After punching in the boulder, it is like a person shaking violently after a moment’s silence. A layer of cracks in the position of punching quickly spread in the split, and the tiny cracks became bigger and bigger. Then a layer of deep red blood spewed out from the cracks, and the cyan boulder was quickly dyed red!
At the same time, a burst of blood was approved by the boulder, and a cheerful shock sounded from the other side of the river to the sky. The giant trees and rocks on the edge of the golden nest were shaking rapidly and making a loud noise. Even if the ear sound was blocked, several people felt dizzy, and they still struggled to get into the depths of the eardrum like a terrible leech. A few days ago, they heard the golden nest roar, which was exactly the same as it was magnified several times.
Don’t say don’t do it, WenLeYang, LuoWangGen and corpse evil spirit lined up to keep the flies and Xiao Yi behind them.
However, the rushing river slowly stagnates in the roaring days of Lijin. A layer of frost seems to grow and spread slowly on the river, and the sound of the river is getting louder and louder. After losing its vitality, the layers of surf are tightly bound by the ice. After a few minutes of unwilling silence, the roaring days stop and the river becomes frozen into solid ice.
Wen immediately picked up a big stone and threw it on the ice, which affected the river and made it very hard.
The jade knife wrapped in the ring urgently urged "it won’t last long to go quickly!" If you don’t say you won’t leave, the brothers will immediately rush to the river to become ice, but no one knows how long they can last, and they don’t know whether the deep ice is strong or not. At ordinary times, one brother laughs and the other makes a fortune, but at this time, he must run ahead.
Wenleyang also don’t talk nonsense. Hands are pulling Mao Mao to correct and Xiao Yi to follow behind quickly. Finally, Luo Wanggen and his corpse are evil spirits.
Wen didn’t say that as soon as he stepped into the ice, he fell to the ground and slipped quickly and steadily, just like shuffleboard. If he didn’t do it, he still nailed himself like a nail in every step and then took another step, which was extremely fast and was not affected by the ice at all.
Although the ice was hard, as soon as so many people and a shuffleboard came, they immediately let out a groan and suffocated. The fracture spread from the feet of all people layer by layer, and then they simply honked.
Just a hundred meters seems to have run for a generation …
Finally, everyone had a thrilling rush to the other side, and it took a while for the ice in the river to really crack. shuffleboard made another round trip, mainly because the terrible fracture during running was like a demon whip severely beating everyone’s nerves
Wen Leyang breathed a sigh of relief and bowed his head and asked Mao Mao and Xiao Yi, "Are you afraid?"
Mao Mao’s little face was blue and black, shaking his head. "No … no, be afraid!" " Xiao Yi didn’t look good either, but he smiled as if Wen Leyang had asked a silly question.
The ancient boulder on the other side of the river is still towering like a loyal and determined sentry, and it is cracked by Wen Leyang’s fist and strangely healed.
By the time the ice on the river is broken and rushing again, the boulder will be back to its original green color as if nothing had happened.
Wen Leyang spat out his tongue. "What’s going on?"
The wrapping ring hesitated for a moment before answering, "There is something strange about that stone that can arouse the golden nest to roar."
Wen Leyang asked, "Then what?" There is also a boulder on this side of the big river as on the other side. It seems that it should be a golden nest machine.
"Likin roared at the sky, and everything was done. generate froze the river. Hey, hey, this machine is a bit interesting. People don’t have enough strength. People really can’t get in, they can’t leap over the river, and their natural strength is enough."
Wen is not thoughtful. "So someone came in here a few days ago?"
Laughing all the time, Luo Wanggen also changed his face. "This … this is a doorbell!" Unless you are a flying demon or a sword fairy, someone will cross the river and the whole pin nest will sound and hide in it. People will naturally know that someone is coming.
Wen did not think for a moment. "You can get in here but not out on the other side. You should be able to get out and get in. Passing the big pangolin should be one out and one in, right?"
Wenleyang walked to the front of an crooked old tree and stretched out his hand and flicked the old tree. He immediately made a strange sound of non-gold, non-wood, and a loud speaker knocked at the butt of a gun against a pile of strange rocks.
The jade knife wrapped the ring and explained to them, "This is the stone forest and giant wood on the edge of the Pin Jin Cave, which were gradually invaded by the Pin Jin Cave and turned into half gold and half stone or half gold and half wood!"
Wen Leyang nodded without saying anything, pulled Xiao Yi behind him and said to everyone, "Go in!"
Xiao Mao Mao corrected him and grabbed him. "Wait!" As he spoke, he pulled out a pair of palm-sized dolls, and with a wave of his hand, a golden flame like a flowerpot burned sadly in front of him.
WenLeYang surprised and don’t say don’t be brothers looked at each other, but just over two years, Xiao Guo Mao rectification actually cultivated his own life fire.
Mao Mao’s little face was glowing against the golden fire of life. Carefully, he took out two hairs from his arms, inserted the puppet’s head and threw it into his own fire of life.
The two muppets entered life. The fire was not lit, but they came alive. After looking around for a while, they jumped side by side and strode forward.
Xiao Mao waved his hand and accepted the fire. "It is good to follow them. If there are no people in the golden nest, the two hair dolls will not stay up first." Said the current step is far behind the two hair dolls.
Everyone is happy that with this witchcraft, no matter how sinister the place is, it is even more difficult to stop praising it, but when you walk, you feel something is wrong.
Before the head, two hair dolls, one walking steadily and calmly, nailed himself to the ground like a nail every step, and then continued to walk; While the other is light-footed and fluttering as if stepping on a fart.
Wen Leyang and others also saw the clue and felt more and more funny. Finally, they couldn’t help laughing. Xiao Mao corrected his face and stared at him. He didn’t say anything, but bowed and bowed. "Even if your two hair dolls were destroyed, I was still injured. You are really in the way."
Don’t say don’t do staring at the eyes of the two smaller ones, what do you think? How awkward you walk, you don’t consciously correct your walking habits. Both brothers are swaying, and the horizontal distance adds up to much longer than the linear distance, just like the harrier is drunk.
Although someone led the way in front of me, Wen Leyang carefully closed his body and contracted his skin. He carefully felt that there were cold and hard gold and iron everywhere around him, and there was no trace of life. The soil had long been eroded by the quenching and vigorous gold, and there was not even a bug or a grass bud.
Wen Leyang and others walk in a glyph, although they are hard, they always have to figure out the terrain first when they first arrive at the golden nest. Besides, after about a few miles in depth, the scene before them has not changed a little, but the terrain is getting a little narrower.
Although still wide, I can’t see the head everywhere, but it is really narrower than when I just crossed the river.
Wen smiled and said, "It’s a good thing that the terrain is getting narrower and narrower …" Before he finished his words, Wen Leyang suddenly stopped. "Someone is coming!"
Don’t say don’t do a few people immediately returned to WenLeYang side, the little yi and sting Mao Zheng mask behind them WenLeYang hesitated a handful of warm don’t do also pulled back.
Soon, a young man of Wen Leyang’s age, wearing a pair of white trousers, walked out of the depths of the Golden Cave with a long baggage in his hand, and he knew at a glance that it was wrapped in a weapon.
Half-length hair at the back of my head, I pulled up a figure slightly higher than Wen Leyang. Like him, it is not burly but strong enough. The muscle lines are as tough as a knife and axe. From a distance, the figure and momentum are first-class, but the appearance is terrible. My eyes are one big and one small, and my eyebrows are sparse and messy. My nose is a pair of thick lips, which is closer to life than the ugly Luo Cha ghost printed behind the rabbit demon.
Wen doesn’t say that his eyes are slightly narrowed. As far as Wushu is concerned, he can rank in the top five singles’ eyes when he dies. Every step of the young man is to keep his body coordinated, and all his muscles are mobilized, but there is no wave. The temperature doesn’t say that watching him along the way can’t find a chance to sneak attack. The other side is like a leopard with a seemingly careless head but a murderous eye. If there is a slight threat, it will lead to the most deadly counterattack!
A big horn quietly stretched out from behind Wen Leyang, and Xiao Yi eagerly asked a sentence, "Can you fight now?"
Wen doesn’t mince words, but it’s never vague to do things by himself. He squeezed out from behind Wen Leyang and piled up a big smile. The first mouth said, "It’s so good for this brother to meet you. We are worried …"
The ugly-faced young man kept walking without waiting for him to finish. "Who hurt the stone crossing the river?" His voice is as cold as a hay cutter’s, breaking everything if Wen doesn’t do it.
Wen don’t do dozen ha ha "? You’re the guard here? The stone … "
The ugly young man’s face showed no impatience, and his face showed no expression. He once again interrupted Wen Bu. "Who is it?"
Wen’s smile didn’t diminish at all. "We don’t know if that big stone can’t be hit …"