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Chapter 25 Blackwater is difficult
As time goes by, my brothers wake up from the practice.
Qingling Spring is really worthy of being a spiritual spring of heaven and earth, which makes a group of younger brothers rise to the lowest level of double talent, and younger brothers directly break through the triple level.
People are excited, and their faces are filled with hard-to-hide smiles.
"Hoo!" At this time, suddenly a breath went up into the sky.
The powerful coercion made everyone ecstatic and looked at the source.
At this time, however, Li Zhushuang’s eyebrows showed a reddish-gold mark and a huge breath broke out from her body.
The horrible smell made the flowers and trees tremble.
"Spirit sea border! ? She broke through the spiritual sea! ?” People shine at the moment and stare straight at Li Zhushuang.
Not the kui is a saint of Wan Xuanzong, who can break through the spiritual sea at such an age. It really is a tianjiao girl.
People looked at the virgin Wan Xuanzong with a little envy, wishing that the person who broke through the spiritual sea was not Li Zhushuang but himself.
Embrace the strength of Yuan Jing Ling Hai Jing but don’t know how many people are trapped in this card generation.
"yes! The spiritual sea is barely visible! ?” Looking at Li Zhushuangxiu gradually stabilized to Jiang Feng nodded his head.
"hoo ~"
Li Zhushuang spit out a mouthful of white gas in his red lips, slowly opened his eyes, and his mouth slightly raised with a smile to hide his joy of breakthrough.
She has been stuck in this card for a long time, and today she finally broke through and became a strong spiritual sea.
"This feeling is so wonderful, it seems that my body is full of strength!" Li Zhushuang felt an integrated psychic force and found that her physical psychic force seemed to be a Wang Yang sea driven by her casually.
"congratulations! The virgin breaks through the spiritual sea and the strong build a new level! " Quick brothers immediately hand said
Li Zhushuang was in a good mood at this time and nodded at them with a smile.
It’s a simple but unsmiling Li Zhushuang, which is a great gift.
One smile, the whole city, two smiles, the country, San Xiao, the sky
Yan Xu’s brothers were almost fascinated by her appearance.
"Little spirit sea boundary repair! Also worthy of complacency? " Jiang Feng disdain and the pie mouth will immediately absence brother back to reality.
"Chief brother, you also have a sip of Qingling spring water. We will protect you … hey! ? Where’s the spring? ?” My brother looked down and was startled to find that he was still full of spring water and was swinging at this time!
"Don’t have a lot just now? Why not now! ?” A brother looked up at Jiang Feng.
"I don’t know if it suddenly infiltrated just now!" Jiang Feng is straightforward, and the heart does not jump.
"Infiltration! ?”
A younger brother went to the crack and looked down. They had no doubt about Jiang Feng’s words. For example, this kind of spiritual spring is very strange, and the aura generated by the spring water will collapse.
No brother could have thought that a mouthful of spring water would be sucked away by Jiang Feng.
Li Zhushuang looked at Jiang Feng with flashing eyes, but in the end he didn’t say much.
"The demon is quite forbidden. Everything is so weird. Since it seeps into the ground, there is nothing to do!" A younger brother looked at Jiang Feng and said with great regret, "It’s a pity that the senior brother hasn’t drunk Qingling spring water yet."
Several brothers smell speech is also a face of regret color heart very guilty.
"Sasha Vujacic! Shasha! " Before Jiang Feng spoke, there was a sudden rustle of footsteps.
Yan Xu’s brothers suddenly became nervous. One by one, they picked up their weapons and looked at the sound source nervously!
"Don’t start work! It’s us! " The elder grumpy sound up.
See a line of more than a dozen people stumbled out of the bushes is the elder Zhou Yue several people.
At this time, where are they? They are still a little down a peg or two, and their clothes are even more shabby.
"The elders! ? Brother Zhou Yue! ? What’s the matter with you? "
Several younger brothers saw this and immediately went to cut and asked.
The fact that the elder looked up and saw Jiang Feng’s mouth slightly bitter is a little hard to say.
Just as they Jiang Feng were going to places with sufficient aura to look for spiritual materials, we just walked halfway away when suddenly a cloud of black water gushed.
Everything that comes into contact with black water will be corroded immediately.
Seeing that the elder immediately fled in the opposite direction with his brother Yan Xu, fortunately Blackwater was too far away from them to be chased by Blackwater.
This trip not only didn’t get any benefits, but also lost some bags because I was too flustered when I ran away. It really lost my wife and lost my soldiers.
Ok, they remember that Jiang Feng left the direction and followed their footsteps all the way here.
"hey! ? How do you fix … "Big elders shocked eyes stare big.
A group of people have bright eyes and a steady and powerful pace, and their physical strength is much stronger than that of the previous ones.
Then the only explanation is that they have made a breakthrough!
This ….. This is impossible! ? How long have they been apart, how can they break through, and everyone shows it.
Maybe it’s less than a day after they parted, and each of them has made a breakthrough! ? He wouldn’t believe it if they didn’t meet any chance to kill them.
"Hey hey!"
Hearing the elders talk about their brothers, they immediately got excited.