"Are you? Isn’t there nothing to eat tonight? "
"Also won’t have to eat? The rice looks good. "This time I added more water, but it won’t be so dry and unpalatable."
Besides, he can’t see it anyway, so he says his craft is normal
"I didn’t eat either, or …"
"Well, I have to go out later. I’ll hang up first."
She recognized what he was going to say, so she hung up before he finished.
Teng Yun actually listened to the phone being hung up, and he flicked the phone and kept that posture there for a long time.
What the hell was she thinking?
Where is she going?
And actually,
She really mixed some soy sauce with rice.
Look at the supermarket, it seems that soy sauce is added, but after she added it …
That smell …
It seems completely different
Too much is too strong.
She leaned her elbow on the table and looked at it with her hands. The rice was terrible. It was a bit thick like porridge. Now with soy sauce …
Four unlike probably just like this.
But I still didn’t want him to bring takeout.
Now that it is impossible, she really doesn’t want two people to continue to entwine.
Every time I get closer, I feel more worried.
It’s still rare. The more you see, the more uncomfortable you will be.
Not seeing less will not be so entangled.
The past is the past …
The past … Just the past …
She is looking forward to that day.
When she went to the mall that day, she met Professor Teng, who looked a little shy at her and then asked her to have a cup of coffee with him.
Thinking about his physical condition tenderly, he didn’t really approve of his drinking, but obviously he didn’t come for coffee either
She has been sitting quietly since he never lifted the coffee cup.
"Gentle you have always been the most suitable Tengyun girl for me. You know that I am happier than others when you are together. I believe you have some experience."
"I know I seem a little unreasonable, but if I were you, I believe you would do the same, right?" Professor Teng asked as if with some doubts and as if he wanted to get her affirmation.
"I’m not sure, but I don’t think you are wrong. After all, that happened." After a gentle look at Professor Teng, he lowered his eyes.
If it were her, she wouldn’t be sure it was not her fault.
But once the family changes like that, it’s hard for anyone to believe it.
"So you should not blame me?"
"no complaints"
Professor Teng nodded.
Get up and leave, but suddenly turn around. You’re with your friend and brother?
Gentle and sluggish, Professor Teng turned his head and left.
Seems to be the gentle eyes as an affirmation.
Tender is because he is afraid that he will know the result.
Gentle sitting there without moving, the worst result is just to continue to introduce Mr. Teng to the object at home.
Instead of crying, she smiled.
Last Dance
As expected, Professor Teng introduced him to the blind date the next day.
I’m not a rich girl, I’m not a rich girl, I’m a university teacher, but I don’t seem to be 30 years old, so I’m a little stiff and everything is fine.
TengYunLai chat watching gentle walking side by side with allow health eyes move up later.
Gentle is trying to pretend not to know who knows, but he suddenly stops gentle.
Gentle, good, stop and then turn around, manager Teng
She smiled and went to say hello.
Allow health sneer at a followed in the past and then glanced at the female teacher teng total new girlfriend?
"Friend" Teng Yun introduced it lightly and then gently pulled his gentle wrist to sit down and eat together.
Gently look up at him to wake him up and be serious. Don’t screw up the business.
Because looking at this girl is not bad, modest and decent, she looks like the kind of girl who behaves herself.
"It’s not appropriate for us to talk, is it?" Yun Jian walked over and put her arms around her gentle shoulders and brought tenderness to her arms. She said to Teng Yun that she picked her eyebrows.
As if to say, what can you do now?
Tengyun gave him a cold look and then sat down gently.
Gentle turned to look at Yun Jian and then pulled the chair by himself. No one looked at it and sat down.
The girl and Teng always sit opposite each other and gently sit beside the girl and allow Jian to sit on Teng Yun’s side.