Su Li tore this piece of paper from practice. It says that the north is marked with small circles with different sizes in the south and the middle. Some circles are crossed, and there is also a circle with four small characters at the center.
Chapter 57 Organization
Su Li took a closer look at the word "Zifeng Building"
Su Li’s heart suddenly looked at these four words carefully, looked at the central circle and looked around at the scattered circles, some of which were crossed, and his heart was faintly white
"This … what is this side?" Ding Longyun asked with some difficulty and then stretched out his sleeves and wiped the blood from his mouth.
Su Li handed the paper to him, pulled out two daggers of Wang Kaikang’s body, and then lifted the place. You and Wang Kaikang’s body will be thrown into the water from the balcony.
"What are these pictures? Purple wind building … What does this mean? " Ding Longyun thoughtfully.
Su Li looked out of the balcony and saw the water sink. "I suspect that the three of them are from Zifeng Building?"
Ding Longyun heart a surprised.
"Let’s talk about it later. Xuehui, help Ding Ge up. There’s a monster coming from the horse."
Su Li picked up the steel shovel placed in the other corner of the balcony and handed it back to Ding Longyun. He himself took the iron bar to the balcony.
Ding Longyun was badly injured, so he just threw two bodies into the water just to attract a monster spirit source to help Ding Longyun heal his wounds.
On the surface of the water, the heads of low-level corpses emerged from the water. At least five Su Li retreated and let them all climb up along the balcony. Then he knocked down these low-level corpses and handed them over to Ding Longyun for a final blow.
Ding Longyun was badly injured, but he was barely able to wield a steel shovel and successfully killed the first corpse beast, drawing on the spiritual source.
It’s much easier to kill the corpse beast after obtaining the spirit source. When the five corpse beasts are solved by Ding Longyun, he will recover his qi and blood by drawing five spirit sources.
Gently caressing his chest, he heaved a sigh of relief. "Just now, it came back from the ghost gate and almost hurt his heart. That’s really fatal. By the way, Su Li, you just reacted so fast. I was poisoned by that Ni Jianrong, but I didn’t expect you to react and avoid that Fang You attack."
There is something odd in his tone. He obviously suspects that Su Li has guessed the other party’s hand, otherwise he can’t dodge like him.
If Su Li had known that they would wake him up, he wouldn’t have caught this NiJianRong way.
Su Li can guess Ding Longyun’s thoughts with a wry smile: "I’m not quick-witted. I just think that Ni Jianrong’s words are not true. I don’t think it’s worth the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, so I left an extra mind’s eye. I was going to quietly tell you to guard against them later, but I didn’t expect that they would suddenly kill people so quickly. It turned out that they had to wait until they saw the materials and understood the specific situation before they could do it."
Su Li directly and frankly explained the reason why Ding Longyun smiled at himself but was a little embarrassed.
"It’s all my fault that I’m too stupid to trust them too easily, or do you have a flexible mind to see that something is wrong?" Ding Longyun sighed and looked a little dim. He still had some problems with the three sudden killers just now.
Su Li said, "Ding Ge, you are not stupid. You are too kind and think of people’s hearts well."
Ding Longyun said, "It seems that those who are lucky after seeing him can’t be happy too early. They don’t know whether it is worth making friends or trying to harm us."
Su Li said, "It’s right to keep an eye on it before you know it." After that, he waved to Xu Xuehui.
Xu Xuehui clever came up and looked up at Su Li, wondering if he was asking Su Li what happened.
"Just how do you suddenly blunt come over? Do you know what you just did was dangerous? If it weren’t for Ding Ge, you would have been hit by that machete. "
Listen, Su Li blamed Xu Xuehui for hanging his head and then whispered, "I … I think you are in danger … and I rushed over …"
Although Su Li’s tone is actually white with blame, she wants to help herself. At this moment, there is a trace of warmth in her heart. She reached out and gently touched her head and said, "Remember not to do such a risky thing again."
"Oh" Xu Xuehui should see Su Li no longer blame himself, and his beautiful big eyes immediately showed their spirits again.
"Su Li, you said they really came from Zifeng Building?" Ding Longyun pinched this piece of paper in his hand and looked at it with a simple pattern to show a thoughtful look.
"It’s very likely that this circle represents the buildings around Zifeng Building, and those circles should be the buildings above the water." Su Li said his guess.
Ding Longyun said, "What do some circles cross and others don’t?"
Su Li said, "I guess those crossed circles mean that they have arrived at this building, or that the materials have been searched by them, or that the lucky ones in it are afraid of being killed by them. Those who have not crossed circles should mean that they have not come to see this building yet."
Ding Longyun said, "This guess is very likely, so it seems that we are also a circle here, but this painting is too simple. I really can’t see which one represents us here."