Being a master in the wild and letting his brother do things has always been a direct order. I have never heard of any master who asked his brother for advice. This move is very touching to flying bear and Shen Gongbao
"Burst" one or two people knelt down in front of the prospective teacher again and said, "The teacher has something to do, and even the younger brother will finish it."
"Well, the teacher really didn’t read you wrong, but this matter is very dangerous. You’d better think it over!" Zhundong
"My brother has made up his mind and still hopes the teacher will tell me!" Two people firmly way
"If it’s good, you’re welcome!" Zhundong
"But at the teacher’s command!"
"Your coming here is extremely secret and can’t be known by a third party!"
Then he told flying bear and Shen Gongbao his plan.
After that, I must look at flying bear and say, "You regret it now, or you will not be able to regret it!"
"I will never regret it!" Flying bear still way
"Well, then from now on, you are no longer my apprentices!" Zhundong
"I bid farewell to the teacher, and I hope the teacher will take care of me when my brother is not around in the future!" Two people aim at worship
"The teacher has started. Are you ready?" Zhundong
"Teacher, please start work. Brother is ready!" Two people together.
Quasi-smell speech is no longer multilingual. See the big sleeves gently caressing flying bear and Shen Gongbao. They immediately cut off the vitality and the flesh gradually disappeared.
At this time, I saw two vague figures flying out of the quasi-sleeve, and two figures solemnly bowed to the quasi-sleeve.
"Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go."
Two people figure towards quasi once again a worship of time and went to hell The six great divisions in the wheel of karma.
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Chapter VII Snatching Yang Jian ACTS
"Why doesn’t the teacher see the two younger brothers?" Maitreya came to the right place after being called, but she didn’t see flying bear and Shen Gongbao, so she asked.
"The teacher has arranged for them to be reincarnated!" Quasi-replied
"reincarnation?" Maitreya surprised way
"Is the two of them with a mission reincarnation! You don’t have to be surprised by the specific situation, and you will naturally learn about the "quasi-way" in the future.
"So what’s the teacher’s order when he asks his brother to come?" Maitreya asked
"You should know about this, right?" Zhundong
"This brother has heard what the teacher and the teacher have said!" Maitreya leaned down and replied.
"This robbery is a fairy killing robbery. All quasi-saints may be robbed. Fortunately, you have beheaded the good corpse and achieved the quasi-holy shrine robbery. You should also worry about it." The quasi-voice changed and added, "But you can’t take it lightly. Even saints can’t foresee anything before, let alone anything else. You are what I teach the future. I don’t want you to have any accidents. From now on, you will be closed for a hundred years and come out after the big robbery!"
I’m still very concerned about myself as a big brother. Although this big robbery of Buddhism is no longer one of them, who knows what will happen? In case of any accident, I specially charged Maitreya.
"Thank you, teacher, for caring about your brother!" Maitreya put away his smile that often hangs on his face. Positive color way
"Well, you can close it!" Zhundong
"My brother is in charge!"
With that, Maitreya went to his practice place and closed it.
After arranging Maitreya’s affairs, I must have come to Jieyin Qingxiu again.
Seeing the prospective arrival, he said, "Are all the Taoist friends arranged?"
Must have nodded. "Everything is ready for the east wind! Brother Tao, if you are like a brother here, can you explain it? "
"I have warned them severely, and I don’t think anything will happen!" Access road
"It’s so good that my Buddhism is thin and can’t afford to lose!" Zhundong
"Yes, it’s hard to be friends when you get everything!" Connect and lead to Maitreya Road
"It’s all Buddhism, and it’s hard to talk about. Brother Dao is waiting for me in the mountains to walk around and plan something!" Quasi-laughs
After receiving the news, he said, "It’s too early for Taoist friends to go before the big robbery!"
Zhun shook his head and smiled. "The early bird has food to eat. Brother Dao, just wait here!"
Say that and you’ll disappear.
It is said that after the death of Shang Tang, the monarch of that man, Tai Ding’s brother Waic succeeded him because of his early death in Tai Ding; After Waibing’s death, his younger brother Zhong Ren succeeded to the throne; After Zhongren’s death, Tai Ding Taijia succeeded to Taijia, the grandson of Shang Tang, and Taijia was established for three years. He did not tyrannize and disobey the soup method, so Yi Yin put it in Tonggong Taijia Jutong Palace for three years, repented and blamed himself. Yi Yin welcomed Taijia back and granted the government. After Taijia Xiu De obeyed the law, the princes returned to the people and lived in peace.
From Zhongding to Pan Geng, when the Ninth Dynasty happened, the scramble for the throne of the Shang royal family not only caused foreign invasion, but also caused the Shang Wang Zhongding to move from Bo to Tao, the He Jia to Xiang, the Zu Yi to Pi, Nangeng to Pi, and Pan Geng to Bei Meng to Yue Yin.
Wu Ding is Pan Geng’s younger brother Xiao Yi, Pan Geng’s nephew. When he was young, Xiao Yi let him live in the people’s livelihood for a while. When he was young, he knew that the people’s life was hard and hard. After he succeeded to Pan Geng, he worked hard and was determined to revitalize the great cause. He went out to conquer the ghost countries, the Turkish side, the Qiang side, the human side, the tiger side and other countries. In these expeditions, Shang wang zheng expanded many small countries and captured a large number of prisoners. After Wu Ding’s death, he created peace and prosperity, and Shang Dynasty recovered a lot of vitality until
I must come to the wild to see that it is time to govern all the people in Di Yi, and the weather is good for the country and the people’s safety; Fang Bin, who surrendered to Siyi, is also very appreciative of this Di Yi.
On this day, I suddenly saw a group of mountain soldiers surround a child about seven years old. At that time, I was curious and I had to pinch my fingers. After this calculation, Rao had been sanctified for many years and I wanted to be excited and scream.
It turns out that the jade emperor Haotian’s sister princess royal Yao Ji went to Yao Ji privately, which is also a congenital jade. Seeing Yao Ji and her own body, Haotian generally recognizes that it is not a big deal for Yao Ji’s sister Yao Ji to come privately, but the bad thing is that after Yao Ji Xian was in the world, a mortal fell in love and married him privately. This is a big question.
The Jade Emperor of Heaven in Science is the nominal master of the Three Realms, and now his sister has married a mortal. How can this not make Heaven in Science feel humiliated? Heaven is furious and sends heavenly soldiers to capture Yao Ji. At this time, Yao Ji is bent on falling in love. Where will he know that there is a great disaster coming?
After discovering that Yao Ji, the mortal Yang Tianyou, had already had two women, they reported the matter to Heaven of Science in a cautious period. Knowing that Heaven of Science was even more angry, he ordered Heaven of Heaven to go out of Yang’s family outside Yao Ji, and all others were directly punished.
Yao Ji’s natural disposition does not like to practice. If she can be an opponent of many mountain soldiers, she will be heartbroken to see her husband and Chang Yangjiao die at the blade of the mountain soldier. She will not hesitate to self-destruct Yuan Shen and send Er Yang Jian and her daughter Yang Chan away, but she will fall into the hand of the mountain soldier.
After Yao Ji was captured, Haotian personally suppressed him in Taoshan and ordered him to continue to hunt down Yang Jian and Yang Chan who had escaped.
At this moment, this child surrounded by mountain soldiers is really the second Yang Jian of Yao Ji.
How could Yang Jian not know this awesome figure in the deity! This Yang Jian taught three generations of younger brothers, but his second generation of younger brothers, such as Twelve Jinxian, made great achievements in sealing gods. Later, he was sealed, and the real gentleman became a god in the flesh. He was the first god of war in heaven. He didn’t expect that he would be so lucky to meet the victim here. Since Yang Jian is so, he can’t wave this opportunity himself.
Seeing that Yang Jian was about to die, he must have hit a light in the hands of the mountain soldier and flew to Yang Jian. A teleport of combating Dao appeared in front of Yang Jian.
"Are you human?" Mountain see must appear in front of the Yang Jian ah asked.
"Being original and accurate!" Zhundong