"… did you see them accidentally show the face of the body? !”
"We didn’t dare to get too close and didn’t see it clearly, but we saw that the dead body was wrapped in a black towel. I … I felt like one of us!"
"So they deal with the body is last night we fold in longyu manpower? !”
"It can’t be wrong!"
"Then are you sure they are to get rid of the body? !”
"Make sure we have a number!"
"This is interesting ~!" Xiangyun leaned against the sofa and grinned, "We were seven people in Longyu yesterday, and we didn’t seriously hurt others except Ye Yu! How could they get rid of a body? Then who will be the extra one? !”
Have skull turn Aauto Quicker way "don’t … is Ye Yu! Is this kid dead, too? !”
"Hum …!" Xiangyun corners of the mouth satisfiedly say, "Nine times out of ten, Ye Yu was poisoned at an early age. If it wasn’t for his profound skill, he would have died of poison! However, after being chased by us, he was left with a sigh of relief. When we left, he must have fainted. He must have been seriously injured and attacked by poison gas. He didn’t wake up and died directly! "
Xiangyun, the words sound just fell, and the person who spoke just now sounded at the entrance of Simen Tangkou. People replied to the message. After Simen Tangkou had indeed returned to their respective tangkou, nothing unusual was found. Everything was as usual!
Xiangyun listened to her hand and told her that she was even more convinced, "Yes, it must have been Ye Yu, who didn’t come to tell Jiuzhong that our affairs were dead. Jiuzhong didn’t know that we were going to assassinate the four door owners. Today, all four door owners returned to their normal jobs!"
"So what should we do now? !”
Xiangyun smiled without saying a word, took the mobile phone and found a number dialing channel from the face. "Feng Xian Ye Yu died, and our affairs were not exposed. I think our actions can be carried out as usual!"
Words there to a feminine man "are you sure? !”
"OK ~!"
"Well, we’ll strike while the iron is hot, and we’ll take the head of the four-door master tonight and rush back to the cabinet master to call me back!"
"Good, then I’ll go there now!"
Xiangyun hung up and waved and said, "Pack up and withdraw!" When Xiangyun left the hotel with a bunch of hands!
Jiuyong, the living room of Longyu Dalongtou Mansion, was leaning against the sofa and Shen Yue was flirting. At this moment, Li Tang came in from the outside and reported to Jiuyong, "Boss, the body has been disposed of according to your instructions!"
Nine heavy straight up and asked, "is anyone following? !”
Li Tang nodded and said, "Yes!"
"They should have seen it? !”
"I saw it all!"
"good!" Nine corners of the mouth with a sly smile "bait has been scattered to pick up the hook ~! Is Yuer in the mood to accompany me to visit the night scene tonight? !”
At night, three or two black SUVs slowly drove out of Longyu’s car, and Li Tang asked Jiuzhong for instructions. "Eldest brother, where are we going to watch the night scene? !”
Jiuzhong thought for a moment and said, "Go to Han Yi!"
"I know!" The car got off the highway and went straight to the mouth of Han Yitang!
Half an hour later, the car stopped in front of a cafe near the entrance of Zimen Tangkou. Jiuzhong and Shen Yue entered the cafe, sat in a window and ordered two cups of coffee, while drinking coffee, looking at the night view outside the window!
Three hours later, it was nearly eleven o’clock in the evening, and there was still no movement at the entrance of Zimen Tangkou. Li Tang could not help but ask Jiuzhong, "Eldest brother, do you think they will not hook us for nothing tonight? !”
Nine heavy looked at the night outside the window and smiled. "How can it be white? Can’t you feel that the night is full of murder? ! They have already come ~! "
Chapter one hundred and twenty-five Strong in the middle is stronger in the middle.
As Jiuzhong said, Tianchi killer has already arrived at the entrance of Zimen Tangkou, waiting for the opportunity in the dark!
Jiuchong Hook called Li Tang to the crowd and said, "It’s almost time to call Han Yi. Don’t work too late. It’s time to go home!"
"white!" Li Tangma took out his mobile phone and dialed Han Yi’s words. "Han Tang’s boss said it’s time for you to go home!"
"I know!" Han Yi, at the entrance of Zimentang, said to dozens of younger brothers sitting casually in the office, "Let’s go!"
"Yes!" When Han Yi was surrounded by dozens of gangsters, he came out from the entrance of Zimentangkou and walked straight to the cars parked outside!
The person in charge of the assassination of Han Yi was led by impatiens impatiens, who led twenty Tianchi killers. Two hours ago, they came to the entrance of Zimen Tangkou, lying still in the dark, and the black night clothes were completely integrated in the night, staring at the entrance of Zimen Tangkou like poisonous snakes!
Because they didn’t know what was going on in the hall, they didn’t intend to rush into the hall to assassinate Han Yi, but they found out that Han Yi would go home after work every day. They decided to make a surprise attack when Han Yi left the hall to the car.
Seeing Han Yi surrounded by dozens of younger brothers, Impatiens knew it was time to act. Huo Ran drew his waist sword and flashed a cold light in Leng Yue! Seeing this cold light, impatiens wakes up. Twenty Tianchi killers have drawn swords in their hands!
Impatiens first turned into a phantom of the opera. From the dark, she jumped out and winked at Han Yi, who was not far away. She came near and was responsible for protecting Han Yi gangsters. Before she came to respond, five or six people were instantly put down!
At this time, the gangsters reacted and were preparing for a hug, but at this time, the remaining 20 Tianchi killers also arrived at a flash of cold light, and immediately another 20 gangsters fell in a pool of blood. An external sword sealed the throat and died on the spot!
Before and after less than 30 seconds to protect Han Yi gangsters have been cut to half!
Left gangsters which still dare to rush together to protect Han Yi to TangKou recede!
Impatiens and twenty assassins are about to kill again, but at this moment, all kinds of vehicles are parked on the left and right sides outside the entrance of the hall, and the lights suddenly light up to make the entrance of the hall as bright as day!