"Everyone in the poor mountain village here went to bed early. Who knows if you don’t say anything? Besides, I don’t break the law with the man I love! " Said Long Xianxiang is a tone.
Kissing and kissing her is a way of longing for love. "Does two dog want me?"
"Long Xianxiang, I don’t want you. You want me. Make it clear!" Say he this cargo is with Long Xianxiang did a bad thing …
Early the next morning, Pi two dog suddenly woke up and realized that Long Xianxiang didn’t go by his side and slept soundly. He couldn’t help but seriously study Long Xianxiang’s handsome face.
Two dog couldn’t tell what it was like to see this woman.
If she is sincere, she betrayed him again last year. If she is not, she is fully committed.
Moreover, he found that being a man with Long Xianxiang was particularly exciting and exciting.
Thinking about thinking about it, there are two voices fighting in the second dog’s head. One says forgive her, forgive her!
The other one said it was not cool and unforgivable!
At the time of the war between heaven and man, Long Xianxiang suddenly woke up. Her face was full of peach blossoms. "Honey, are you relieved to have me as a beautiful woman to accompany you?"
"ah? No, no, it’s not very comfortable! " This guy is duplicitous
"Smelly little you are very comfortable and deliberately say irony to annoy me!" At some point, the two kissed again …
A group of people went home early in the morning.
Ying Tianqing fixed-point reception hotel held a banquet to give a grand reception to Pi two dog and Long Xianxiang and his party. After eating breakfast, Pi two dog informed Ye Miaoyin, the financial director, to enter the Taoyuan township government’s public account to collect land for office.
The arrival of two million yuan is a reassurance that Ying Tianqing is not worried about being cheated.
At nine o’clock in the afternoon, Duo Pi two dog and Long Xianxiang parted ways and returned to Hanlinju with Tian Huili Xiang. He ordered, "Pear Xiang, print out an acquisition contract and wait for us to go to Miaojia to talk about the acquisition of pharmaceutical factories."
Eye two dog bought Yaoding Hospital, but the anti-fate drugs are very scarce. Except Cynomorium pill and anti-fate Sanqi, most of the drugs are common drugs. two dog saw this market is very big. He decided to buy a Chinese medicine factory and then grow anti-fate drugs by himself, from planting, producing and selling. I believe this profit will be very considerable.
At this time, Miao Dajun’s family in Guiyuan Diyuan, Tianhe District had already quarreled.
Since the Miao army became disabled, the Miao pharmaceutical factory has become increasingly sad. If it weren’t for Jiang Xiaoying’s long-sleeved dance, Miao pharmaceutical factory wouldn’t have survived today.
Miao Jia Jiang Xiaoying’s prospective father-in-law is sickly all the year round, and he has already retired to the second line, hoping that Miao Dajun will be the successor of the pharmaceutical factory. I didn’t expect this goods to die with Pi two dog and finally fall into a wheelchair.
This means that the Miao family has lost power and influence, and the consequences can be imagined, just like the Liang family pharmaceutical factory. Those small and powerful wholesalers and predators see that the Miao family has a daughter-in-law who is struggling to support the arrears of payment. First, the Miao family has no choice but to grow up and finally snowball. The general wholesalers owe the Miao family up to 50 million yuan!
From last winter to this spring, Jiang Xiaoying spent most of her energy in debt collection. She was exhausted and rested. After she turned against Pi two dog, she gambled that she would not go to Pi two dog even if the sky fell.
At 10 o’clock this afternoon, Jiang Xiaoying just came back to the office with a nose ash. Suddenly, the assistant told her, "General Manager Jiang Pi two dog asks for an audience!"
"What?" Jiang Xiaoying felt ashamed to see Pi two dog run away when he heard Pi two dog’s name and his face changed greatly.
It’s a pity that she can’t run as fast as two dog, and she dragged her back a few steps faster than two dog. She pressed the sofa and said, "Sister Xiaoying, you don’t need to hide from me?"
"Who is your sister Xiaoying? I don’t know you!" Jiang Xiaoying said that she didn’t know two dog. In the past six months, she has been paying attention to two dog and two dog’s every move. She knows everything about him. Looking at his small business, he is getting bigger and bigger, and his net worth is rising. Jiang Xiaoying can’t say what it is like.
Say jealous, but she wants the good people in Pi two dog to say happy, and her heart is sour. Because of this, Pi two dog dumped her for more than a dozen blocks when she was very short!
"Why don’t you know? Jiang Xiaoying, the beautiful woman who gave me the bank card as a rescue object, will not forget the one who helped me find a job and persuaded me to enter Jiang Xiaoying. I will not forget Xiaoying. This is my heartfelt words! "
"You’re the beauty, bitch. You came to see me today just to see my jokes!" Jiang Xiaoying spirit not dozen 1 come way
"Fuck you, I don’t have time to watch your jokes!"
"If you don’t look at my jokes, what are you doing here as a billionaire?"
"Xiaoying elder sister, as far as I know, after the Miao family lost power and influence, all those cats, dogs and dogs had infidelity, either defaulting on payment for goods or driving down prices crazily. I’m looking for you today to hold the Miao pharmaceutical factory, not to brag. This is the only way out for the Miao pharmaceutical factory! Listen carefully, I am willing to save Miao’s pharmaceutical factory because of you! I want to repay your kindness and hope you will give me this opportunity! " Two dog a face of sincere way
Chapter 592 Successful signing
"What did you say, two dog? You’re crazy. Miao’s pharmaceutical factory is about to close down. You owe raw material suppliers more than 20 million wages to more than 1,000 workers in the factory. There are tens of millions of wholesalers who can’t get it back. I’m dying. Do you still want to hold shares?" Smell speech Jiang Xiaoying by surprise.
"That’s why I said I would repay you. How can I repay you if everything is fine?" This guy a face of easy way
"two dog, if you want to produce your own medicine, it is better to run a new factory, Miao Pharmaceutical Factory. You don’t need to get involved in muddy water!" Jiang Xiaoying has a strange feeling for Pi two dog. She refuses to admit that she loves him, because she has decided to hang Miao Dajun. To say that she doesn’t love her, she has to do things everywhere in two dog.
"This you don’t worry about pharmaceutical factory in my hand will be able to come back to life! Sister Xiaoying, please discuss with the Miao family first. I will sign the contract if I go against the sky and buy raw materials into two shares. If it doesn’t work, I will pull it down! " Two dog said that it is no problem to build a new factory by himself. The problem is that the cycle is long, so it is better to start negotiations when the Miao pharmaceutical factory is in trouble. It is more likely to win if it is bigger.
"Well, I’ll discuss it with Miao Dajun!"
To tell the truth, Xiao-ying Jiang herself doesn’t know how to make it. It would be a good thing for her or for the lost Miao family if she had skin and two dog took over.
Just a little Miao Dajun regards Pi two dog as a sworn enemy, especially after Miao Dajun is in a wheelchair, he becomes very sensitive and has a strong self-esteem. It is simply a delusion to let Miao Dajun agree to Pi two dog Holding Pharmaceutical Factory.
However, Jiang Xiaoying decided that even if Miao Dajun didn’t agree with her, she should firmly hold on to Pi two dog, a big sapling family. She can walk alone, but she can’t fly to France, and the competition in the cruel pharmaceutical market is firm.
The words quickly got through to Jiang Xiaoying and said directly, "Dajun’s pharmaceutical factory is not going. I’ll let Pi two dog Holdings hand it over to him. Let’s take a share. What do you think?"
As soon as he spoke, Miao Dajun immediately shouted like a dog stepped on its tail. "No, I don’t agree! I hate that king egg with Sanjiang and Sihai and tell him to fuck off! "
Then came the exhaled breath to see how Miao Dajun was about to explode with anger.
"Army you calm down, ok? Miao’s family lost power and influence, and those wholesale predators saw that you didn’t get up. Malicious default on our 50 million directly led to the break of the factory’s capital chain. The raw material suppliers owed money and couldn’t pay the workers’ wages. Those wholesale predators also drove down the price list crazily. I went to collect debts every day and tried every means to get back a few children! Army, open your eyes and see. two dog’s pharmaceutical factory won’t last for a few days without skin. Are you white? " Jiang Xiaoying want to cry way
"No way than no way! I can’t let Pi two dog, the king’s egg, take advantage even if the factory closes down and rots! Jiang Xiaoying, you didn’t sign a contract with that king egg behind my back, did you? Do you act first? " Miao Dajun became hysterical at the thought of this.
"MiaoDaJun why are you still so naive? The Miao family has lost power and influence. If we can’t even keep the pharmaceutical factory, what shall we eat and drink? This society is a dead end without money! If you can make money, who cares who takes advantage? Pi two dog didn’t see that I helped him to ask him to hold shares, but he didn’t want to. Anyway, I have signed a contract for Pi two dog to hold shares in raw materials! " Jiang Xiaoying guessed that Miao Dajun was a stubborn old man. She simply pretended that uncooked rice had been cooked.
"What did you sign really signed? Bitch woman eats from inside to outside, believe it or not, I’ll kill you? !” Hearing Miao Dajun’s letter after signing the contract, he immediately exploded with anger.
"King egg if it weren’t for me, you can have such a comfortable life? A cripple. Why are you so fierce? Anyway, the contract has been signed. Now Miao’s Pharmaceutical Factory has been renamed Danai Pharmaceutical Factory. You love it! " Jiang Xiaoying was angry and hung up immediately.