"You are in no hurry!" Bonn really can’t figure out what this guy means. What does it mean to make such a thing? The outsiders have arrived.
"Of course, will try so hard! I’m the magic prince! I hope that of course there must be a demon king! " The celestial beings don’t know what the hell it is to make such a thing to widely spread his bad things among mortals. Naturally, he should cooperate with them well, or else how can he be worthy of his title of the Devil King?
"Come on, you are still a demon king!" Bonn left the pie mouth. This guy doesn’t look like a demon king. If you say that guy in Styx is a demon king, you can smell the sky. Isn’t this kind of root like it?
"This is what they said, not that I am self-styled!" Be surprised by the weather
No one knows what Wen Tian really means. He has done such a thing just to cultivate a lot of enemies for him. No one will believe that the magic monty is so stupid. It is true. Who will set up one enemy after another for no reason?
There is no such thing as a fool who can do it, or a character like Magic Monty Jun. How could he be so stupid? Many people suspect that there is something wrong with the technique, but to their shock, there is really no problem with it.
The more I look at it, the more I feel that this achievement method is absolutely outstanding. As a result, many people who are trapped in it are in trouble. Immortals can’t help but cultivate this so-called magic power. People are so eager for power. Once their hearts are opened, they will be deeply involved.
Even if you don’t get caught up in it, you will be attracted by Xuangong attached to the highest day teachings. He found a lot of good things, but there are several powerful skills attached to this guy’s brain.
The devil didn’t hesitate to put those powerful than Xuangong out, which really shocked them, but no one guessed his mind.
There are a few exceptions, that is, Hongjun Daozu and others, who are old and immortal. They know what the reason is, but they won’t stop it.
"Good handwriting, I really look down on you." Xuanwu was full of smiles. He didn’t expect this to do such a thing. It’s not easy to do this rule, but it’s true that that guy from Hongjun Daozu dared to break his guts so easily.
What surprised him even more was Wen Tian’s understanding of Xiandao’s achievement method. According to his speculation, the highest plough is enough to make a man who can’t practice anything step by step to the saint’s realm. Of course, he won’t die before!
The theory is that it can be done in detail, but it depends on the specific situation. It’s hard to say that it’s so dead. After all, everyone is different. It’s not many people in this world who can achieve the level of sage achievement.
Grandfather Hongjun was also very angry. He knew a little about it, but he couldn’t stop so many people from seeing it. Countless people copied it to add to the attraction of this method. There are bound to be many people rushing to practice, and things will be bad then. Who knows what his idea is?
Things like this are getting crazier and crazier in the celestial world. The broken cliff will always reappear outside Duanmu City the next day. Such strange things make many people’s eyes fall.
Things are getting worse day by day, and Duanmu Yiyi can’t understand the meaning more and more.
"My eyes? Wait a minute and you will know! " Wen Tian is still cold and Duanmu Yiyi is not angry with him. This guy always doesn’t say anything and is an asshole.
"I said Duanmu City seems to be busy a lot, doesn’t it? Why don’t you take care of it-it’s a good opportunity to make money! " Wen Tian and Li Bonn are playing chess in the pavilion. This is their territory, and few people will come over.
"I hope that I will feel at ease if there is no accident in Duanmu City!" Duanmu yiyi nai left here
"Your eyes are almost the same!" In Bonn, there are a pair of chess games that people can’t understand, and they don’t know what chess they are playing.
"About the first step should have been achieved and they should come! I’m just waiting for someone here. They don’t know where I am, but when they see my Jay, they know where to find me. I’m the only one who does this! " Wen Tian nodded. It’s time to come. If he doesn’t come, he will run away.
Others will never think that he is in Duanmu City. Although he is not afraid of trouble, it is better to have less trouble so that he can have time to do other things.
It’s no surprise that there are two strangers outside Duanmu City. Since the magic monty, many people will come here. "Are you sure that guy will be here?" Jin Peng looked at the cliff, and the highest plough was really that guy’s handwriting. He would do it.
"Of course, the most dangerous place is the safest place. This is what he often says he is absolutely here!" Kong Xuan looked confident that this guy would mess around like this. He was sure Wentian was around here.
When I was playing chess, I suddenly shook my hand and said, "Here we go!"
Chapter one hundred and twenty-seven Into hell
Since Wen Tian made a sermon, many people have never appeared. Monty Jun used to work in Duanmu City. Few people can now forget that even if they turn around in front of him, but Wen Tian happened to appear in Duanmu City again, which made a lot of people suddenly nervous. Monty Jun has a temper, but few people know that since he inexplicably made a sermon, many people know that this guy is simply fooling around.
It’s always troublesome to mess around. It’s a powerful mess around. This situation is that everyone is very afraid. It’s the most troublesome thing that such a person doesn’t know what he will do next.
I heard that someone in the place where the sky passed consciously made no one want to mess with this guy. "You are finally here!" Wen Tian strolled towards Kong Xuan and Jin Peng. Although there was still one missing, it didn’t matter. That was enough. The next thing finally came.
Jin Peng and Kong Xuan also saw Wen Tian, and it was the first time that they knew that Wen Tian’s understanding of Xiandao was so thorough. It is not simple to know the highest day teachings, so it is impossible to write such brilliant achievements if you don’t know enough about Xiandao.
"I’m afraid you’ll leave if you don’t come again!" Kong Xuan and Jin Peng are the same as when they were in the human world. There is no change at all. It is this year that has made their faces more vicissitudes. They have also experienced a lot this year.
Without those pretentious hugs, Wen Tian smiled and calmly walked over and hooked their shoulders, which didn’t need much for them.
"Let’s talk about it when we go back!" Wen Tian didn’t say much, pulling two people off the cliff.
You never thought that the magic monty king actually took two people and left, and speculated that these two people were the magic monty king. It seems that they are not that simple and less equal.
Look at the magic monty king, they are definitely a group. This speculation immediately scares everyone. There are demons like the magic monty king. This should be good. This news is faster. There are two big demons in the celestial world again, and they are broadcast quickly all over the celestial world.
However, these have no influence on Wen Tian at all. He is now thinking about Kong Xuan and Jin Peng’s arrival, but he is so happy that with their words, he can go to the human world. Then those guys in the celestial world will wait to cry, and the gods will definitely not be sealed. How can Hong Jun’s old road pay so much attention to sealing God and Wen Tian to make him successful?
What are those saints doing? Wen Tian has long guessed that it is nothing more than getting through the barriers between the celestial world and the human world and then coming to the human world again. Otherwise, they would have jumped out of the siege just now, and where did they get so happy?
The next time, a quasi-Taoist was almost killed by himself, and the result was to let them know that if a saint came over, he would send food to himself, and they would not be so stupid. Besides, any saint would not be afraid of death, and the longer he lived, the more he was afraid of death. Where would a fine guy do it?
The gang who copied the lair of the Emperor of Heaven didn’t say a word, but they got the title of magic monty king. It’s a pity that they made their own Xuan and got a sermon. Now they are afraid that their intestines are green with regret, and the ancestors of Hongjun are afraid that their heads are big, and they feel better when they think of hearing heaven here.
However, compared with his real purpose, these are just dwarfs, and the next one is a big dish, which is absolutely big enough. It was only after he arrived in the celestial world that he realized that Wen Tian didn’t want to do this, but it is necessary for him to do so now after he arrived in the celestial world.
"I said smell monty monty gentleman title is good! Ha ha ha! " Jin Peng hooked Wen Tian with wine in his mouth. This guy is definitely bold enough to drink. He picked up the jar and purred and finished it.
Jin Peng got a full burp and looked at this guy with a face full of wine. He really couldn’t stand it. Kong Xuan was always drinking wine leisurely by himself, and no one bothered him.
"if you want, I’ll give it to you!" Wen Tian said that he didn’t feel much about these titles, but he was just a little more famous. Although he was notorious, he was very different from most silent celebrities
"How dare I ask for it? You are a challenger to Hongjun Daozu. If I take your title, I will not live!" Jinpeng doesn’t want to be stared at by Hongjun Daozu, so he might as well commit suicide. Forget it. This scene number is simply a death warrant.
You don’t dare to say "I’ll introduce you to a new comrade-in-arms!"
I’ve been beside Bonn just now, and I’m very unhappy. This guy finally thinks of himself. He has been chatting with his brother for so long and finally thinks of himself.
"The owner of Duanmu Yiyi Duanmu City is also our homeowner. This is her home. You can thank her for drinking here!" In Bonn, he also misheard himself. Wen Tian introduced who Duanmu Yiyi was!
In Bonn, I took a suspicious look at Wen Tian. This guy’s head is not bad, right? How did he become Duanmu Yiyi? I looked at Wen Tian with doubt. Unfortunately, Wen Tian didn’t seem to notice that this guy was deliberately in Bonn and suddenly turned white.
While being at a loss, Duanmu Yiyi looked startled. How can this guy say that he is his comrade-in-arms? You can’t talk nonsense about this kind of thing. If you talk with Phantom Monty, you may be killed. Duanmu Yiyi is utterly confused. Does this guy still want to hurt himself?
"Oh, don’t look like that. You’re an accomplice. When I’ve lived in your house for so long, people will always know that if I throw you, you’ll be dead! There are still many plans, but you know it! " Wen Tian waved his hand. He was not joking. There is no windtight wall in this world. Some things will definitely be known.
Far from saying that Chi Di is not so easy to fool anywhere, Wen Tianer took her to Qing Di and Chi Di obviously knew that Duanmu Yiyi would always think of the people who were forgotten that day, and their style Duanmu Yiyi would definitely be framed by Wen Tianer and his gang, and even Qing Di couldn’t say for sure.
If you can’t find trouble with the magic monty, then it’s good to find someone who has trouble with him. The situation is nothing new. Many people should be very happy to have a guy with Bai Di.
"You are not hurting me!" Duanmu Yiyi is not an idiot, so she immediately thought of it.
"Since your father handed you over to me, there is no turning back. You have already been tied to our warship, but you can choose to report, but I don’t think much of your ending. Those are not good men and women." Wen Tian said slowly that he was not joking. This situation is not impossible
Duanmu Yiyi was silent. I have to say that Wen Tian is right. Which of your friends will have a good game? Although she is not a friend of your friend, it is unreasonable for your friend to live in her house for so long.
"What to do you still have a good choice! We’re leaving soon. Time is running out! Stay here and wait for revenge or leave with us! " Wen Tian is not a good man, but he has helped him at least, and it is barely what a friend should do or should do.
If the woman chooses to go to Qing Di, he will also give Duanmu Yiyi enough bricks, and Qing Di may even shelter her. After all, she is the granddaughter of Qing Di, and Qing Di will not ignore her to comfort others and ask Qing Di for trouble. If it is a big deal, she will never be able to see her grandfather.
"I’ll go with you!" Duanmu Yiyi quickly made up her mind that in this celestial world, she is already worried, and there is nothing good to stay here. Instead, it is a sad place and a good choice.
She lost her father two months ago, and today she will leave here again. Although she is somewhat evasive, there will always be some reluctance to leave her place after living for so many years, and there will always be some sadness.
Duanmu Yiyi was alone in silence, and the atmosphere was a little strange. After all, it was a heavy problem, and sometimes it was like this. Some things had to be done, although they didn’t want to do it. Otherwise, they might lose more.
"Then where shall we go next?" Kong Xuan, getting up and finding Wentian is just the first step. What else to do next has not yet been determined. These plans are all given to this guy. Who told him that this is what he is good at?
"Hell we go to the world from hell! Do something by the way! " It’s time to say that he’s going to go to the human world, although there is more than one way, but this method is the simplest. Although I don’t know how to do it in the celestial world, it doesn’t matter. Just play if you can go.
"Oh, it’s a good idea for you to go to the human world from The six great divisions in the wheel of karma, but the danger is not limited to what we say these days. You don’t have to be afraid of those risks. The six great divisions in the wheel of karma should not hurt us." Kong Xuan suddenly understood the intention.
The human world and the celestial world should be connected, but it’s just that the ancestor Hongjun did not know what division in it led to the separation of the two worlds, but The six great divisions in the wheel of karma is a place connected with the human world and is in charge of life and death. The six great divisions in the wheel of karma must be connected with the human world, which has long been known.
When he was in the human world, he felt the reincarnation of The six great divisions in the wheel of karma’s soul more than once. He was sure that the human world and the celestial The six great divisions in the wheel of karma were absolutely connected. It should be no problem to go to the human world from The six great divisions in the wheel of karma.
The soul can hear the sky through words, and naturally there are ways to get through The six great divisions in the wheel of karma. Besides, he still has some things to do, and he wants to do a great thing.
"So we’re going to break into six lanes this time. It’s really a good way to go to the human world from six lanes. So you should have planned it long ago." Jin Peng is not stupid to go to the human world like this. He is really bold and typical of organizational discipline
Of course, the plan has been in place for a long time, but it is not so easy to implement it. Everything that was done before Wentian was done. These two things were the first to make a big noise in the celestial world, that is, to attract Jin Peng and Kong Xuan to come over, and neither of them disappointed him. There is also a purpose to attract the attention of people in the celestial world.
There is a saying that it is necessary to fish in troubled waters to muddy the waters of the celestial world so that he can have a chance to fish. Although he seems to have stirred a little too much, the effect is very good. Those saints are afraid to come out, which saves him a lot of trouble and releases a message. Maybe it will make the celestial world chaotic again, and then he can easily go to reincarnation to make the wind and rain. Adding fish in troubled waters will definitely make these immortals confused. There are so many celestial goals that they can’t defend themselves one by one. It shouldn’t be too much trouble to go to The six great divisions in the wheel of karma Road.