In the second round, Qin Hui’s opponent was just defeated by the Eastern War, and he felt quite depressed.
So I tried my best to defeat Qin Hui naturally.
In the other games in the second round, Zhao Chen was defeated by psychological warfare, Shuiyue was defeated by Oriental warfare, and Wan Li Yang defeated Mengsa Island.
The only thing that is quite surprising in these karts is that the heart beats Chen Zhao. You know, Zhao Chen has a nine-story foundation period and Chen Zhaoxiu has a foundation period!
This result also makes everyone pay attention to the heart.
In the third round, Moxiu’s opponent is Meng Sazhou, the "Desperate Man".
Meng Sa Zhou is personable and holding a jade fan with a picture of mountains and rivers on one side and the word "mountains and rivers" on the other.
With the dream rustling, the world seems to shake.
This jade fan is the mountain and river fan of Mengsa Island.
At the beginning, the young man in white whom Moxiu met was also a mountain and river fan, but it was an imitation and a multiplier with the power of this authentic mountain and river fan.
In the previous game, Meng Sa Zhou lost to Xin and Wan Li Yang, but from his face, he didn’t see any anxiety and decadence. On the contrary, he smiled
"I heard that you defeated a guy who owned a mountain fan before, but his handle was imitation and was refined by ten monks in the foundation period. The real mountain fan must be refined by monks in the then period." "Today I will compete with you."
"The earth shakes!"
As the mountain fan in Meng Sa Zhou’s hand gently shakes everyone’s sight, a huge mountain with thousands of feet suddenly presses from the sky!
That huge momentum is like heaven and earth falling from the sky with this mountain, and an idea is born in everyone’s heart, but that’s all.
And in the imposing manner, don’t feel deeply. At this moment, his body is not working properly!
"drink! Give me a break! " "99 returns to a sword array!"
"Jin Leijian!" Suddenly, a handle with several gold Se lights wrapped around it, Jin Jian, and a big sword with a big heart slammed into the mountain with a momentum back.
Jin Leijian hit the mountain but was easily collapsed, and the mountain was only slightly shaken.
Heart big sword hit the mountain peak and was also scattered, and Lu was wrapped in a sword cover in Moxiu.
The mountain peak is at the head!
Mo Xiu’s eyes are slightly coagulated, and once again, the 99-year-old sword array condenses a big heart sword and rushes away.
Once again, the heart sword was scattered and the mountain didn’t seem to change!
"no! Don’t stop! This mountain embodies the power of mountains and rivers. Once J and F are more powerful than polar multiplier, they are five points! You’d better give up! "
Dream SaZhou faint sound.
Mo Xiu Lu Ya smiled "Dream!" Heart andao "seems to need to move life fly sword! A little earlier than I expected, but the power of the flying sword is enough to beat it! "
While the dream sa Zhou face se slightly heavy.
"Since you don’t give up, I’ll let you lose!" "Go!"
As Meng Sa Zhou drank the mountain peak, he suddenly accelerated his blink of an eye and pressed Lemohue’s head.
However, at this time, a white light suddenly lit up!