"What’s the matter?" He Yongqiang knows that it is followed by the official of the national ministries and commissions, and he can show more power and prestige to these unruly people.
He Yongqiang entered the room and saw a man lying on the ground with his neck bent in an unusual posture. At first glance, he just died and several people were fighting in the middle of the villa hall.
"Stop it! Stop it!" Next to He Ji, with four armed policemen, he pulled out a gun and pointed it at the figure shaking in the house. There were several people in it who were too fast because of the fight. He Yongqiang and these armed policemen didn’t know clearly.
He Yongqiang was very anxious, followed by the official of the national ministries and commissions, so all the people present didn’t listen, which had a great influence on his official prestige and easily caused a kind of performance in the hearts of leaders.
Yong-qiang He pulled out a gun and "bang" a pair of villas put a gun. Hearing the gunshot, Lin Cheng and Yin Qingshan stopped and jumped back.
Although this fight was not long, it was not light on Lin Cheng’s physical strength. At this time, he was experiencing some signs of detachment, but fortunately, with this shot, Lin Chengcai had to catch his breath.
Hearing the gun, JiTianHe Zhao Xiaohong was all shocked, which showed such a poor place in front of the national ministries and officials. The second in command of public security in this city was also in panic.
However, at this time, they will not back down, and they can’t pull Minister Shao back to the car, so it seems that the two second-in-command of them have no difficulty in taking the lead, and it is definitely not a good leader.
But Qi Tianhe Zhao Xiaohong saw the gunman as soon as he entered the door. He Yongqiang was the only one who could breathe a sigh of relief. He Yongqiang came down from the province. What really happened? The province will help to speak.
Shao Jianguo, Zhu Tianlai and Qin Huaiyuan were stunned when they heard the gun, but they were not very surprised because they had seen the world and knew that the identity of the people they saw this time was very special, especially the gun of Suoguohai, commander-in-chief of the army and the armed forces, which was too normal for a general. Besides, the three of them had no grudge against this Lin Cheng. Since he has such an identity, he definitely wouldn’t shoot his three people indiscriminately, right?
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164 Yan Huangsun
? Although Shao Jianguo three people have never seen Lin Cheng, he has seen Lin Cheng’s photo. Shao Jianguo saw it at a glance. On his right, this young man is a little too young. He wants to see Lin Cheng.
Since Shao Jianguo saw Lin Cheng, he naturally regarded Yin Qingshan as a traitor who dared to hurt international friends.
However, there is a Beijing brand car at the door, and at first glance, it is the Beijing Special Vehicle Institute. Shao Jianguo has no impulse. At his age, people have mastered such a potential, and even if their parents die, they will be invisible.
"Who are you?" Shao Jianguo is a mouthful of pure Beijing film.
Li Chaozong is Yin Qingshan and the head of the national sword. He knows Shao Jianguo because Shao Jianguo is a celebrity who often appears in newspapers in the capital, but it is still reasonable to say that Shao Jianguo is not a government official, but after all, he is not a government official. For Li Chaozong, a national leader, the Ministry official is nothing.
"Shao minister? We are the Xishan Guard Corps. "
Shao Jianguo was shocked by Li Chaozong’s export. Of course, he knew what kind of organization the so-called Xishan Guard Corps was and what kind of people lived in Xishan, which he didn’t expect to see in this prefecture-level city.
"Xishan guards? Do you know me? "
"Ha ha, Minister Shao is a national official. Who can’t help but know?"
Li Chaozong spoke easily, which made Shao Jianguo hesitate a little. These people who claimed to be Xishan Guard Corps were in sight.
"What are you doing here? Execution? " Shao Jianguo is a hesitation or ask the export?
"Minister Shao, let me take a step to talk." Although Li Chaozong is a top player, he has been exposed to the West Mountain Guard Corps for so many years and is also very clear about the world.
Shao Jianguo listened to Li Chaozong’s amazing calming skills, and his heart was a little indecisive. He couldn’t figure out whether Li Xiaoer was really the one who was killed on the spot. Even then, it made Shao Jianguo undecided. One was a national leader. Although he was a retired leader, his energy was still not to be underestimated. The other was Suo Guogui, the most powerful figure in a country and also in charge of the lifeline of the oil economy.
This really made Shao Jianguo make up his mind, but after weighing, he decided to turn to Lin Cheng’s side. It’s business as usual. If the Minister of Energy offended the oil giant, the country’s energy resources would be exhausted, so his position would be over. But if he offended the leader who had retired to the second line, it would only be more resistance on the promotion road.
Li Chaozong explained this matter to Shao Jianguo alone, not because he was afraid of Shao Jianguo, but because he wanted to put pressure on these government officials to bring Lin Cheng to justice through Shao Jianguo. After all, Li Xiaoer’s death can’t be made public, so it’s better to keep a secret.
Going it alone is not somebody else’s opponent, and the three of them are still able to join hands, which makes Li Chaozong’s three people lose face, not to mention the most important thing is that they lose confidence.
It is difficult for a fighter who loses confidence to win.
However, Li Chaozong didn’t expect that Shao Jianguo was not on their side after a short thought, but Lin Cheng spoke, which made Li Chaozong’s atmosphere very angry. He took Yin Qingshan and Guo Jianfeng to clean up Li Tingfei’s body and drove back to Beijing.
When Shao Jianguo came back, Zhu Tianlai, the boss of Huaxia Petroleum Group, and Qin Huaiyuan, the boss of petrochemical industry, were pulling Lin Cheng to catch up. It seems that they have already talked happily.
When they saw Shao Jianguo coming, they quickly introduced Lin Cheng to Shao Jianguo’s identity.
Although Lin Cheng’s status is amazing now, he is still a faint sample without any frame. This is a place that makes Shao Jianguo feel more comfortable, and he has not wasted himself. He has offended former national leader Li Xiao.
"Commander Lin, hello, I’m Shao Jianguo from the Ministry of Energy." When Shao Jianguo met Lin Cheng, he didn’t dare to trust him. Although the country is a small country, how can a person who can control the army, navy and armed forces in one country be a simple person? Besides, just now, Shao Jianguo also saw that this man can fight with three top experts of Xishan Guard Corps, regardless of whether getting information in advance is true. Lin Cheng is indeed a martial arts expert.
Lin Cheng listened to Shao Jianguo and held out his hand politely. "Hello Lin Cheng" was supercilious.
Two people greet for a while next to Zhu Tianlai and Qin Huaiyuan also picked Shao Jianguo identity.
Lin, a senior official of the national ministries and commissions, is prejudiced. He also guessed the tone of the conversation between the three Western Mountain guards just now, but now that someone has introduced it, you will know more clearly.
"Can I have a word with you?" Shao Jianguo leaned in and told Lin Cheng after he waved away and followed the second in command of the island city.
"Good minister shao you wait a moment"
Lin Cheng borrowed a noodle room from Liu Zi and took Shao Jianguo three people downstairs.
"Minister Shao, it’s quiet enough here. What can I do for you?" Lin Cheng didn’t polite with Shao Jianguo, and he didn’t treat him as a national minister. He didn’t have any impatience, just like two friends talking in small talk, and he had a natural and cool bearing.
"Ha ha, I’m here with Zhu Zong and Qin Zong, of course, about oil. I know that Commander Lin has represented the entire Middle East oil business. Commander Lin is a Chinese, right? Then let’s be a milk compatriot. I’m more straightforward. I hope Commander Lin can be more inclined to our own country in terms of crude oil imports."
"Yes, it’s okay. It’s okay to be a Chinese grandson."
"Then I thank Commander Lin for the people of my country." Shao Jianguo heard that Zhu Tianlai’s hand Pang Jian met him after going abroad. Lin Cheng was supposed to be a very difficult person, but he didn’t expect that he would directly agree without hesitation, which made Shao Jianguo a little surprised, but it was a good surprise.