Entering the heart mirror is to experience a life.
This kind of opportunity is rare for many immortals, and it can make them get all kinds of temper in their mood perception, which will be more smooth in their cultivation in the future.
A few days after leaving the heart mirror in Gu Yue, none of the others left the heart mirror
It was a long time before the second fairy came out of the heart-refining mirror with a full face of regret. Obviously, she felt sorry for not staying a little longer in the heart-refining mirror.
As this person comes out of the heart-refining mirror, there are immortals coming out of the heart-refining mirror every day, and sometimes several people appear from the heart-refining mirror in succession.
In the mirror of mind-training, everyone experiences life again, but the length of time is determined according to personal talent, potential and soul.
These first immortals are obviously the ones who are poor in these aspects.
Even if you enter the heart mirror and experience life once, you will die halfway, and your understanding of life will be much less.
These immortals who came out first are very sorry, but several elders who are waiting here are very satisfied with smiling at a famous brother.
The first person who came out of the previous exercises lasted for five days.
This time, apart from Gu Yue’s accident, the second mirror came out completely on the first day. From this, we can see that the genius level of the celestial realm is far beyond the past
This is a good phenomenon for Tiandao Sect.
After all, don’t look at these fairy realm immortals, but they will grow up to be the mainstay of Heaven Sect in the future.
Half a month after a famous immortal came out of the heart-refining mirror, there were less than 100 immortals left in the heart-refining mirror.
Jade Bell and Xia Qi among the hundred people have not yet come out.
At the moment, Yuan Shen is hiding in the mirror of refining the heart, and Xia Qi is experiencing very strange scenes.
He is not like others, who remember after Yuan God entered the heart mirror and then reborn and experienced a different life. After he left the heart mirror, he felt a lot in retrospect.
After he entered the heart mirror, his memory department was all there.
What’s even weirder is that Xia Qi was not reborn and experienced a different life. He actually returned to China on Earth.
He went back to the body of the earth before he crossed into the realm of cultivating immortals and was possessed by Xia Qi in the realm of cultivating immortals. He changed back to Xia Qi, the otaku of China.
When you see all kinds of familiar buildings in China, the face of Xia Qi is a drastic change
He relied on the earth, but now he has Gu Yue, Jade Bell, Jingjing and others in the celestial world. There is even a Danzong behind him who has feelings for the celestial world far beyond his feelings for the earth.
At the moment, I suddenly returned to the earth. Is Xia Qi not surprised?
Suddenly there was an impulse, and before the end, everything was a dream of Nanke … hahaha …
Panic Xia Qi wanted to force Yuan Shen to have an out-of-body experience, but suddenly he found that his magical powers seemed to dissipate completely, and he couldn’t help what he wanted to do.
Soon Xia Qi found that his Yuan God had entered the Xia Qi body of the earth, but he could not control the Xia Qi body himself. He was like a spectator watching the Xia Qi body of the earth, but he could not intervene in everything.
As a bystander, he watched the earth in the summer and spent the rest of his life
This life is very ordinary. Buying a house and marrying a wife is like a robot that has already set a program and spent the rest of its life.
In this issue of Xia Qi, what can I watch force change?
When the earth’s Xia Qi is plain and has finished the last journey, Xia Qi is suddenly sucked into a dark place by a huge pulling force like a bystander.
Xia Qi didn’t panic. It was a great shock for him to just watch his own death. He was in a complicated mood at the moment and didn’t think of anything else.
The darkness lasted for a moment, and when the light appeared again in front of Xia Qi’s eyes, Xia Qi Yuan Shen had left the heart mirror and returned to the flesh.
It’s the celestial Xia Qi body.
Somehow Xia Qi breathed a sigh of relief.
"Xia Qi came out"
Exclaimed woke Xia Qi. He looked around and found that many elders were staring at him excitedly, but they were not close to Xia Qi.
Because the immortal’s mood rises a lot after coming out of the heart-refining mirror, most of them will directly break through the realm after coming out.
Xia Qi stayed in it for more than a month, which was even longer than when Lin Hao stayed in the heart-refining mirror. These elders naturally recognized that Xia Qi would break through on the spot.
But to their surprise, after Xia Qi came out, there was no sign of a breakthrough. His face was dull and his eyes were deep and full of wisdom, like an old man who sees through falsehood.
"Ha ha Xia Qi congratulations on your full stay in the heart-refining mirror for one month and five days. This long time is also the longest time for Tiandao Zongdi to stay in the heart-refining mirror."
Kong Zong, the patriarch of Heaven, also appeared. He smiled and said to Xia Qi.
"Meet the patriarch, meet the elders."
Xia Qi smiled faintly and saluted Kong Zong and a group of elders.
Although Xia Qi did a ceremony, a group of elders and Kong Zong all smiled and were very satisfied with Xia Qi’s humility.
Now Xia Qi’s talent can be sure that he will be the successor of Heaven in the future. Now Xia Qi can be so humble and a group of elders are naturally happy.