Tang Wenlong sent Fang Chuxia back to Xiyang’s home.
Fang lived in Tang Wenlong, a nebula community in the eastern suburbs in early summer, but this time he went back a little differently. When they were sitting in the car, they held hands tightly together.
"Why are you nervous?" Fang vomitted to stick out his tongue mischievously in early summer.
"no!" Tang Wenlong denied that it would be too lame to be nervous.
"In fact, there is something that is a little nervous and normal."
"In fact, I’m really not nervous." Tang Wenlong blinked and sweated slightly in his hand.
Fang Chuxia also said that his little boyfriend was a little desperate.
It wasn’t long before Tang Wenlong turned to him and asked, "Hey, Xia Xia, do you think your father thinks I’m too tall? You think I’m 30 centimeters taller than you …"
Fang Chuxia is really angry and funny. She points her finger at Tang Wenlong’s forehead. "Don’t be ridiculous. It’s okay. My parents like you very much."
Tang Wenlong dizzy hand carrying two bags of nutrition car back from the United States when the three mouth muscles, although it still looks stiff.
Xingyun community is a high-end community in Xiyang, which has changed greatly in early summer and high school. Uncle security didn’t recognize two people, and they were put in the security guard’s meaningful eyes after the guard carefully looked at them.
Smiling face greeting smiling face embarrassed
It was dark when the doorbell rang.
Tang Wenlong didn’t know how he left home in early summer, and he was still a fool until Fang sent him to the door of the community in early summer.
"What did I just say? I can’t remember "Tang Wenlong sad face.
"What do you mean you don’t know?" Fang Chuxia gave him a white look and walked out of the community gate with his arm bent.
"I really forgot. God, did I say something wrong?"
"Who knows if you said anything wrong? Go back and think about it yourself."
Tang Wenlong’s hard memories in his mind seem to have brought up some fragments.
"Well, don’t think about it. Come on, let’s go. It’s going to the sea tomorrow." Fang urged Tang Wenlong to stretch out his hand and push Tang Wenlong away impatiently in early summer.
Tang Wenlong silly giggle smile long arm ring live early summer soft waist bowed their heads and kissed her.
"Then I’m leaving!"
The next day, Tang Wenlong participated in the sea business activities with the team.
At the Mercedes-Benz Cultural Center, fans from Shanghai, including the surrounding areas of Shanghai, and more than 90% of them are Tang Wenlong fans.
A multi-functional venue, Mercedes-Benz Cultural Center, can accommodate more than 10 million people, and it is not much different from an NBA arena. The facilities inside are fully equipped, and it can not only do variety shows, celebrations, artistic exchanges, but also hold various kinds of ball games, which is better than large-scale concerts.
More than half a year ago, it was still the venue for cultural performances of the World Expo, but now it is named Mercedes-Benz Cultural Center.
In fact, NBA business activities are not complicated, except for inviting stars to perform more, which is the interaction between fans and stars
At the scene, the host mobilized Tang Wenlong and the 76ers to do some simple performances of basketball. The host will also invite Tang Wenlong and Iguodala PK to dunk a few simple dunks. There are 360-degree windmills changing hands. Although it is common, it can still attract people in hometown to shout.
Star Talk officially invited some Chinese actors and singers.
Tang Wenlong and his teammates saw that the mysterious star invited to help us today was actually a famous singer BiBi Zhou.
With the change of music rhythm, BiBi Zhou sang an NBA playoff theme song "blakdog", which is really like a real person singing with a strong English ability and singing skill.
"Wow, this girl sings beautifully, and I’m Nicole Shuk Singh to sing." Iguodala also unconsciously clapped her hands and was folded by BiBi Zhou’s song.
"Of course, that’s a super girl, you know?" Tang Wenlong and Iguodala joked and guessed that foreigners actually didn’t know anything about super girls.
Tang Wenlong went on to say, "When I was studying, this female singer was already very popular. You know, it was the kind that people would talk about it in the streets."
Iguodala raised his eyebrows. "I know it’s just like you are in China now, but now you are surrounded by fans and she is different."
BiBi Zhou sang three songs in a row, and the Mercedes-Benz Cultural Center reached Gao Chao after.
After singing, the host didn’t let BiBi Zhou turn to hold the microphone and talked for a few sentences, but actually pulled the topic to Tang Wenlong.
"Pen Pen heard that you are also a basketball fan and seem to be a Tang Wenlong fan."
BiBi Zhou was embarrassed to laugh at the scene immediately. "Yeah, I usually like to watch basketball games and watch more NBA words."
The host smiled and then turned to Tang Wenlong. "Wenlong, your female fan is here. You sang three songs. Don’t you show it?"
The audience burst into laughter and shouted "show show"
Translated to the 76ers, the 76ers immediately pushed Tang Wenlong and Tang Wenlong to the field without realizing it.
The microphone took his head and smiled quickly and replied, "It should be all the audience present. How can I be counted as a person?"
Tang Wenlong and BiBi Zhou looked at each other after the game. Two people nodded to each other in a friendly way and said hello.
"Oh, it’s really boring for you to say that. Do you think the audience doesn’t care? It’s just a female fan giving a warm performance to her idol. Do you think it’s a pen?"
BiBi Zhou laughed. "Yes, that’s right."
Tang Wenlong almost didn’t stumble, and the audience smiled kindly when they saw Tang Wenlong’s embarrassment.
"Well, well, we won’t joke about Mr. Tang. After all, Mr. Tang is famous for his grass, otherwise I can still be the old man, right?"
The field laughed again and again
The host smiled and said, "I think it’s the first time for you two to meet, right?" “
Tang Wenlong and BiBi Zhou nodded in unison, but they should be "yes" irregularly.
Then Tang Wenlong said, "In fact, I have long known that BiBi Zhou sings very well. When I was reading at that time, many students around me liked her. In fact, it was only two or three years ago."
"Can you call a pen?" The host was funny.
Tang Wenlong ""
BiBi Zhou bent over with laughter.
The host turned to smile and asked BiBi Zhou, "How long has that pen liked Wenlong?"
The host is really chasing the topic endlessly. BiBi Zhou is a little embarrassed when he says it, and then the host explains to himself, "I mean, how long have you been his female fan?"
Tang Wenlong shook his head a face of language.
BiBi Zhou thought for a moment and then smiled. "Well, it should be quite a long time. I think it should be this year. I remember that game, he completed a save and the whole person flew to the audience. It seems that he was impressed by a game with Bobcats."
"Oh, you have become a fan of Wenlong since that game, haven’t you?"
"But I think people who work hard deserve respect, and those who have superhuman talent and are willing to work harder than ordinary people deserve to be role models." BiBi Zhou said word for word very seriously
The scene immediately rang with thunderous applause.
The host is no longer funny and awe-inspiring. "In fact, I think both of them are so outstanding in their respective fields and they work so hard, which is really great."