"Two report has a life two princess made seven out of sin! It is well known that the princess has been married to the prince for three years, but after that, the title of the second princess naturally belongs to the able! "
The guards threw some remarks on the ground, and it was difficult for the people to start whispering again!
Maybe from the beginning, I never thought that I would have such a day. After her eyes froze and stood silent on the ground for a long time, she seemed to suddenly think of something. Looking back at May’s eyes, I suddenly saw that "it’s you. You must be secretly cheating!" I didn’t expect you to be so cruel at your young age!
No, you can do whatever you want if you are a brother and a child! The palace will never admit your identity! "
In the face of burning smoke son didn’t exert pressure, May disdained pie pie, slightly stepped forward and blocked Jinyan’s small body behind her. Soon, she looked at burning smoke son’s small mouth with bright eyes. "Don’t say that you don’t recognize my identity. You, the former princess of Chu, still consider that you should go back to Chu State to face everyone like a abandoned princess!"
May said that her voice was so low that it was difficult to distinguish the feather falling not far from her!
But the burning smoke son suddenly shook her heart when she looked at May. How could she see such a decisive murder in such a child’s face? !
Is she really four years old? !
Especially when her black and white eyes are staring at her, the light is deep and complicated. It shouldn’t be such a child to have a sharp edge!
How come? !
The fact that Huang Yaner was frightened by her performance in May, whether she was abandoned or not, has now been made public!
At this moment, she finally realized that everything in front of her was like a farce, but she became a player and was calculated to pieces!
At that time, the people still bowed down to the ground and looked at each other quietly until they suddenly came from the crowd to say hello. Then the people in the vast capital shouted loudly, "Greet the princess Fengling!"
The name of Fengling County is famous all over the world!
And Su Ling’s second earthly life has also caused the surging forces in all directions to start rubbing their hands!
The phoenix gate and the phoenix gate of the monarch were suddenly born in May, just an hour after the death of Yan Er, and the world of Qingguo was shocked!
After all the Fengmen and Huangmen brothers disappeared, they took Jinyan back to the mansion in the bustling downtown area in May!
As soon as I entered May, I looked back, but I was still restrained by Luoyu and others. I was a little nervous when I saw the eyes of the other royal maids and guards!
She is really angry today! Will do this regardless of the consequences!
Phoenix Gate and Phoenix Master both appeared, but she never saw Mom and Dad. They should have known according to the tip speed of Phoenix Gate!
Could it be that he refused to show up because he was angry? !
May kept muttering in her heart, and now she realized that the identity of burning Yaner might be really sensitive. What should she do if her mother is angry about it? !
"Sister, what are you thinking?"
Always hand in hand with May, Jinyan’s little face is full of ignorance. Looking at May, she keeps changing her expression. Why is she completely different from before?
Smelling May, I was so nervous that I couldn’t help reaching out and touching my little face. Did she expose too much today? !
If mother finds out that she’s …
What a nuisance!
"May …"
Just as May hesitated to explain to her mother as she entered the mansion, a call suddenly came from behind them!
May a listen to my heart a tight hurriedly looking back at first sight Su Ling and burn old eyes ruddy shinohara snow and LouZhan when she was a little embarrassed in situ looked up at Su Ling closer figure as if even breathing began to disorder.
"Mom …"
May soft shouted a then let go of Jin Yan’s hand and ran to Su Ling’s front with a hook and hugged Su Ling’s thigh.
Seeing this, Su Ling raised her eyebrows and said nothing, but a ponder smile appeared in her eyes!
Does this girl know that she is a little lacking in practice and now she is playing thigh hugging with her? !
"Where did you go just now?" Su Ling held her in her arms from May, but she couldn’t recognize the calm tone, which made May feel a twinge in her heart.
I can’t even look at Su Ling when I smell the twinkling eyes in May. My little face is buried at Su Ling’s leg, and I unexpectedly see her mother standing behind him, Father Dust King!
But she is so nervous in the face of her mother’s questioning, but why does her * dad Toshihiko seem to be full of banter? !
What happened? !
"Answer me in May! Where have you been just now? " Su Ling still asked coldly about May. Although some of them had already collected everything that happened before, she wanted to know more about May, but there were other reasons for doing so!
It is undeniable that these actions made in May today really surprised and surprised her!
She never knew her daughter had such a great performance!