Zhang Xiaoyu was originally the last virgin of Yin vein to be swallowed by Mumulin in the sub-absolute field of Mumulin in Wuliangshan, but was saved by Xiao Wu and then left in the endless explosion.
I never expected to see her here.
In fact, seeing Zhang Xiaoyu doesn’t mean much to Xiao Wu. Zhang Xiaoyu just happened to save a poor girl, but her appearance also means that the ever-changing venerable person, the painting jade and others will also appear in the prehistoric civilization, because it was in a melee and the explosion range was very large. It could not have swept away a part and left a part!
"Zhang Xiaoyu" also saw Xiao Wu. Her eyes were very strange, as if she had met an old friend who had not seen her for decades but was afraid to recognize her.
"Lord Xiao" Yan Rusong said strangely, "Do you know each other?"
"She" xiao five awkward.
"Is this Lord Xiao?" The girl saluted and said softly, "Yan Xiaoyu has met Lord Xiao."
Yan Xiaoyu? Isn’t Xiao Wu suddenly confused Zhang Xiaoyu? But her appearance is obviously Zhang Xiaoyu!
Yan Rusong said with a smile, "Let me introduce you to Lord Xiao. This is my adopted daughter Yan Xiaoyu, and that is my adopted son Yunbao. He is a leopard demon. Leopard has come to meet Lord Xiao."
The clouded leopard came over to salute and said, "The clouded leopard has seen Lord Xiao."
Xiao Wu is still in a trance. He muttered, "Yeah, good, nothing."
YanXiaoYu eyes once again fell on the face of shaw five "shaw’s adult how do I see you more feel familiar? I seem to have seen Lord Xiao somewhere. "
"Really?" Xiao Wu tentatively said, "I see Miss Yan is a little familiar, just like a friend I used to know. I wonder if Miss Yan knows a girl named Zhang Xiaoyu?"
"Zhang Xiaoyu?" Yan Xiaoyu froze for a moment, then shook his head and said, "I don’t know."
Yan Rusong scolded: "How can her talk to Lord Xiao so rudely? Have you forgotten all the manners that Dad usually taught you? "
Yanxiaoyu threw up his tongue and retreated behind the clouded leopard. The clouded leopard’s massive body stands in front of Yan Xiaoyu like a mountain. Xiao Wu’s body itself is strong enough, but compared with the shape of the clouded leopard, it is a little more fierce in terms of muscle strength.
The appearance of clouded leopards does have many characteristics of leopards. The thick black eyebrows are faintly yellowed, and the leopard eye shawl is also yellow and black, revealing a wildness all over the body.
Facing Xiao Wu’s eyes, Yunbao smiled with a simple and honest smile. "Xiao’s adult laughed. My sister has a strange disease. She doesn’t remember many things before. Don’t take it amiss."
Yes, Xiao Wu’s heart suddenly hitched a jump. If it is amnesia, it is Zhang Xiaoyu who has ten things in front of him!
Yan Rusong scolded again: "Leopard, is this the place to talk about family affairs?" Come back with me! Lord Xiao laughed and said goodbye. "
"Don’t send it." Shaw five corners of the mouth to a smile wry smile-
I will meet Zhang Xiaoyu. I told Golden Shield Twelve, Fire Phoenix and Fire Fierce that Golden Shield Twelve didn’t respond like wood, but Fire Phoenix and Fire Fierce were very excited.
"Unfortunately," said Fire Phoenix, "I didn’t see it with my own eyes. Maybe I can make her think."
Xiao Wu said, "Why do you remind her of the past? Let’s not say that her memory is miserable, that is, from our point of view, if she never recognizes us, otherwise, if someone knows our true details, then she is not satisfied that the world is being hunted? "
Fire phoenix stopped talking, but fire fierce said, "Did you ask her about my two wives? The same demon country must know something. "
"No" Xiao Wu didn’t good the spirit of the way: "is that all you can do? When I kill the black dragon, I’ll ask Yan Rusong to send you twenty mermaids, one hundred times more beautiful than your two coquettes! "
Huo Lie stopped talking, and told people like Xiao Wu about love at first sight and till death do us part. Huo Lie thought it was casting pearls before swine.
Xiao Wu added, "Golden Shield Twelve, do you know the background of Dashi Trading Company in the Great Demon Kingdom?"
Jin Dun said: "The Dashi Trading Company in the Great Demon Kingdom was very famous in prehistoric times, and its business scope involved Dan medicine, slaves, ordinary weapons, implements, magic weapons, demon weapons and so on. It is said that even the mysterious Dashi Trading Company in the Blood River is involved, so if you want money, there will be nothing you can’t buy in Dashi Trading Company, and no one can ever calculate its assets clearly."
"What is the background of this Yan Rusong?"
"Yan Rusong was indeed the president of Dashi Trading Company during this period, but he kept a low profile and I didn’t know much about it."
"Golden Shield Twelve" Xiao Wudao said, "You are a metal goblin who survived the prehistoric culture of fixing truth. No one can compare with you in your experience. Think carefully about the important events and figures in the prehistoric culture of fixing truth. Why don’t you just tell us all about them?"
"There is indeed one thing that is very important."
"What is it?"
Golden Shield Twelve pondered and said faintly, "Master, you, including Fire Phoenix, Fire Fierce and I have never appeared in this period, and we have never appeared in historical classics or folklore."
Three pairs of eyes fell on the face of Golden Shield Twelve at the same time. Xiao Wushen said, "What do you mean by Golden Shield Twelve?"
"Isn’t there a theory of technological civilization after ten thousand years called the butterfly effect?" said the Golden Shield. We traveled through time and space to the time of the fix-up civilization ten thousand years ago. There was not even the birth of the metal goblin, but I came. That is to say, the birth of the metal goblin was advanced because of me, and the prehistoric fix-up civilization also had a series of changes because of our arrival. The history I am familiar with and the past events I experienced will also change! "
Xiao Wu swallowed a mouthful of saliva. "So what?"
Golden shield twelve sighed, "I also want to know the result." There was silence in the room.

Chapter one hundred and forty-five The virgin battle of women soldiers
The rain has made the monster prairie muddy, and many of them have not appeared at ordinary times, and they will be dangerous if they are not careful. The wind is also very strong, and from time to time, a huge tornado is formed on the horizon. This environment is really not suitable for going on. Xiao Wu had to stop the team.
"This ghost weather" looked at the black clouds in the sky, and Xiao Wu’s eyebrows suddenly frowned. "If I had known, I would have waited for the rain two days later. How far is it to the Golden Shield Twelve Black Dragon Pool?"
Golden shield twelve thought for a moment and said, "It is estimated that it will take two days."
"my god!" Xiao Wu scolded, "Two more days? It will rain for at least two days! "
Golden Shield Twelve looked at the sky and said, "It’s going to be dark soon. It’s not suitable to travel in a place like the monster prairie at night, especially when there is a forest in front of the girls in women soldiers. Let’s camp there."
Xiao Wu sighed. "It’s the only way."
In the Woods, the girls in women soldiers quickly took action. Lan Xiaobo and the girls in Yuanshitao Village are both practitioners who are far better than:. | One: _ Bo took people to open up woodlands with flying swords:. | It didn’t take long for more than a dozen tents, including Xiao Wu’s general tent, to appear in the Woods like mushrooms after the rain.