The vanguard troops are responsible for destroying 5,000 black armor dead men, taking the lead in retaining and blocking the dark firewood at the bottom of the river of Yanjun Navy in Longkou, and cleaning up the floating river broken walls by the way.
Behind the vanguard is the thunder fire camp.
A large number of high-rise ships are full of thunder balls, kerosene, etc., and enter the range of the thunder fire camp. At that time, the fine willow army will be desperate to level all the obstacles to navigation in You Jiang, whether it is the enemy building ship or its own iron chain, more than 10,000 boats and swords.
The opportunity willnot come again
30,000 surprise soldiers get excellent fighters. This is the perfect time to control Dujiangyan with fenglingdu. It may sound cruel!
But war is cruel!
Luo Changfeng’s 30,000 brothers fell alone.
The mountain soldiers will take the air by surprise. At first, the morale of the army really prevailed, and fenglingdu Navy was caught off guard after waking up from sleep.
However, the name of the navy division of Dayan Empire is not a false name. How much did the navy division of Dayan expand on horseback in Wan Li? Even the navy division that is good at fighting can never be bullied by others.
What’s more, fenglingdu Yanjun is 155 times the strength of Xiliujun, and Luo Changfeng’s 30,000 brothers can’t seize fenglingdu at the fastest speed. The exhausted troops in a fierce battle overnight have an absolute advantage, and the Dragon King Navy is getting more and more brave. On the other hand, 30,000 Xiliujun is unable to cope with the casualties, and most of them are less than 10,000.
Luo Changfeng is a brave man who can save the overall situation! Now he hopes that hundreds of reinforcements in the proposed war plan can arrive on time!
He fought and waited.
I didn’t wait for the planned 100 thousand reinforcements to cross the river, but I waited for two unexpected guests
He brought victory notes to the guests.
Surrounded by a few heavy navy soldiers, Luo Changfeng saw two figures rushing like the wind, and two figures broke from a distance. A few flash sweeps were the highest sentry post in the camp.
One-armed sword falls from all directions. "Li Tiangang is dead, surrender and don’t kill!"
It is to throw the bloody head of Li Tiangang.
There are more than 100,000 left, and the fighting spirit is strong. At that time, the fenglingdu’s 100,000 blood-stained armor stopped killing and cast incredible eyes.
The still picture of snowflakes all over the sky seems to freeze at this moment.
Several eyes focused on the head.
At this time, the sky was dim, the line of sight was blurred, and the watchtower fell to draw a powerful and dazzling sword light, which passed and shone on the head.
That moment a few eyes saw those eyes that died unsatisfied. Those were Li Tiangang’s eyes with fear!
Then 100,000 Dragon King Navy officers all panicked.
They can no longer unite the fighting spirit and morale, and instantly collapse and watch the head fall in the snow, and a legal and metaphorical terror hits them all over.
"Most of them supervise the war and die!"
The still picture was touched by a sudden cry, so some people abandoned their armor and knives and fled
One hundred thousand Dragon King Navy officers collapsed in an instant, and Chen Fusheng simply lost his soul and sat down in the cold snow and blood to admit his life!
He knows that morale is like a mud tower. Once it is washed away by the flood, it will never condense again.
This war is over in fenglingdu and Dujiangyan.
The Seven-Power Allied Forces sit here and watch half of the Dayan Empire, the capital of Jiangdu, be in danger from now on!
Silver fox face Luo Changfeng looked at the two long-lost figures in Guanshaolou.
Their eyes met, and nothing was said!
About 300,000 Weiyang new army camps outside the Green Canyon
Zhongjun’s big tent, silver armor and silver gun, weiyangsheng, Su Xiaofan and other generals are besieging Qingxia in the sand table for the final deduction of the outcome of World War I.
A school captain lifts the curtain and enters the "general"
Weiyangsheng eyes staring at the sand table battle "said"
"Fine Liujun has crossed the river to attack fenglingdu."
Weiyangsheng looked up in surprise. "So soon?"
Su Xiaofan seemed to think of something and quickly asked, "What about Li Tiangang people?"
"Li Tiangang, the commander-in-chief of the 200,000 Dragon King Navy, was killed!"
Su Xiaofan nodded slightly and turned to silent Weiyang.
Yinjiayinqiang Weiyangsheng lowered his head again and stared at the sand table.
Sand table deduction is nearing the end.
Zhongjun tent was so silent for a while until Weiyangsheng’s serious expression stretched half a minute and a shallow smile.
Weiyang growth breathed a sigh of relief. "Everything is ready."
A report from outside the account
In Weiyang’s tent, people will look forward to the rain like a long drought.
"General, reinforcements have been sent."
The green canyon is the important place of Dayan granary, and there are no less than 300 thousand garrisons.
Not long ago, Yan Nanfei invited Nancy Han, the emperor’s alliance, to be stationed with the six quicksand-controlled monster beasts and 100,000 demon brothers and sisters. At this moment, Qingxia is impregnable.
Even Junze Jade knows that it is different from a fable to take Qingxia with 300,000 Weiyang new troops.
Suojun Zeyu sent reinforcements.
Three of the twelve stars in the 100 sects in Tiandong.
Seven stars, heavenly orphans, eleven stars, tianwei, twelve stars, heavenly magic, nine constellations, Zongmen, Xuanyinshan, thirty-six disciples of Yi characters.
Chapter 57 Do you say clothes (in)
Outside the Green Canyon, the two armies confronted each other.
Two more common terrans are tall and many figures, and the wilderness outside the valley is covered with snow.
A man and a woman