Obarov’s eyes are burning with anxiety, but he can only sigh.
Hirayama Mobafu has led the cavalry to launch the final charge towards the position of the Chinese revolutionary army!
Is Xu Huaijin cautious and cautious, and how can he not prevent the Russian army from attacking at night?
The revolutionary troops in four directions are taking turns to rest, and half of them must remain vigilant.
The 34th Brigade in the north has just launched a charge, and the heavy machine guns here are like exploding beans. The distance of 1,000 meters is not very far, but in the face of the strong blockade of heavy machine guns, the 34th Brigade can also look at the ocean and sigh. It is too difficult to rush over. One Russian army after another has fallen to the front, and it is still not fatal to charge forward for more than 1,000 meters. The heavy guns have lost all their power and are suppressed with guns.
At this time, the position on the back is under great pressure!
Zhao Shixiao repeatedly yelled at the Russian army, causing more and more damage, but their cavalry team was getting closer and closer to the revolutionary position, and the late attack really caused some trouble to the revolutionary army.
At this time, he was also impolite in three aspects, and all the artillery fire was fired at two Russian cavalry divisions. The car was bombed crazily, and the rifle soldiers and submachine guns were rolled over to the Russian army. The root of the crazy fire was not that the cavalry could cope with more and more Russian troops being "shot" and then trampled into "meat" mud!
The Russian attack in front was even more fierce, and the 35th cavalry brigade was also sent to severely impact the front position. At this time, the glass in front of the car had already been smashed by the department, and soldiers kept reversing the car, but the revolutionary army still resisted the Russian army’s progress.
Finally, the Russian vanguard troops rushed to the front of the car, but all the cars rushed past one by one, and all the revolutionary military departments huddled behind the cars and carried out crazy’ shooting’ attacks, causing even more casualties to the Russian army.
Mobaf broke into a cold sweat and shouted, "The cavalry ahead will push the car aside for me!"
Instantly, hundreds of Russian soldiers jumped off their horses and rushed towards the car. Zhao Shixiao’s eyes were red at this time and he tried to organize people to resist the Russian action.
At this time, a staff officer ran over and shouted, "The chief of staff of the division commander has ordered the division commander to lead his troops to retreat!"
Zhao Shixiao urgent way "nonsense now withdraw our car? Do you throw all these cars here? "
The staff replied, "sir, it is impossible for us to stop the Russian offensive. If they don’t leave, our car will be evacuated. This is the order of the Chief of Staff!"
Zhao Shixiao still wants to say that a bullet flew from a distance in the middle of Zhao Shixiao’s forehead and Zhao Shixiao’s body fell to the ground.
The staff officer was stunned at that time. This is a teacher! Almost all the senior officials around the president came from his "door". If he dies, it won’t be troublesome!
The staff officer shouted in a hurry, "The teacher is injured. All the troops will immediately move to the right wing for medical treatment!"
At this time, there are less than 3,000 Chinese revolutionary troops in the position, and almost all Russian troops are attacking the northern position, which is the hardest hit!
Zhao Shixiao was seriously injured, and no one insisted on fighting again, and hurriedly escorted Zhao Shixiao to retreat.
Hundreds of Russian troops rushed over and pushed the Chinese car behind, and the army fled like a lost dog to the outside. In just one day, nearly 30,000 Russian troops were beaten, leaving only 10,000 people out of the encirclement of the revolutionary army!
They just rushed out of the encirclement, and two cavalry brigades led by Ba Gen rushed out from the oblique thorn. They rushed the Russian army directly to the two sections, and soon a detour surrounded the Russian army behind them, killing a teacher with a’ fine’ energy and a rainbow of momentum.
At this time, the Cossack cavalry was still the opponent of the First Cavalry Division.
Thousands of cavalry surrounded Reagan, unable to move, and the first cavalry division fought a bloody battle.
In front of Karachuba, red-eyed and angry, he wanted to rush back to rescue him, and he was entangled in the "wave" and "wave" husband. At this time, he was afraid that all Russian troops would be surrounded again and fall into death again. Retreat as much as possible!
Karachuba was unwilling to lead thousands of cavalry to retreat to the northeast.
The remaining thousands of cavalry and two cavalry brigades were unable to resist the siege of the roots. The China cavalry became more and more tight until the day’ color’ lit up. The infantry assisted the first cavalry division to annihilate the Russian army. There were dead bodies everywhere in the encirclement. The horse’s body was covered with blood, and the land had already been dyed with blood. The color soil was still soaked with blood.
When Xu Huaijin heard that Zhao Shixiao was seriously injured, he was surprised. Zhao Shixiao was in those days, but their officers had an unusual friendship for this group of important men. When Xu Huaijin heard that Zhao Shixiao was seriously injured, he quickly came to watch it in person. At this time, Zhao Shixiao was already unable to speak.
Xu Huaijin roared, "Someone will immediately transport Mr. Zhao back to Baotou for medical treatment. If you want to cure him!"
A dozen people cried and sent Zhao Shixiao to the car to protect a row of soldiers and returned to Baotou urgently.
Xu Huaijin’s eyes have turned red and he was shot in the forehead. He was afraid that Zhao Shixiao would run away. Over the years, Zhao Shixiao has been fully supporting Zhang Yi’s military reform. How can Xu Huaijin not feel sad like a brother?
Xu Huaijin shouted, "Let all the army departments chase Karachuba by car, and we must avenge Mr. Zhao if we catch the old man!"
Thousands of cars started in the blink of an eye, and the soldiers rushed to the northeast!
Desperate, especially the brothers of the fifth division, Zhao Shixiao is sympathetic to the disrespect of the soldiers and the serious injuries of the teachers. Can you let it go?
Chapter seven hundred and thirty Collapsed in World War I
It is still very difficult for the original Xu Huaijin’s hand army to catch Russian cavalry. After all, the speed of the car needs to be launched on the plateau, and the Russian army will definitely drive the horse to the fastest.
But it turned out that Karachuba was directly directed at Wu Shixiang and led the first brigade. He was only shocked for more than 20 miles and was known by Wu Shixiang, a whistle agent.
Wu Shixiang was so happy that his nose came out. It’s time for his first cavalry division to establish a wonderful honor. Now that you’re here, don’t go!
Wu Shixiang tied up two cavalry regiments and rushed out from the oblique thorn. The remnants of Karachuba came into a fierce collision!