That’s also a two-goal lead
If AC Milan is facing other teams, such as Juventus and Inter Milan, it is already a good situation to lead by two goals.
But when they face Lazio, leading by two goals is really nothing.
Lazio’s strength, they will try their best to score two goals against AC Milan at half-time.
Moreover, once AC Milan is equalized in the lead, its morale will be severely hit, which may lead to a direct love war and eventually collapse.
By then Lazio can score as many goals as they want.
If they lead by three goals, even if Lazio scores two goals, AC Milan will still have a lead, so their psychological feeling will be different from being tied.
But it’s too late to say anything now. The half game is over.
Back in the dressing room, allegri praised the team’s performance at half-time. He constantly mobilized the players’ emotions and inspired them. Then he asked them to speed up the pace and attack hard after half-time to score two goals in one breath.
This is AC Milan’s only chance to beat Lazio.
AC Milan players are in a state of excitement and don’t realize how difficult this requirement is.
Now that the head coach said it, they just do it.
It is not easy for them to score goals ahead of Lazio at half-time and still dominate the scene. They are really qualified to be happy with their performance.
This also gives AC Milan players a lot of confidence.
Ronaldinho, who sat on the bench in one game, was not so optimistic.
At any rate, he has played with Changsheng for a year, and he is familiar with Changsheng.
Although he doesn’t know what countermeasures he will take to win the game, he has been sitting in his chair all the time at half-time, and he is not worried about falling behind and being passive.
But Ronaldinho knows that winning is impossible to beat so easily.
If AC Milan have won, it is customary for them to have bad luck at half time.
He thought that Changsheng would find a way to turn things around …
Changsheng didn’t make any special adjustments at halftime. He just asked the players to speed up the attack at half time.
He gave that player an analysis of what they would encounter at half-time.
"AC Milan were very active in running at half-time, and their madness surprised us all, as if they were Lazio. But don’t worry, guys, because they couldn’t run for long, AC Milan didn’t practice physical fitness like we did in pre-season training. They didn’t last long. They hoped to finish the match before their physical fitness disappeared. What we had to do in half-court was to take them to run and let them stop, so that they could get faster and faster. Aren’t they going to compete with us in physical fitness? Ok, then we will let them get what they want! "
During the intermission, many TV guests were surprised that AC Milan could suppress Lazio at half-time and lead by one goal.
They can see that this is not because Lazio is in a bad state, but because AC Milan is in a good state, or that they run more.
Their running interfered with Lazio’s ball and forced Lazio to make many mistakes.
Their running also gives them an advantage in attacking.
But these experts who know the ball will also have questions about the half-court game between the two sides-can ——AC Milan run to the end of 90 minutes?
So in the live TV program, the guests discussed or … argued.
Some people think that AC Milan will not last until the end of the game, while others think that AC Milan will eventually collapse due to physical exhaustion like Naples.
"This kind of kicking is very physical. allegri can’t be unaware of it, but he has no choice. It is proved that it is really effective. Few teams can suppress Lazio even a little during the whole half-time of 45 minutes … but I am worried that AC Milan’s physical strength will not last that long."
"I don’t think I’m too worried about this AC Milan. allegri has added a lot of young players. They have ensured that the team’s physical fitness will not be greatly affected … boateng’s performance at half-time made me shine. He worked tirelessly in the center and frontcourt to make AC Milan’s attack and defense smooth. boateng is a defensive midfielder, but now everyone has seen his offensive talent. I think allegri has done this very well …"
"I can’t agree with you … there are young players, but there are not many who can improve the overall physical level of AC Milan. You know there are veterans like Starr, Pirlo, Gattuso and Inzaghi in AC Milan. See if the situation is reversed in the last five minutes of the half. Lazio bombarded the restricted area around AC Milan. What does this say? Say that they can’t stick to this tactic for 45 minutes when they are full of physical strength, then how do you expect AC Milan players who have played high-intensity and fast-paced games for 45 minutes to continue to stick to it for 45 minutes? "
"But AC Milan can’t stick to the rhythm of 90 minutes all the time, but they can try to score more goals when they still have physical strength. For example, if they score another goal at half time, they will be in a relatively safe position, so AC Milan can naturally slow down the pace, shrink the defense and deal with Lazio. If they can score two goals, it will be more beneficial for AC Milan. It is not inconceivable to beat Lazio …"
In the face of this guest’s words, the guests who supported Lazio did not directly refute, but smiled at each other in imitation of Changsheng.
AC Milan scored two goals in Lazio at half-time? Do you really think you are always an idiot? !
Don’t say two goals, they should praise the emperor if they can score one goal!
And the biggest possibility is that they can’t even score a fucking goal!
Chapter three hundred and fifty-four If you want to be quick, then be quick!
After winning and Lecce, everyone in Italy knows what "hehe" means.
Changsheng once again successfully promoted China’s online language to Italy.
So when this guest came out, the opposite guest didn’t look very good.
He knew that the other party was mocking him.
Out of self-restraint, he chose to endure not to continue fighting with the other side.
And there’s nothing belligerent about it
The half-time game is coming. Whether AC Milan can score a goal or two in Lazio will be revealed at half-time.
And AC Milan physically, if they can score, they will score soon.
What we should do is to know who is right and who is wrong soon.
Without saying anything, he waited for allegri AC Milan to score a goal to hit the other side in the face.
After the half game, AC Milan continued their half-time tactical play.
Soon everyone found that AC Milan’s running speed and intensity in class production were higher than that in half-court.
They are faster and wider.
Especially the speed is obvious.
Now AC Milan is roaring towards Lazio like a car full of gas.
Watching them so high-spirited, the commentators exclaimed, "AC Milan’s physical strength is like endless!" They continue to run to suppress Lazio! It seems that AC Milan really wants to score! "
The commentator next to him said, "of course, it’s too uncomfortable to lead Lazio by one goal, so the best way to ensure winning the game is to keep scoring!" And if you want to score, you have to run! Lazio have good physical fitness. AC Milan have to run more and faster than them if they want to win! "
AC Milan fans are still cheering in their swimming in the stands and in front of the video camera.
"It’s incredible that AC Milan players seem to be tired and they are still accelerating! They’re flying all over the place! It doesn’t seem too incredible to see them score another goal in Lazio! "
Serie A is mainly broadcast live by commercial TV stations, and public TV stations are mainly broadcast live in another way-a famous commentator is invited to explain on the screen of his own TV, and then guests are made around to comment on a certain performance at a certain time, and many live viewers participate.
After all, commercial TV stations will not allow public TV stations to pay for broadcasting.
But when it comes to match day, it is impossible for public television stations to ignore this lively match day.
So I came up with such a wonderful way of broadcasting
This kind of broadcast has Italy.