The only one who was not affected in the audience was Nu Wa, who marveled in her heart, "This realm seems to be influenced not only by pure will, mind and other forces. Even if my brother’s will has been achieved, it should not be so exaggerated that it will not affect 3,000 saints!"
Because Nu Wa’s mind is white, even though her will and spiritual realm are not her own, this elder brother can have a general overview of this realm, but her heart has already touched this edge …
What’s more, it’s a natural performance for Nu Wa to see the score, just like the joy in his heart, a gentle smile, and the joy of heaven and earth. Now the eternal ancestor is also a general situation. The eternal ancestor is impressively bottomless and terrible, and his heart is full of nine gods and three thousand saints!
I’m afraid that when the eternal ancestor smiles, the three thousand saints will naturally smile at the same time!
In ancient times, there were beautiful women who were peerless and independent, and then laughed at the city and then laughed at the country; There are also ten thousand buddhas in western Sumi Mountain who spend flowers and smile, three thousand buddhas become enlightenment, three trillion believers die and go to bliss … All these things do not last forever, but the ancestors smile gently.
Yuan Heng didn’t notice the admiration in Nu Wa’s heart at the moment, otherwise he would have lost sight of this self-valued person in reality or despised by him, who is the closest person to himself in the universe!
"It’s Brother Dao"
Fuxi had a heartfelt smile. He seemed to see his road ahead clearly, and then he suddenly stood up and condensed a perfect red hexagram crystal, in which the side of the road was rippling and the whole life was floating and sinking, and the mysterious god Luo looked at his mind, so it was easy for him to take the road to Yi Dao. Even the god Luo could not easily understand it, which contained a vast and unpredictable Taoist source to interpret the mystery of the whole life!
Fuxi looked around seriously and said cautiously, "Dear friends, this is what I know. I hope you can help Fuxi!"
Speaking of which, Fuxi can’t help but bow slightly to all the saints.
"Fuxi’s Taoist friends are too serious."
"Ha ha friends diagnosis …"
Fuxi’s move obviously startled all saints. This may be a birthday loss! !
Many saints whose fortunes are not too high silently estimate their own fortunes to see if they can withstand the gift of the founder, who is also in the forefront with his profound fortune in the wild.
"What’s going on recently? How can there always be such a saint’s bow and horror!"
Looking at this scene, the saint raised an eyebrow and twitched his mouth, and somehow felt a sense of familiarity in his heart. He seemed to feel something was about to happen again …
Should … No?
"So that’s it!"
Although Fuxi took out something with a little more information, it obviously didn’t bother Yuan Heng. Yuan Heng’s short-lived plan suddenly became clear and could not help but admire "Fuxi seems that his enlightenment day is not far away …"
San huang!
San huang Daoguo!
Ren Huang!
When san huang’s coming out of Japan is Fuxi’s testimony!
Among them, the immortal volcano is just a piece of Fuxi plan, which will become a key boost to improve san huang Daoguo!
"Well, Fuxi’s wisdom is really terrible, which rationalizes the operation order of heaven, earth and people. On the contrary, it will limit the height of san huang’s fruit position and form a limited driving force. Once it is successful, Fuxi Cangsheng Road will lay a solid foundation to prove the foundation!"
"What’s even better is that Fuxi caught a crucial moment-the purple clouds set the order of Hongjun, and the ride on the magnificent avenue saved many generations."
Don’t underestimate the wisdom of saints, even if the foundation is shallowest, backward saints such as Yongheng Zhenmu still have deep wisdom that is hard to guess. Even if it is not as clear as Yuanheng’s calculation, Fuxi plan can be calculated in July 7th.
However, Fuxi’s plan is good, but if it is too big, it will touch the nerves of too many forces, especially the dragon, phoenix and Kirin, which have been fragmented in the witch and demon robbery, and the three forces are the first to bear the brunt.
"This …"
Sure enough, many saints stare at the central red hexagrams and look solemn, but even a small number of saints are dignified and abnormal, which is complicated. It is already difficult to keep their younger generation. If we are in Fuxi, this san huang plan, I am afraid that the vast land will be bloodbath several times …
After all, the new situation is stepping on the bones and blood of the old forces
"I am afraid that san huang’s fruit position was born in Fuxi, which is unstoppable!"
Yuan’s persistent meditation is already white. If there is no better plan to replace Fuxi’s proposal, I’m afraid that I will directly implement it and then slowly accumulate strength to finally form a general trend called’ san huang’-only when all saints are opposed to it, can we form a monstrous force and suppress it!
But will the gods really object?
"My Qinglong, on behalf of my scales, will help Fuxi Daoyou Program!"
In many saints are still silently calculating the gains and losses, which will be Qinglong suddenly said
Rosefinch, Molin heart jump mind suddenly qi qi annoyed at the same time to react to Fuxi there.
as expected
Fuxi gave me a smile at Qinglong. Obviously, this giant is very appreciative of Qinglong’s wisdom and determination.
"Alas …"
Rosefinch, Mo Lin sighed. I’m afraid this dragon scale will be easy in the future. There will naturally be new power positions in the new era. Whether the saints can successfully transform depends on their respective means. The decision of Qinglong has given him the first-hand advantage.
Now that the most influential scales have nodded, what else can others do?
What’s more, Fuxi can’t help but give up the big event of the immortal volcano. Unless you come up with a better plan, no one can afford to throw this face out and cheat.
What’s more, Fuxi bowed. What are you going to do?
At the end of the day, the somebody else’s face to the fist, hard and occupied the reason also …
You can nod!
"In this case, the immortal volcano will be handed over to Fuxi."
Yuan heng final tone way
"Congratulations to Fuxi Daoyou"
Eternal Daozu first gave Fuxi a sacred blessing.
A will that will eventually be sacred, Gao Wei, arrival, is so broad that it seems to run through the whole source of Shinto in the wild. In front of this will, even if it is to suppress the whole innate Shinto Wen Sheng, it is a nine-fold god!
The virtual shadows of a statue of gods are manifested around the gods, and these virtual shadows of gods whisper their own innate roads with different degrees of integrity according to their strength, and the gods sing their own roads.
Among them, the most special difference is that the saints of the eternal ancestors bless them, and the blessing is the most complete lack of words!
With the blessing of the saints, the fate emerges, and the fate clouds and the fate ocean will cover Fuxi!
"Ha ha ha … I’m done!"