future, and it was impossible to succeed by himself.
In this way, it is very important for the family to see hope and motivation.
Sure enough, Luo Fei was excited at once when he heard this sentence.
What does this mean? Generally speaking, after the monk’s understanding of the promotion realm reaches a certain level, even if he has passed the threshold of breakthrough, it will take a long time to absorb the energy of heaven and earth before he can finally achieve promotion.
I don’t know how many monks have not been promoted for tens of thousands of years because of the lack of energy in heaven and earth.
A drop of mysterious liquid medicine can actually achieve a breakthrough?
A ridiculous feeling rose in Lofi’s heart, feeling that his former practice seemed so ridiculous.
Followed by a big shock in my heart.
Although Zhang Yang didn’t say it, it is obvious that he still has a lot of such liquid medicine in his hand, otherwise it is impossible to give it to himself and colorful husband and wife at will.
Doesn’t that mean that if one’s state perception has risen, one can break through the shackles of titles and reach the half-step level, and the God can directly advance to the half-step level, dzogchen, without hard practice?
Hot in my heart!
Lofi’s heart became hot! I feel that it is the right choice to make a vow of heaven and follow Zhang Yang.
Seeing this situation, Zhang Yang knew that he had reached his goal and had two more experts.
At present, Zhang Yang belongs to a total of five monks with titles, namely, Xianyuan Master, Fujifar, Fucang, Jiuying and Luofei. Fujifar is the most loyal servant in Zhang Yang. Naturally, he has long been given life fluid, and now he has advanced to the title of dzogchen, relying on the strong physical combat effectiveness of the Wu Man clan.
Fucang and Jiuying also lived for hundreds of millions of years. The realm of monster theory has already reached the level of titles, because the energy of heaven and earth is thin and they have been very slow to absorb it, so they have not been promoted.
After getting the life fluid, it is naturally a triumph all the way to the title of dzogchen
In addition to these five titles of Godsworn dzogchen, there are also red fish and colorful husband and wife who are also titles of dzogchen monster beast.
These are Zhang Yang’s cards, and they have never appeared in the mustard hut since they were promoted successfully.
The strength of blood slaves is relatively much weaker. Although they have benefited from the life fluid, they have also greatly increased, but they have not yet helped Zhang Yang.
"It’s not yet time for you to show up and hide in my ring hut! When the time is right, I’ll let you out. Let’s act together and give all the enemies a fatal blow. "
A small abode of fairies and immortals appeared in the palm of Zhang Yang’s hand, which was the ring hut.
After nearly ten thousand years of development, Wan Li has become a world with a large area.
"It’s a temple!"
Now Lofi is sincerely loyal to Zhang Yang and supports nature without hesitation.
Promise one and then say hello to colorful husband and wife, one person and one bird, and escape into mustard hut almost at the same time.
And Zhang Yangze chose to export and stepped out of this small world.
Chapter seven hundred and thirteen Mother ants
In a hurry, dozens of days passed.
On this day, Zhang Yang just killed a group of borers, watching them fly around without restraint, and several more face worms took the opportunity to hide.
Zhang Yang’s face lit up when he was about to catch up.
"Are those little guys finally coming out of their shells?"
Think a little about a flash of shape, not towards the middle, but towards the ground
In a row, hundreds of Wan Li escaped, and it took thousands of miles to stop.
The light and shadow flashed, and the zombie Zhang Yangren disappeared, leaving a miniature abode of fairies and immortals on the ground
For a moment, zombie Zhang Yang appeared directly in the mustard hut
Hundreds of mustard huts in Wan Li are a large area. Of course, there are mountains, waters, lakes and seas in the Hanazono Sakura world.
And zombie Zhang Yang is now in a valley.
The valley looks bare and lacking in aura, with yellow and dull stones.
It is in the middle of this valley that a basketball-sized khaki ant egg is densely arranged.
Zhang Yangzheng, a human being sitting cross-legged beside the yellow ant eggs.
Zombie Zhang Yang also sat cross-legged after he appeared.
Two busy people are gathered in this face, and their expressions are all equally complicated, expecting joy with a hint of anxiety.
These ant eggs are manipulated by Zhang Yang, a human being. After devouring a female worm, they ovulate and enter an evolutionary state. Until now, they have reacted.
The nearly 2,000 giant silver-winged magic ants that swallowed the roots of the tree of life have been in an egg state and are lying in the spirit beast ring, breathing smoothly without awakening.