Nothing nonsense, he raised the jade pot and gulped down the wine. Some exotic substances contained in the wine turned into fog in an instant, which was turbulent in the body, and mana and the power of the world flowed. After two or three breaths, the wine xìng was completely eliminated.
"Great avatar out of things, really remarkable! Just this pot of wine, my mana will reach the level of quenching the seven peaks, and I may enter the eight-heavy water environment at any time. "
Chen Shaobai’s body surface showed a faint purple and gold Se Ze, and his eyes passed slightly drunk, and he was clear again.
Seeing this scene, Cang Donglong’s smile became more and more brilliant.
Although his wine has no terrible title, it consumes countless rare things in the world. Not to mention quenching gas, it is an ordinary fairyland where the strong can’t enjoy it. If a pot of wine is poured down, it will be drunk for half a day, and Chen Shaobai can restore Qingming in a blink of an eye, which in itself illustrates some problems.
"Good wine! It’s a pity that this is not an environment for drinking. Let’s talk about wine instead! " The boss is standing here, and Chen Shaobai can’t keep people waiting, so he can only say so.
Cang Donglong raised his glass and smiled: "When you re-enter the deified Ri, it is time for us to drink together."
Chen Shaobai tilting his head, carefully looked at Lin Yuanxi, waiting for the other party’s answer.
His previous request seemed cynical and somewhat mischievous, but it was well thought out.
Feeling the sincerity of his disciples in front of him, Lin Yuanxi couldn’t help nodding, but reason still made him hold his breath and solemnly laid a layer of sound insulation barrier.
The enchantment set by the great avatar, even the Godsworn, can hardly overhear a fragment without disturbing the disposal. Although there are quite some mighty men present, all of them are well-advised to continue to do their own things, as if the serial tea spraying incident had never happened before.
Lin Yuanxi seriously looked at Chen Shaobai, his lips didn’t open and close, but he made his own voice:
"Being a master of the clan is completely different from being a disciple. What the former has to shoulder is not only the glory of the clan, but also the mission of flourishing sects. Think about it again, but what you said before is serious?"
Although this is the case, vaguely, Lin Yuanxi has come to the conclusion that what he needs is just a psychological comfort, which is like the sentence "Can you hold on now?" Everything is just a formality.
Knowing that the potential he has shown has moved the other party’s heart, Chen Shaobai smiled: "Shao Bai, although he was born only half a child in this life, yearns for freedom and bohemian, but he still knows the importance. In these things, he will not mess around."
"Good, very good!"
As a disciple of Qing Xuanmen, Lin Yuanxi has a heartfelt love and loyalty to Zongmen. He is also very happy to see that Chen Shaobai has this meaning.
Lin Yuanxi was very polite to Chen Shaobai, and he didn’t stand on the top at the beginning, as if an elder were facing a younger generation who was related to him. Although he didn’t give a positive promise, he repeatedly spoke to appease and attract, for fear of chilling Chen Shaobai’s heart and going to another door.
Two people exchanged a few words, Chen Shaobai see Lin Yuanxi answer ambiguous, did not give an accurate answer, not only did not give birth to any uncomfortable, but some exulting.
Without a refusal, it means that he still has a chance.
Both of them intentionally intersect, but at that time they forgot the gap between status and strength, and they had a good talk.
Lin Yuanxi’s extensive knowledge and experience, elegant speech and extensive references have broadened Chen Shaobai’s thinking. Chen Shaobai, who recited the whole of Kaiyuan World, also deliberately quoted its classic passages several times, implying reverence and recognition, which made Lin Yuanxi smile and feel relieved.
As the palm teacher of the Qing Xuanmen, Lin Yuanxi has heard countless flatteries. If he really cares about it, I’m afraid he has now inflated himself to think that the world is invincible, and he doesn’t care about those flatteries. However, as the author of "Kaiyuan World", it was a great comfort for him to be casually mentioned.
What’s more, it is a seemingly promising person who has a mysterious background and unlimited potential who has reverence for him?
Potential strength or not, is to have a reference as a contrast, although he set foot on deification, Shou Yuan is infinite, but for the next realm, it is far away, far less promising than Brother Dugu, who lives in seclusion. Now, when he is a palm teacher, he is plagued by vulgar things, and he can maintain his position. It is already the limit. Where can he seek J and jīng?
It can be said that it is to his liking to have a character like Chen Shaobai to take over the clan affairs and help him with worldly chores. If it is not too much involved, I am afraid that Lin Yuanxi will make a decision on the spot and give Chen Shaobai a series of test tasks.
What I wanted Chen Shaobai to do before has now been thrown out of the clouds.
How can the descendants of the clan who can stand up to the fairyland of God make him do what ordinary core disciples do?
With the progress of the two people’s topic, there are more and more great magical powers gathered in the Fairy Hall. Soon, more than half of the fairyland of fairies and demons in Kaiyuan World came here, and even, occasionally, the figure of some demon great sage looms.
The highlight of this meeting is finally about to begin.
"However, the matter before is too big to be generalized. If you are sincere, after this auction, go back to Zongmen first and have a chat with Brother Dugu."
Lin Yuanxi said this in a summary statement, stepping out step by step, then returning to his position and sitting quietly, holding a cup of tea and pouring it, as if he had never moved at all.
More than 20 people with different charms are powerful and powerful, and they are all stamping their feet when they are released, and the existence of heaven and earth will be shaken. But these powerful people are now gathering together and seem to be planning a big thing.
Occasionally, some great magical powers come here with their most valued younger generation, so Chen Shaobai, who has quenched his breath, doesn’t look so ugly.
"What’s the matter, can draw so much avatar arrival? I’m really curious … "
Chen Shaobai took off his waist wine gourd and took a sip, blinked, as if he saw the real plan hidden behind the first auction in the world …
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Chapter three hundred and five The value of information
Chapter three hundred and five The value of information
Although personal strength far exceeds its own realm, quenching gas is still a high level. In this gathering of great magicians, Chen Shaobai is very self-aware and only listens.
Like other new monks who came with their elders.
Chen Shaobai keenly noticed that these younger monks are not the group of people who have been in the limelight recently, such as Feng Zi and Mi Qilin, but some talented people who are not outstanding, but have something to do with God.
"People are selfish. Although the great avatar is above life and death, he can almost live forever, but after all, he has evolved from the mundane, and he can’t completely cut off the causal fetters …"
Taking a panoramic view of everything, Chen Shaobai looks like an outsider, calmly collecting information and thinking about it.
The presence of all people is the existence of status, all free from vulgarity, to the ri, followers gathered, so there is no such thing as hosting this meeting, just by any chūn autumn greeting, on behalf of the start, they started talking noisily.
It is said that people talk too much, but in this group of fairy halls, even if the voices are colorful and abrupt, it still makes people feel like a chūn wind, which makes them feel very sweet, as if every word and sentence contains the supreme mystery of practice and makes people realize it.
At the beginning, several great magicians made a lip service to him. Even though he was as intelligent as Chen Shaobai, he couldn’t learn anything from it. Later, xìng Donglong and others came straight to the point, abandoned hypocrisy, and everything became straightforward.
Not just him. Even the strong second generation who are ordinary and abnormal have understood a lot.
This time the meeting. On the surface, it is a private exchange of the first auction in the world, but in fact it is planning for the war between the two worlds after Ri.
According to spies, the world of purgatory has recently amassed a large number of troops, as short as two years, as late as 78 years, and the outbreak of war is imperative.
Even the fairy war, like a mortal battlefield, is divided into strongholds, strategies and tactics. It’s not just a matter of bombing the avatar at will.
For these, Chen Shaobai had already speculated, but really heard the discussion of a bunch of magical powers, but couldn’t help secretly losing it.
Lingshi vein, medicine field, natural barrier and desperate situation … All things related to war are divided up one by one in the wrangling of deities.
Chen Shaobai, who is familiar with many books, knows very well that the dust of almost every regional resource ownership and defense responsibility has settled, representing the blood of tens of thousands of monks.