He breathes every three hours for a long time, but after each breath, the aura will converge around him, and the inhalation will be like a long queue.
Non-gold, non-jade and non-stone with a diameter of more than 100 meters are dark yellow and semi-transparent. The edge of the ancient mirror depicts all kinds of strange patterns. If you look closely, you will find that this ancient mirror is composed of six irregular mirrors, but the traces are very blurred after joining.
There is a faint cold light in the ancient mirror, and four figures can be seen flying at a high speed, which turns out to be Chen Han, Yi Hao, red beads and ice pupils.
The black man let out a cold hum from his nostrils. Although the black robe blocked the appearance, he could see the position of his eyes clearly. The two dark greens were like jack-o’-lantern light.
"Is it going to the Magic Palace?"
You can tell the sex from the low hoarse voice. He sneered grimly, "I hope you don’t die in it, otherwise you won’t have a chance to see it with your own eyes. It must be a feast for the eyes."
I don’t know how long it took before four figures appeared in a desert, and there was a huge arch with snow dolomite hanging around the colorful glow.
When the first four figures of Chen Han entered the arch, the ancient mirror image disappeared.
"Magic god palace … what is it? Even the reincarnation mirror can be broken. It seems that their goal is to break the virtual stone of Yin and Yang. "
After the black man talked to himself, his tone suddenly rose a little, and suddenly he floated across the whole building complex in this strange place.
Suddenly, a pale gray streamer shot from somewhere and differentiated into dozens of air streams, which suddenly appeared in the hall and condensed into a tall middle-aged man.
If you are seen by the core figures of the top ten Xuanmen and the Great Xuanmen, you will immediately recognize his identity. It is the Six GREAT GHOST Gates that the soul teaches Yan Yan. A layer of pure something congenial haunts the surface of his body to isolate the rich spiritual power in the hall with pure yang fire energy. It is not that he can absorb the whole ghost cultivation pulse. For hundreds of thousands of years, there has also been a person who can absorb this spiritual power.
Yan Ming’s dignity is more than his status. He actually kneels on one knee at the black man, "See the Ghost King"
"Well …"
The black man nodded lightly and asked, "What happened to the practice of Six GREAT GHOST Gates for more than 20 years? It’s not a big deal to see the sacred wall of the mysterious demon about to open. There are other changes in the key king. It is estimated that six GREAT GHOST gates will reach a state in two years? "
Yan’s eyes are full of worship and awe, and his eyes are full of reverence. "The nether world has not been opened for hundreds of thousands of years, but it has nurtured a large number of fairy resources. Now the strength of the six gates has increased by ten times." In accordance with the command of the ghost king, we have recruited elite masters to practice here for just over 20 years. The number of six robbers has increased from 3,000 to 40,000, and five robbers have reached more than 400,000. "
"After two years? What if the mysterious holy wall closes, that is, five years later? " Asked the black man lightly.
"Five-robbery ghost fairy base is getting bigger and bigger, and six-robbery masters are increasing faster and faster. After two years, six-robbery ghost fairy should have 50,000, and after five years, there can be at least 90,000. Four-robbery and five-robbery ghost fairy can definitely break through 1.5 million, which is twice as powerful as it is now!"
"Very good!"
The black man couldn’t help laughing and clapping his hands. "The king’s order should not be flamboyant. The mysterious magic holy wall will open the six GREAT GHOST gates. It’s still like going to play. The number of experts sent can’t be suspicious. Five years later, haha … One hundred thousand six robbers robbed scattered immortals and five robbed scattered immortals …"
"Please think twice. I’m afraid the disaster will happen again hundreds of thousands of years ago if I take my destiny and do it!"
The green light in the black man’s eyes flashed and shouted, "The king is your king. The king decided not to change. Are you going to rebel?"
Yan Ming couldn’t help but fall deeply on his head with a sluggish mind, and even the black man dared not sneer at a drink a way: "Get out! Remember your identity, Wang is the king of ghost cultivation, but you must look up and be the only body that has absolutely lost yin and pure yang for hundreds of thousands of years! "
Open day incarnate silence, hurriedly got up and carefully back to the door of the hall that dozens of something congenial disappear.
He knows what the appearance of absolutely yin and pure yang represents for the ghost cultivation, which is the symbol of the rise of the ghost cultivation. However, it can’t be mistaken if the ghost king makes a move against the sky, the rise and prosperity will be temporary and it is likely to be a disaster
But what can he do?
If Chen Han hears this conversation just now, he will be frightened out of my wits, not to mention what will happen in five years, even if the strength of the ghost is enough to scare the timid to death alive.
Six robbers, four robbers, four robbers, and five robbers, up to more than 400,000. What’s the sum of the top ten Xuan Men and the top ten demon men?
Jing Yun Club is not strong, but it’s only about 4,000. Even if the top ten Xuan doors and the big demon doors add up and the 1,000 monsters with amazing fighting power treat them as 5,000 six-robbery scattered fairy plans, the total number is definitely not enough for 20,000.
To put it bluntly, the total number of scattered immortals robbed by the top ten Xuanmen and the Big Demon Gate is less than half of that of the Ghost King Hui.
When the black-robed people laughed heartily in the main hall of the reincarnation platform, Chen Han and others from the extreme east of the fix-true world entered the magic palace.
When I first walked into this so-called beautiful place, my first impression of Chen Han was the Heavenly Palace.
When I was a teenager, I saw a lot of mythological TV dramas, and the description of the Heavenly Palace was such a vast expanse of magnificent clouds floating in the sky. In this cloud, there were several magnificent palaces and pavilions, pavilions and corridors, and everything was so beautiful and peaceful.
The Magic God Palace is such a place, except that there are no cranes flying here, no fairy grass fragrance and no graceful fairy.
To put it simply, it looks like a heavenly palace as a whole, but there is nothing alive here, whether it is immortal or fairy beast, it is flowers and trees, only bare buildings.
"Tongtian Bridge"
Four people at the entrance trestle like archway with three big characters written on it.
The whole body is built by some kind of fairy rock, and the stone bridge with a width of 1,000 meters extends all the way to the other end. Chen Han, a marginal palace complex, looked at the stone bridge and looked at the archway in gold. "If this bridge is demolished, you should be able to refine millions of fairy wares, right?" I … Fuck! "
Chapter 456 Magic God Palace 1
A bridge with a width of kilometers and a length of at least tens of kilometers is made of immortal ore. Even if the ore contains impurities, even if one tenth of pure immortal materials are refined into immortal devices, it will be an astronomical figure. The so-called millions are still approximate.
The archway is even more amazing. Although it is 100 meters high, it spans a stone bridge with a width of 1000 meters. The whole archway is made of refined fairy metal.
At present, such a memorial arch can at least be refined into tens of thousands of fairy wares.
The understanding of the Magic God Palace is limited to Yi Hao and Chizhu, and some details are still unclear. Chen Han almost went crazy on the spot.
Including the ice pupil and the red beads, the eyes are red, and Yi Hao’s eyes are motionless. He said faintly, "I have been to the Phantom Palace once. If it belongs to a part of the palace building, there are powerful prohibitions. You can’t take away even a little thing. These prohibitions are maintained by the overall spiritual force of the Phantom Palace. Someone has attacked it for 300 years and even failed to weaken it. You won’t be greedy for treasures."
"So many treasures … I’ll try!"
Chen Han swallowed several mouthfuls of water in a row, calling out a cloud of combat knives and chopping them into the corner of the archway, followed by a huge force bomb.
Bang …
He exclaimed and rubbed his aching wrist with a wry smile and shook his head. "The lowest level is to pick Jin Xian to ban pure fairy defense. It is impossible to break the roots."
Nai turned supercilious look Yi Hao grunted, "That’s because you can’t fix enough to see which pick Jin Xian can have such a big sum? Although I don’t know the situation in the celestial world, fairy wares should not be so common. I believe that the magic weapon of the celestial world is even better than not. We can make a facade with so many fairy materials, even if it is not a fairy statue, it is also a fairy emperor. "
"Let’s go that level master arrangement banned our generation don’t want to break" ice pupil first calm to make a decision.
"Wait a minute!"
Chen cold a pull Yi Hao said, "why didn’t you say before? Come on, tell me everything you know first. "
When did you ask me if I had been here?
In a word, Chen’s cold reached a straight bowl. Yi Hao didn’t good the spirit and said, "It’s nothing. Six hundred years ago, I just broke through to six robberies and scattered immortals to come and play. I wanted to see if there were any treasures that were later chased by a Jin Xian-level guard of Taiyi and ran out without getting anything."
"You mean … there are other baby? In addition to the yin and yang broken virtual stone, there are other treasures in Yangshi? "
"Of course there are, and they are all the top treasures. If you get the immortal fruit, it is considered as a medium treasure key here. Did you get that thing?"