Su Li was busy re-inducing. The sad reaction in jade bone just appeared. If there is consciousness, it will be completely shattered.
Su Li was shocked. Was that ray of consciousness that was about to be shattered left by Taikoo Zulong?
If it’s true, it’s hard to imagine how many thousands of years this ancient ancestor dragon has been in this magic acyl.
"If this is really the remains of Archaeosaurus, then the magic acyl is not in Archaeozoic times, and even Archaeosaurus can’t escape the magic acyl … can I really leave alive?"
Su Li was full of confidence in himself, but now he is hesitant.
Looking at this piece of jade bone Su Li in his hand, I suddenly had an idea. If this is really the remains of Archaean Zulong, then it has been similar to Zulong from ancient times to modern times. If there are still similar ones swallowed by magic acyl, will there be any remains or bones left?
With this idea, Su Li first put away the jade bone of Zulong and launched a mind-catching induction.
Before, he didn’t think about it in this respect, thinking about how to escape from the magic acyl and be as strong as himself. After carefully sensing the expansion of the domain, he really found it again for a long time.
Mind move Su Li didn’t think about going to a certain area. Instead, he knew that the magic acyl was deliberately going to a certain area. The more likely it was to reach him, the heart was to induce the mind to launch a constant induction to capture the energy fluctuation.
This kind of energy is too weak, and it is easy to be ignored if it is not for meditation to carefully capture the induction, and Jasuri has been promoted to the fourth rank, and the further enhancement of the ability of the true god’s mind field is easy to be ignored.
When Su Li finally determined the direction of this extremely weak energy, he opened his eyes and found that a rock appeared not far ahead of him.
This rock floats in the magic acyl, which is slightly bigger than the jade bone he just acquired. Su Li will reach out his right hand and take a closer look. It is from this rock that the faint energy fluctuation just captured is released.
The surface of this rock is faintly jade, which looks like a piece of jade.
Su Li entered the granular state for observation. Observing in the granular state, this jade, like the former jade bone, is also in the original state.
"It seems that this jade also stayed in this magic acyl for many years and was finally corroded. I don’t know what this jade used to look like …"
There is something special about being able to melt the debris left in the magic acyl.
Su Li put her consciousness into this jade and felt it carefully, hoping to find something. Unfortunately, this time she didn’t capture a vague consciousness as before, and she could feel that this jade also contained a powerful energy.
Because it is in its original state, this energy, though powerful, will hardly be released to the outside world. Su Li almost felt it until he just sensed it carefully.
Can’t see what this jade is, so Su Li will also be included in the mirage, and then continue to capture the surrounding situation by induction, hoping for new discoveries.
I don’t know how many powerful telepathy I’ve swallowed in the past few years, but I may still find it.
This time, Su Li’s induction took longer, and he entered a deeper meditation. I don’t know how long it took, but he opened his eyes and hit the world.
Will be obtained before ancestral keel and this unknown jade took his eyebrows slightly wrinkled up.
Although I have just failed to find it again, I found in this deeper meditation that this ancestral keel, an unknown jade, has a subtle connection and seems to have a fluctuation.
My heart is micro-moving, and then I will hold this jade bone and jade in my hand and induce them again.
This time, after their induction gradient is strong, the depths of this magic acyl also come.
"Sure enough … maybe both of these things come from Taikoo’s mutual induction, which may also be a relic of Taikoo."
Su Li, with the help of jade bone and something hidden in the depths of jade’s magic acyl, finally locked his mind and moved his mind to launch a powerful field. At present, two things finally appeared in the dark viscous substance, one is a skull and the other is jet as eyes.
Zu Long Yu Gu unknown jade appeared in front of him at the moment. The skull and the eyeball-like round jet felt like they were connected with each other. Su Li looked at the skull and felt shocked.
The domain of thoughts went further into the skull and round jet, hoping to find something. Suddenly, he felt a ray of consciousness in the skull.
As sensed in the former ancestor’s jade bone, this wisp of consciousness is extremely weak and may burst at any time.
"… who is …"
"The elder is my elder. Who are you?" Su Li is busy responding carefully, fearing that the other party will dissipate consciousness again. I want to start a thought in my mind, that is, I hope that the other party can support for a while and let myself know the identity of the other party less.
"… I … Taikoo … Zun …"
"Too ancient?" Su Li heard this name for the first time, but it is no small matter to be able to resonate with the ancestors.
"If the predecessors enter the magic acyl … is there any way to leave the magic acyl?"
Although I know that the other party should also be inseparable from the magic acyl, otherwise I wouldn’t have a skeleton skull to survive, but looking at a bone that is even more than the ancestor dragon, it seems that this ancient statue can still leave a skeleton skull that looks stronger than the ancestor dragon.
"… don’t … know … the original … is … you …"
Suddenly, if there is consciousness in this skull, it suddenly becomes stronger. There are two lights in the hole, just like this skull opened its eyes and saw Su Li’s message, which made Su Li feel surprised.
What is this ancient skull that says it was you … Does he know himself?
"Do you know me, senior?" Su Li is amazed that he is a modern man, too far away from Archaean times. How can this skull say that?
"… from … magic acyl … borrow … we … strength … plus you … but …"
This consciousness, like a blip, suddenly became more violent, followed by a sudden weakness. Suri’s mind knew that it was not good enough to launch the domain of thoughts, and he wanted to keep this consciousness. Unfortunately, the skull has become silent, no matter whether he is summoning or sensing, there is no response.
Su Libai, the last ray of consciousness in this skull that claimed to be a statue of Taikoo disappeared after all.
From ancient times, it was swallowed up by magic acyl until now, and it has gone through two times. These are fate, but they can’t resist the magic acyl and the erosion of time after all.
"The elder said the last line of consciousness from the magic acyl lend their strength to add me … is this elder trying to express …"
Su Li looked down at the Zulong jade bone, unknown jade, skull and round jet in front of him, which faintly understood each other’s meaning.
"This elder can’t know me. Maybe when he said … he meant the stone house."
"If it’s really stone house light and shadow, then he means that with stone house light and shadow and their strength, they can escape from the magic acyl … they should be these four things, and everything may just represent a Taikoo someone. This jade bone is the ancestor dragon, and this skull is Taikoo Zun … Jade and jet should also be Taikoo someone …"
After thinking about Suri, try again with these four things. Is there any discovery?
This time, I observed and induced for a long time, and there was no more induction, so I gave up.
Looking at four suspected archaic relics, such as jade bone and skull, floating in front of him, Su Li awakened the ancient gods and demons, such as Lu Wu and Rain Master, in the ancient city to attack the stone house, hoping to force out the light and shadow in the stone house again.
Don’t want to this time, the stone house light and shadow did not appear, and he merged. This stone house was hit by this group of ancient ghosts and gods.
There was a loud bang, and a large number of cracks immediately appeared in the stone house, which almost collapsed. This is still Su Li’s feeling that the situation is not right. Launching the dream domain offsets some of the power, so he still feels that his mind is buzzing and his soul is almost broken.