"Now I’m just getting started and I’m going to go with him when I’m laying the foundation."
Aside Wang Bo shua will folding fan a shake ourtenant said
I don’t know why Ning Caichen is the protagonist of a story.
Or is it because of his wealth and prosperity?
After this new brother cultivated his kung fu skills,
The feedback he brought was more pure and vast than that he taught those students in modern times.
Naturally, he won’t let go and has made up his mind to cultivate it well.
Just as Lingqing was preparing to greet everyone to see Ning Caichen off, he suddenly heard Fakou say
"I’ve been chanting for a long time, and it’s time to walk around.
Let’s say goodbye to Brother Dao today. "
He talked with Lingqing about the new law long ago.
It was the chanting of the stupa that delayed this day.
Nowadays, there are many sufferings in this world, which is just right for him to help the world and accumulate merits.
By the way, try the new enlightenment method.
"It’s all right if it comes to an end."
Lingqing is not a vague person. When you see that everyone has made up their minds, let Zhiyu prepare a farewell banquet.
"This wine is still there!"
Ning Caichen a listen to and want to drink immediately face a change hurriedly push to take off the way
"Don’t worry that this farewell wine will not make you drunk."
Zhu Guang and Yanchixia patted him on the shoulder and laughed
Since the second drink, the two have been drinking together for a long time.
Of course, I also brought a lot back to the mountains, so there is no shortage of wine in the view
After a farewell dinner, the three of them went to the mountain and said goodbye to each other and went their separate ways.
After a few days, Zhu Guang couldn’t stay in the mountain. Yan Chixia also said that she wanted to walk in the mountain.
The two agreed to travel together and said they would go to Laoshan to have a look.
Ling Qing suddenly moved in her heart after hearing it.
Yes, yes, I see this vice-limit, but level 2 knowledge master will definitely not be in this world.
But it’s unknown. Is there a Qing Palace in Laoshan? If there is, is there a person living in that view? ’
Is looked at the soon to realize the merits, precious charm method, small Qian and others or put together to mind.
I’m going to send them all to the mountain in a few days and then go and see them.
When the two men left, a few days later, Lingqing called Xiaoqian and others to the hall.
"Now you this new law has also been an introduction to being original, and it has been clearly broken down one by one.
It’s time for you to go hiking. "