Lianqu bottom of my heart after the idea of burning old this just returned to normal eyes froze for a moment, "when I sent his troops directly to Hector even tribal love songs know when is a foregone conclusion!
But after that, he did alienate me a little! Including my brother and junior four, it seems that they are not as good as before! "
"So obvious?" Su Ling was surprised and asked, I couldn’t help thinking more and more about Hector even’s love songs!
In fact, she cherishes this friend, and in the process of their contact with each other, she intuitively feels that the little love song should not be the kind of person who harbors evil intentions!
However, I haven’t seen her for a long time in a hurry, and I can’t guarantee whether the initial heart of Hector’s love song is the same!
Especially this time, he was recalled in a hurry. Will there be something that they don’t know?
After all, because Hector even love songs have been in the state of Qi and Chu for so long, the people in the palace have treated him as a half-master, and the old man has been with her in the green country. If Hector even love songs want to take the opportunity to do something, it is estimated that it is also available!
"Can’t say but love song identity is still a quality! He didn’t stop him from sending troops that time. Even Rio Tinto will give him a pressure test in the dark … "
"So what are you going to do? I heard that Hector even Jinse has come back in recent years, but she doesn’t walk as often as before! Do you think this little love song was recalled? " Su Ling is concerned about the love songs of Hector even. She remembers that she once heard about Hector even’s extension, and she always didn’t care much about the love songs of Hector even.
Su Ling is always in a bit of a panic when she is suddenly recalled with a little love song!
It seems that something big is going to happen!
No matter what the Hector even tribe wants to do, the little love song knows so much about Qi and Chu. If Hector even wants to benefit the little love song, then things will be difficult!
Even Su Ling, who deployed in the military camp, believes that the little love song must be like the palm of his hand!
"What are you going to do yet! But love songs go too suddenly without a word. If you want to know which one is even … "
Burn the old said finally fell silent, there are some things he doesn’t want to say it is because of the thought of many possibilities!
Su Ling twisted the arch eyebrows and looked at the burning old cheek, which flashed cold and folded. When both of them fell silent, Su Ling wanted to say something, but at the sight of the burning old face, her lips wriggled for two days, finally!
The atmosphere of the tent was slightly solidified, but soon the outside of the tent hesitated, such as going in and getting drunk, taking a step back and correcting it.
Such steps will naturally attract the attention of the old burn.
After he let go of Su Ling and tidied up his skirts at the same time, he said coldly, "What is it?"
I was surprised when I heard that Burn Lao was the first to ask questions, and then I quickly opened the curtain and walked into the tent, but my eyes always looked at my toes and I didn’t dare to look up at Burn Lao.
But listening to him anxiously, he said, "Just now, the news came that Hector even was ambushed on his way back and later returned to the tribe. I don’t know why he was arrested by Chief Hector even!"
"ambush? On the way from the state of Qi and Chu to the tribe of Helian, it was deserted, and no one would deliberately wait for the little love song? " Su Lingwen immediately analyzed the fact that the Hector even tribe was only a day and a half away from Qi Chu.
It’s not weird that a little love song will be ambushed in such a short time!
Drunk and clear, he slowly lifted his eyes and looked at Su Ling. Then he slowly took out a letter from the sleeve and spread a broken arrow in his palm.
And at the moment of seeing the broken arrow, the old cold eyes suddenly narrowed and drunk, and at the same time, they opened their mouths. "This is a feather-falling letter from Sanye. During the investigation, he found out that Hector even met an ambush on the way. It was a group of people wearing Xuan ink robes and all wearing veils.
Although I didn’t see their looks, I found the broken arrow of the Qi and Chu military camps in a wild grass with signs of fighting in the official road! "
Words fall drunk Qing hurriedly hand letters and broken arrows together to burn the old hand.
At this time, no one said that everyone knows that the ambush of Hector even love songs is to pretend to be a third person, and it is obvious that the intention is to make Hector even love songs break with the third person!
Who on earth has ulterior motives, but is it just as simple as letting them break up?
Not only is Su Ling suspicious, but even Huang Huang’s third end looked at broken arrow in his hand, and a rage flashed across his brow.
"This is not Wang Junying!"
The old man broke the broken arrow in his hand as soon as he hit it, and then his cold eyes gleamed like a cold wind. He looked up at him and said coldly, "Give this broken arrow to the people in the military equipment library. At the same time, you can check if anyone in the equipment library has left the military camp with arrows privately!"
"It’s the third master’s. I’m going!"
It’s obvious that the seriousness of the matter is that someone wants to take the opportunity to start a dispute
But he’s curious. Can you tell at a glance that the broken arrow is not a barracks? !
When he got the broken arrow, he saw that the color and forging technique were almost the same as those of the barracks arrow!
It seems that he has to ask the blacksmiths in the barracks equipment library!
"Do you suspect that someone went out from the barracks with arrows and forged it?" Su Ling flashed a glance at the letter in the hand of Lao San, and looked at him gradually. Suddenly, there was a feeling of wind and rain.
Smell burn old instantaneous convergence LengLi looked at Su Ling secretly nod moments in his heart had a suspect, but he needs to confirm.
"Nine is close to ten!"
Huang Lao looked up at Su Ling and then closed his eyes and breathed calmly for a moment. His thin lips seemed to be somewhat struggling. After opening his eyes again, he looked at Su Ling in a low voice and said, "I may have to go to the Hector tribe!"
Hearing this, Su Ling smiled! Slightly leaned forward and said, "That’s just because I haven’t seen what the tribe looks like. Take me with you!"
This is the second watch. He updated the chapter 433 East Palace women today. He hasn’t touched any of them!
"That’s just that I haven’t seen what the tribe looks like. Take me with you!"
Su Ling’s voice fell to burn the old knife-shaped eyebrows and tightened them. She seemed to be joking, but it seemed to be holding the firm and I couldn’t help but sigh, "This is not a joke. Even the tribe is not far away, but there …"
"You don’t bullshit you said with or without? !” Su Ling directly interrupted Huang Lao’s unreasonable little appearance and squinted at him. He dared to say that he would break with him without himself.