One by one, the big man in black choked back the gastric juice that kept rolling in his stomach, and dragged the bodies into the basement. Although his heart was filled with reluctance, he saw those black dwarves with Tatsu Yamashiro, and they kept their mouths shut.
Several dwarves in black stood at the entrance of the hall, waiting for the other side’s counterattack, but after a long wait, no one came, so they chatted: "Du Bianjun, the strength of these people is really poor. I don’t understand why the young master wants us to occupy this nightclub first, directly attack their headquarters and kill their boss. Isn’t it better? Guns are useless to us. I just killed 29 of them, all of which were cut in half. It’s great to see several bastards with only half of their bodies left begging me to kill them. I haven’t practiced knives with living people for a long time. "
Suddenly, a masked man in black with a particularly short figure came out, and several chatting guys immediately closed their mouths. The masked man said coldly, "Shut your mouths. As a warrior of the family, the young master’s orders are the bounden duty, only obedience. I will hear from you who are discussing the resolution about the young master privately."
Several people bowed respectfully and shouted, "Hey, Fujiwara Jun."
The masked man proudly said, "As warriors, it is your honor to protect the honor of the family with your lives, which is also a fine tradition of our Dongying samurai for thousands of years."
Just then, an extremely cold voice came slowly: "In that case, use your heads to protect the honor of your family!"! Dongying people, you short monkeys with short eyes almost killed szilard, and all of you have to die. "

Chapter 041 Sniper
The words did not stop.
"bang. . 。” With a bang, a tiny black light broke through the glass half a centimeter thick like lightning, and the extremely high speed made the black light fly straight past like a black line.
Just when everyone was frightened and nervous about the gun attack, an explosion followed, and the screams didn’t come out yet. A black body that had endured at the beginning of Dongying exploded instantly, and blood rained all over the sky.
They are puzzling, frightened why a "first-order" suddenly died, and countless people began to scream again. Anyone who was touched by blood and rain immediately began to corrode. In an instant, the flesh and blood were corroded and immediately saw the bone.
In an instant, a dozen big men in black fell to the ground, twitching constantly. Fortunately, they were touched by the blood and rain, and immediately fainted and went directly to see God.
Unfortunately, I was touched on my arm and thigh, but I couldn’t die, but I was surprised and scared when I saw my own bones, but I could only scream there.
Instead, more than a dozen black ninjas, each with a black light, blocked the blood rain, centered on the star who called Fujiwara, all the junior ninjas gathered together and looked around in horror, looking for the source of the voice.
On a building not far away, Hades looked at the power of sniper bullets and swallowed saliva, exclaiming, "It seems that the boss is right. It’s not for nothing to give so much money to the damn necromancer in Kilo. This power is a little too great. A’ first-order’ power is like an ant, but what have you painted on it?"
Thiel smiled very rarely at the moment, and only when he saw his sniper bullets harvesting lives there would he give a knowing smile and say, "I know, but I won’t say it’s a huge poison brought out by the boss from China. It has great effect on ordinary people and powers below the’ fourth order’. I don’t care what it is, as long as it can kill people easily."
Hades looked contemptuous and sneered, "Damn savage, why don’t you rush forward to hand-to-hand combat when you kill people?" Your ancestors were all orcs who could only chop people with bronze axes. You, the scum of the werewolf, could only attack at a distance with a gun, which simply humiliated your werewolf tribe. "
Tyr kept aiming and choosing the next damn person. When he heard Hades’ words, he immediately roared in a low voice, "Fuck off, bloody bat. I’m not as stupid as you."
"Hum, treacherous barbarian." As soon as the words stopped, Hades’ whole body turned into a tiny palm-sized bloody bat, inciting the wings of the constantly emerging bloody spells and shooting down at an extremely fast speed.
Tyre looked at Hades’s figure leaving quickly, smiled strangely, and then immediately took out another sniper bullet wrapped in black light from the magazine pinned on his belt. The magic house’s secret method and rough western necromancy were perfectly integrated, and hurriedly stuffed it into the bullet chamber, with a flash of cold light in his eyes, which narrowed slightly, and slowly stopped a patient.
"bang. . 。” At the beginning of the 1, it is a bear turned into a blood rain, speed is too fast, fast to the point where there is no defense, ninja is speed as an advantage, but in front of this modified bullet, it doesn’t work at all.
As they have been trained in the occult arts, their hearing has been improved many times, but they still can’t escape the bullet like a spell, because the speed of the bullet has reached or exceeded the speed of sound. When they just heard the sound of the bullet, when the body was just about to escape, the bullet had arrived with the sound and rushed into their bodies.
Although one by one is the power that the energy in the body reaches the’ first order’, the strength is many times worse than that of ordinary people, and the body surface has the true qi to protect the body, but the modified bullets and the giant poison painted on them simply ignore the true qi to protect the body.
This is the first time I have encountered such a scene. All ninjas are alarmed. They never thought that the power of bullets would be so great that even the protective qi they have always been proud of has no effect.
The honor of the samurai made it impossible for them to escape without seeing the enemy. Suddenly, Fujiwara, a’ second-order’ power, gave a loud roar: "Spread out, all spread out, move quickly!"
Hearing this, the ninjas just woke up. At first, they were confused by the power of the sniper rifle. The power of the sniper rifle is great, but it also takes time to aim. As long as you keep moving, there is no time for the sniper rifle to aim. If you can still hit it, you don’t have to stay here. Let’s all run!
More than a dozen figures immediately began to move, and speed was their strength. Big Tyre sighed: "It was discovered so soon, and now I can’t continue to attack, and I can’t aim at it at all. The bullets are all precious and valuable. If I can’t kill a power with one shot, it’s a loss-making business. You can’t do business at a loss, but the boss who wastes money will kill people. "
The big man shook his head, got up, began to pack up and put the sniper rifle back in the metal box. Although it was a pity, in just a moment, seven Chu Ren had been blown into blood rain, and the results were gratifying.
Sure enough, the voice of the sniper rifle stopped, but at this time, a piercing scream sounded, which made everyone in the place horrified. Fujiwara was suddenly wrapped in a dark red blood fog. A huge bloody bat was crawling behind him, and two sharp teeth had bitten into Fujiwara’s artery.
Fujiwara was stiff and wanted to resist, but under the package of dark red blood fog, the’ second-order’ energy in his body could not be made at all, and the blood quickly flowed from the aorta to the mouth of the giant bat, and he could only watch the vitality in the body keep losing. . .
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Hundred to ten thousand small! Say to smash the ticket.

Chapter 042 A werewolf who knows martial arts
Fujiwara’s whole body is shrouded in a fog of blood, and this blood can completely control Fujiwara’s body that endures the’ second-order’ power. Fujiwara can’t do anything except think.
This is the secret method of blood clan that Hades realized instantly in the process of successfully promoting to the Viscount after completely transforming the blood of Viscount Odd by using The Hunger’s Corpse Sutra. It is not a secret method with strong attack power, but an auxiliary magic, which has no effect on the powers with the same rank or higher rank, but it has a very good effect on the powers with lower rank than himself.
Feeling the loss of vitality from physical strength bit by bit, Fujiwara finally woke up from fear and exclaimed, "Blood clan, you are a blood clan. I heard the elders of the family say that there are a group of dark creatures in the west who specialize in sucking blood for a living, called blood clan, friends. We Dongying Ninja have never had any hatred with the blood clan. Why do you want to be our enemy?"
When he was just a trainee ninja, he was still studying in the family base. The elders of the family once talked about the knowledge of many powers on the whole earth. In addition to human beings, there are many advanced creatures with high wisdom on the earth, many of which are born with powers, and the blood clan is one of them.
Hades was furious and screamed, "Damn Dongying monkey, since you know my blood clan, you dare to attack my pure blood descendants of Ruimoer clan. Go to hell!" However, the eyes of the giant blood bat that is crawling around Fujiwara’s neck are shining with strange light.
Fujiwara was in a great hurry and quickly threw out the last magic weapon to save his life: "No, no, no, my friend, oh, no, noble Mr. Blood clan, let’s make a discussion. You spare my life and give me the first hug. I am willing to be a noble blood clan. How? You have sucked one-third and a half of my blood, and the benefits to you are limited if you continue to suck it. Moreover, I am a’ second-order’ power. As long as you give me the initial support, I think I will be promoted to the’ third-order’ soon. I am willing to be your descendant and serve you faithfully all my life, and you will not suffer. "
Yet, the primary ninjas who were prepared to rush to rescue Fujiwara hesitated. They were all primary ninjas who had just graduated from the ninja base. On the first day when they were selected to the base, they began to be instilled with the information of being loyal to the family forever. Now suddenly, when I heard this, I couldn’t accept it at that time and naturally stopped.
"Ha ha, damn Dongying bastard, as a samurai, don’t you need to use your life to safeguard the honor of your family?" Error-free novel network does not skip words. At this point, Hades has revoked the secret method of blood clan released outside.
Fujiwara was so ashamed that he just said that he would use his life to safeguard the family honor, and now he will overthrow it himself, but his life is still important, and he can’t care so much. He quickly cried, "Listen to me, dear sir, I said such a thing, but it was only when I was studying in the ninja base that those elders encouraged us to work hard for the family. I only said this in order to convince these idiots who just came out of the base. To put it mildly, it is a warrior of the family. In fact, we are just a dog of the family. The honor of this family is not worth maintaining with my life. "
When this happens, all junior ninjas can’t stand it anymore, which has completely subverted the knowledge learned in the ninja base. One of the young people, with a livid face, shouted, "Fujiwara has betrayed the family and killed them, and the young master must be rewarded."
Originally, these minds were full of junior ninjas who were loyal to the family, because Fujiwara’s words of betrayal had already killed his heart, but no one took the lead and stood up, and no one knew what to do.
When I heard someone stand up, I suddenly had a backbone. Everyone immediately pulled out Tatsu Yamashiro, quickly flashing his figure, and cut into Fujiwara.
Hades is in a hurry. This is the critical moment for him to absorb blood essence. It only takes a few tens of seconds, and he can absorb all the blood essence in Fujiwara. If he is attacked by these ninjas, it will be wasted.
Shouted at once, "Tyre, you fucking savage, why don’t you come down?" Do you want me to do my best to attract those damn papal executioners? " Error-free novel network does not skip words.
"Roar ~ ~" A huge roar came from the skylight, and a huge figure jumped down. A blue moonlight shone on him, which made his whole body muscles expand more than twice.
"Suck him up quickly, or the executioners of the Vatican will notice in a few minutes." As he spoke, big Tyre danced his fists and made an iron fist as strong as steel. He directly confronted Tatsu Yamashiro in the hands of Dongwin Ninja, and even made a metallic sound of steel.
Teal’s iron fists are not dancing fast, it should be said that they are very slow, but he is like a perfect whole. No matter how fast those early forbearers are, his fists can arrive in time at a very slow speed.
If there are people from China Wulin, they will be very surprised. A big man with a height of more than 2.40 meters has used Tai Ji Chuan, the most abstruse traditional martial arts in China, so well. Although it has not reached the point of perfection, it can be seen that the big man Tyre has completely mastered the essentials of Tai Ji Chuan.
Wulin people must be very surprised. The person who teaches Tyre martial arts is definitely an insidious person. He even let the big Tyre play Tai Chi while running a Qigong called "Python Niujin" in his body. Whenever his fist comes into contact with the real thing, "Python Niujin" will give off its strength and directly expand the strength of his fist by dozens of times.
Originally, Tyr had great strength, and with the blessing of "Python Niu Jin", each punch had tens of thousands of pounds of strength. These junior ninjas flew dozens of meters away like being hit by a big truck.
Body, 80% of the bones are broken, and all the internal organs have been shattered into less than one or two pieces of meat. In an instant, there are only three junior ninjas left.
At this time, Hades suddenly said, "Done, stop playing, and don’t really bring in the executioners of the Vatican, leaving one alive to report back."
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Chapter 043 Frame up
Hearing this, big Tyr immediately understood and cursed in a low voice: "The insidious blood bat is almost as insidious as the boss."
Complain to complain, but the hand is not vague at all, fiercely swing three punches, with the fist strength of’ python Niu Jin’, and hit three junior ninjas in the whistle.
In the face of absolute power, all weapons, all tricks, all skills, all lost their effect. The three Tatsu Yamashiro answered and broke, fiercely spewed out one mouthful blood, flew out more than ten meters away, and slammed on the ground, barely struggling twice, then motionless.
Tyre’s first two punches were absolutely full, and the two unlucky ghosts who got punched first were immediately shattered all their internal organs and died on the spot.
However, when Tyre made the last punch, he obviously recovered 90% of his strength, and took advantage of Tai Ji Chuan’s ingenuity to smash the last junior ninja and fly it out. Although it was the same as spraying blood, he only suffered a little internal injuries and did not hurt his life.