"But sister, your eyes are really beautiful, chinese odyssey!" Xiao asked to kiss up seriously.
Ninety thousand frowned. See xiao asked is not entirely flattering, this just nodded with satisfaction. Then pretend to dislike the tunnel: "I wish I knew. Needless to say. "
As soon as the words were finished, without waiting for Xiao to ask for a reply, 90,000 people laughed first and felt that what they had just done was too imposing. Eighty percent because Xiao asked to see that she had just taxiing, so everything was left to her, and it was not a warm heart to think about it.
"Elder brother. What shall we do next? " Ninety thousand abrupt seriously asked.
"Keep looking for Tian Dun Pony. There are still more than a dozen pieces of news in hand, and we have to confirm them one by one."
"Well, let’s go."
Xiao asked, without spoiling the mood, whether 90,000 people should enter the blood mark. Directly with ninety thousand girls rushed into the air.
Obviously, they haven’t recovered from 90,000 taxiing, so they are all a little excited when they are on their way.
After a long time, 90,000 people calmed down and asked very seriously, "Brother, it’s not hard for me to see …"
Seeing the seriousness of 90,000 questions, Xiao didn’t answer immediately, but looked at 91,000 times from top to bottom, and carefully tunnel: "Not only is it not ugly, it’s pretty. But your beauty is different from others’. You have to watch it slowly. To tell the truth, at first glance, I did think you were a little plump, but now the more I look at it, the more I think it’s your own style and a unique beauty. Hey, you give people a feeling of meaty and sweet, which makes people want to pinch it. "
Ninety thousand finally put down his mind, but he was a little angry because of the last sentence asked by Xiao, frowning and saying, "I want to pinch you!" "
Because the baby is fat, even if it is lightly chastising, 90 thousand’s expression has its own charm, which is more like coquetry than swearing.
However, Xiao Wen has always been commensurate with 90,000 brothers and sisters, and has always regarded 90,000 as his sister. At this time, he just likes and loves in his heart and does not think much. After that, Rizi, 90,000 people played a more and more important role in Xiao Wen’s life. Together, they found a day to escape, practiced together, chatted together, and ate together. Only when they slept, they would be far apart, but they could still chat through the night …
Xiao asked that the pain of Duan Yan’s departure was finally less intense.
In fact, this is actually the biggest reason why ninety thousand people are in a hurry to taxiing. She is so distressed that Xiao asked. No one in this world can walk into his heart except her, and only she can comfort Xiao Wen.
Rizi passed day by day, and soon after two years, Xiao Wen and 90,000 people received one message after another from Zhengxian Club, and one message after another went to verify and reject it personally, until even the last message was confirmed not to be true.
Xiao Wen has done such a thing in countless places, but after all, 90 thousand belongs to the fairy beast taxiing, and maybe there will be different gains from Xiao Wen.
Unfortunately, the expression of 90,000 people has not changed. Didn’t seem to see anything.
Then, ninety thousand simply picked up the eyes of the ghost eye python. Drag it to your face with your fleshy right hand. Squint your left eye and look into the beads with your right eye only.
This action of 90,000 is a bit like a carpenter looking at the Mo Dou Line, which is analog, but it makes Xiao Wen’s heart fail. He has tried this more than once, and even poured aisle force into that eye, and there was no gain at all. The real reason for his heart failure is that 90,000 girls are obviously an adult woman in her twenties. But because the baby’s plump posture looks very cute no matter what it does, so does it at present …
On the other side, 90,000 people were looking into the eyes of the ghost-eyed python when they suddenly heard Xiao ask for a chuckle. I didn’t look away, but I said, "What are you laughing at!"
Xiao asked but ignored ninety thousand, directly picked up the demon Dan of Vulcan crow on the table and looked up.
Purple Yan once said that if he refined the inner Dan of the Vulcan crow into a broken seal, it would be equivalent to dying, which shows that this demon Dan is extraordinary. According to the description in the "Qi Dian", the most important catharsis of the Vulcan is fascinating, which is somewhat like the unicorn. However, unlike the controller of Youqilin, the ghost fire god crow can directly ignite the ghost fire from the body after being fascinated, and then burn it to ashes.
Therefore, even if Xiao Wen only has a demon Dan in his hand, he still can’t go in-depth study wantonly. If he is attacked by the demon Dan, he has no place to cry. He can still remember the pearl of the celestial world, which can kill people just by touching it …
Xiao asked if this was a dead horse, and if he didn’t study these two things, he really couldn’t figure out how he could get the clue that the day was coming.
The demon Dan, who was staring at the Vulcan crow, stared fiercely, and 90 thousand suddenly shouted, "Ah!"
"What’s the matter? !”
Xiao asked when he turned to look at it, and he just stood on the spot! Since hitting his hand, the ghost-eyed python’s eyes, which have never responded, have released plumes of black light, long and short, but all of them are as straight as a beam, and they are slowly turning around the ghost-eyed python’s eyes!
Ninety thousand is still holding the eye with the right palm, and the right eye is attached to the eye. However, the power of crossing the bead in her right palm is obviously weird.
Is it because of the strange power in 90 thousand’s hands that the eyes of the ghost-eyed python change?
"What’s the situation?" Xiao asked and asked.
"That’s amazing!" Ninety thousand murmured.
"Elder brother, now I can look directly out of the house and see through all the walls!" Ninety thousand excited tunnel.
"Really? ! Isn’t that the avatar of life’s core monuments? !”