After a wick of incense, Li Shimin got the news and hurried across the river. Fang Xuanling hurried forward and said, "Xuanling has seen Dunhuang Duke!"
Li Shimin laughed and took Fang Xuanling’s hand in the previous step and said, "If Brother Xuanling didn’t help us, we would still be stranded on the other side! I will definitely tell my father about this great achievement! "
Fang Xuanling’s heart was filled with joy. "Thank you, Duke Dunhuang!"
At this time, a soldier told him that "the general Sui army broke through south"
"Let Liu Hongji talk about stopping him!" Li Shimin said.
Yin Shi was already full of blood, and he couldn’t tell whether it was his own blood or the enemy. He didn’t feel any pain when he slashed wildly. At this moment, a Qinbing brought a war horse, "General, let’s go!"
Yin Shi Normal University shouted, "If you don’t go, you must tell the temple about the loss of Longmengdu!"
The Qinbing’s ear lost half of his blood. He clung to the Yin Shi Division. "The general’s humble position is only a humble warrior. It’s not enough to cherish the death of the general. It’s an important official in the temple. I hope the general will leave!"
The Qinbing said, and suddenly put the horizontal knife on his neck. "General, if you don’t take a humble job, you are willing to leave first!"
Yin Shi Normal University called him to wipe a tear across the steeds. Several enemies saw Yin Shi trying to escape. The Qinbing drank a lot and threw himself at Yin Shi Shi with a sigh. Four or five cavalry followed him to protect Yin Shi Shi.
Once the war horse starts quickly, the infantry can’t stop it. At this time, Liu Hongji just arrived to watch the Yin Shi division ride the dust. It can be a sigh. They crossed the river and came to the base. Without a war horse, it is almost impossible to chase Yin Shi.
Li Shimin river news heart is also a sigh.
Fang Xuanling said, "Duke Xuanling of Dunhuang has an idea."
Li Shimin said, "Brother Xuanling, just say it might as well!"
Fang Xuanling said, "The soldiers are so expensive that I can cross the river by marching along the big river in Napujin, Henan!"
The other two chatted. Fang Xuanling already knew that Tang gaozu’s troops were deployed. At this moment, Li Shimin made a suggestion. "Good plan!" I turned around and told the soldiers to "transport the horses across the river quickly!"
Liu Wenjing brought back 500 Turkish soldiers and 2,000 horses from Turkey, and Li Shimin was divided into half. At this time, the torch was lit to illuminate the two sides of the strait as if the soldiers were speeding across the river in the daytime. Li Shimin was going straight to Pujin.
When Li Shimin got Fang Xuanling’s help to cross Longmen, Yang You was also waiting for news. This came from the Excavate plan. If it succeeded, it could almost annihilate Li Xiuning. However, Li Xiuning had a good department and a desperate Li Xiuning department, which made this plan fall short.
However, Yang You is not worried that Xiao Yu will succeed in telling Qiu Shili that Li Jing has burned down the pontoon bridge. More than 10,000 people in Li Shentong are like turtles in a jar. At that time, the situation in at most two counties in Li Xiuning will be much better. It is necessary to increase efforts to catch Li Xiuning and try to stabilize Xue Ju. Yang You can catch his breath and gradually implement his plan.
However, the plan is perfect, the ideal is beautiful, but the reality is cruel. Yang You doesn’t know that a mere student, Fang Xuanling, has made a mess of all this.
What happened that night had a great influence on Yang You, Li Shimin, Tang Yuan Nai and Xue Ju, which made them have to change their plans or plan ahead. The little butterfly Fang Xuanling suddenly changed the situation of the two armies.
That night, Li Shimin was handsome, and a thousand cavalry men once chased Yin Shishi in the middle of the south. There was a battle between the two sides. Yin Shishi’s soldiers were almost killed and wounded. Later, he turned and ran towards the west, which only escaped Li Shimin’s pursuit of Li Shimin. Without hesitation, he immediately led his troops to the south to reach Chaoyi County.
Li Shimin’s pro-handsome soldiers took advantage of the night to attack the city. When Jin Xiaomo saw that Li Shimin was surrendering in a big way, Li Shimin stationed his troops in Chaoyi County and waited for the army to go south.
Early in the morning, the yellow leaves were covered with dew. Yang You got up early to exercise in the military camp. At this time, he was in a particularly happy mood. Excavate had burned the pontoon bridge and cut off the martial arts. The next step for the county alliance was to panic in Li Shentong.
At this time, Li Xiuning also got the news that Pan Ren lost the pontoon bridge in front of Li Xiuning with a face of bad luck, which made Li Xiuning fall into a passive position. It is reasonable to say that such a big crime should be punished, but Li Xiuning considered that it was with Pan Ren’s support that the rebel army grew stronger and worse. From this point of view, Li Shentong is also responsible.
It’s just a few vague words from Li Xiuning. The most important thing today is to go out of the city to face Yang You. It’s not impossible to catch Yang You and win.
Li Xiuning is very cautious. There are less than 10,000 people in Yang You camp and 20,000 people are missing. Where is it? Li Xiuning knew that Yang You had a 5,000-strong cavalry, which was the killer weapon of Sui Jun. In order to prevent Sui Jun from attacking Li Xiuning’s wings, he arranged soldiers to sprinkle the ground with iron thistles and made wood to refuse horses.
After all this, it was already dawn, and the soldiers had breakfast and were waiting to send troops.
At this time, Yangmei walked around the room uneasily. She repeatedly told Yang You that she wanted to take Li Xiuning, but several temptations yesterday were blocked by Li Xiuning’s confidant female soldiers. At this time, she found that undercover was a hard job.
Soon Li Xiuning led a great army out of Sui Jun camp half a mile outside the city, but what surprised Li Xiuning was that the Sui military camp door was closed and there seemed to be no war preparation. Li Xiuning couldn’t help frowning and ordered a Qinbing to "go and see what happened."
At this time, Yang You was accompanied by Hou Jun and Wei Song to watch the soldiers drill. These middle-aged men were tall and strong, and because Yang You tried to improve the food, the soldiers were very supportive of Yang You.
Yang You Hou and Wei were talking about things. Yang You laughed. "Hou Aiqing, you are not young. You can start a family as soon as possible!"
Hou Jun is 25 years old. At this age in ancient times, Yang You’s father, Yuan De, got married at the age of 15 and gave birth to Chang Yang Ling at the age of 19. At the age of 21, he gave birth to Yang Dong, the king of Yue, and Yang Gang, the king of Dai. At that time, people were generally like this.
Wei Song is younger than Hou Jun, and a two-year-old child can walk.
Hou Jun touched his head and laughed. "They all think I’m a reckless man."
Yang You ha ha a smile "whether white cats and black cats can catch mice is a good cat! I am afraid that there will be no beauty if I follow the lonely days and worship the Hou? "
Hou Jun one leng "white cat black cat? I’m not a cat. "
At this time, a soldier came running and said, "Challenge outside the Li Xiuning camp!"
Yang You laughed and said, "Come alone!" Yang You took Hou Jun and Wei Song and walked slowly towards the gate of the camp. At the gate of the camp, Yang You boarded the tower. As far as you can see, Li Xiuning fully took fifteen thousand soldiers and spread out the formation outside the camp, ready to do something big.
Yang You sneered at the female soldier outside the camp and said, "You ask Li Xiuning to come and talk to me!"
The female soldier replied and ran back. A moment later, Li Xiuning appeared outside the camp with 500 people. Li Xiuning shouted, "Yang You, do you say you won’t leave the camp today?"
Yang You smiled a smile. "Just now, I received a message from Daxing City that a lonely dog died."
Li Xiuning great anger way "a dog just died dead, big deal to keep another is! You leave the camp quickly. "
Yang You sighed, "I’m naturally not in the mood when my beloved puppy dies. I won’t go to war today. Let’s talk about it!"
Li Xiuning said angrily, "Shame thief doesn’t keep his word!"
Yang You shrugged his shoulders and ignored Li Xiuning’s self-care of the tower. Li Xiuning wanted to scold a few more arrows and feathers to fly to her side. She bit her lip and waved, "Go!"
Chapter sixty-nine Li Shentong’s tragic life
Qiu Shili in Wugong County was pacing and thinking. At this time, he had got the news that Pan Renbing lost the pontoon bridge and was burned by Li Jing, which made him feel more confident about Xiao Yu dialect. It seems that Sui Jun has been carefully prepared this time. At this time, Sui Jun has occupied the wind and seems to be ready to take martial arts.
He thought for half a ring in his room and finally made up his mind. He changed his clothes and dressed up as ordinary people with two Qinbing. At this time, Dou Zhuo Xiao Yu was talking about something while playing chess in the camp.