Like mantis, if you go against the lion dog, the lion dog will definitely not save five points of cruelty. If the lion dog is hitting Xiao Ye and is caught by mantis, jumping is a wave of killing.
Similarly, when a lion and dog catch a mantis, there must be five points of cruelty. If the mantis directly fights with a lion and dog with five points of cruelty, it is certain that it will not be able to beat the first six levels in the wild, and the lion and dog will win five points of cruelty. I am afraid there will be Udyr.
Anyone who is reversed on both sides is a technical repression and a hero.
If the boat can press the other side to fight wild, the level of fighting wild has been high
"Brother Zheng, you didn’t make something in the middle of the road." Zhuangkai has pinned the opposite sword Ji anyway and is naturally happy at leisure.
Xiaozheng didn’t pay any attention to Zhuang Kai’s fire girl and the ice girl online. I feel that Anne’s hands are a little longer than that of the ice girl. If both sides want to kill each other at level 6, it depends on personal exercises, especially the test of the ice girl’s skills.
After completing a double kill, Lu returned home with just enough money to buy a pickaxe, a sword and several bottles of supplies.
The opposite Draven is double Dolan at most. I can still kill him when he comes out.
Obama and Levin are really natural enemies, and both sides belong to ADC with strong killing ability
Obama’s advantage is that the instantaneous explosion is extremely high.
The continuous output of Draven’s advantages is extremely high.
Soderlevin and Obama don’t fight with Obama. If you can’t fight with him, you should run. You should fight for continuous output and order him from time to time when Obama is recruiting.
Then Obama and Devon fight, don’t be silly with Devon, and always be prepared to fight a set of blood and run.
Can do these two points is to blow the hero key opposite.
There is another point between Obama and Levin. Whoever gets the head base first on both sides will explode all the way to the end, especially as the equipment becomes more and more formed.
Now I have a pickaxe and Devon. If I make a mistake, I will die.
But when Obama has a big sword and Draven doesn’t have time, Dravenky doesn’t even dare to make up EQW and Draven will go home.
"How to play the road now? Continue to kill? " Aishi asked.
"Of course, continue to kill," I replied.
"How can I grasp the details? When can I spell and when can’t I spell? " Ai Shi then asked
I took pains to explain, "If there are not many lines on the other side, you can fight at any time. Then what does it mean that there are not many lines? That is, the long-range soldiers have not accumulated two waves of melee soldiers, and you can fight if you attract the hatred of the soldiers."
"Well, I understand." Ashley nodded his head.
"You’ll look carefully at the landing position of Draven’s axe towards him in QQ, and I’ll remember to help me block the hammer stone hook immediately." I continued to explain and analyze the killing of the opposite fuck to Aishi.
"Well, I know you are so annoying." Aishi gave me a reproachful look.
"Before, you always asked me … that Draven across the trough actually wanted me to blow his ass, brother." When I saw Draven across the street, I couldn’t stand it when I came to me.
Ai Shi W came to me and got a Draven, and then E, I immediately EAQAWA went to play a Draven set, and Draven succeeded in stunning and killing Nai when he was hammered, and rushed to an E to get us E.
"Do you want this effect?" Ai poetry frowning brows curious asked
"Barely, but I didn’t kill it," I sighed.
"That’s nothing to do with me. Anyway, I’ve done everything I should, and my output is not strong enough," Aishi said.
"I blame my output is not enough," I replied.
"Come on, have some experience. Let’s go over the tower and fuck them when they get to Grade Six," Aishi said.
"Well, I severely flay my first line to accumulate a huge line of soldiers, and then I will kill them after the line of soldiers enters the tower, and take the tower and the little dragon to the peak of my life," I said maliciously
"Good" Aishi smiled brightly at me, and Bloom pressed the Crl 3 skill and danced happily.
Chapter 16 Raven Sword Ji
I continue to control the thread and mend the knife. Now our remote soldiers have accumulated three waves, and when the sixth level arrives, we can kill the tower.
There is a stress on crossing the tower. You can’t just cross the tower. You must wait for the remote soldiers to stack enough. If they attack you when crossing the tower, the remote soldiers will immediately be attracted to hate and attack them to maximize their output.
"Wang Tong, I’m six," Aishi said.
"I see it and I’m ready to do it," I said aside.
"Aren’t you afraid to squat when the opposite field doesn’t appear online?" Aishi asked.
"Afraid of a Mao Ruozhou coming" If the boat has come to the line grass to squat down.
"Brother Tong, don’t panic. The mantis is only five levels lower than the two of you. Three kills have come." If the boat is in the grass, it says.
"OK Aishi’s big move" I said to Aishi.
Aish leaned over, first put a weakness on Devon, then made a big move towards Devon, and at the same time pressed E and W to block in front of me and put Q skills on Devon.
I immediately QAEAWA hit Devon with a series of vicious moves. I e pulled away from the other side, and the hammer stone was weak. I didn’t catch up with him at the first time, and my skills were still exhausted. Devon was still bleeding.
Draven immediately pressed the treatment, and I was weak and a mantis jumped out of the wild area.
"Ai Shi should withdraw first, so as not to be pulled by the hammer stone." I directed at Ai Shi.
On the other side, Devon took advantage of this and immediately fired a sharp axe at the two of us to directly slow us down. Mantis also w, we, we withdrew very slowly.
My state is almost full of blood, and Bloom has previously carried a tower of blood and half blood.
The hammer stone stretched out a hook. Although I had told Aishi to pay attention to avoiding the hook before, Aishi still failed to escape being pulled by the hammer stone.
"Sister Ai doesn’t need to run away from me." If the boat is crouching in the grass, it is ready to move.
"Well, then I won’t run away. You kill them all!" Aishi was on the side, and he didn’t run away with Bloom’s direct resistance in front.
When the exclamation point appeared on their heads, they knew it was too late to pull it.
"The lion king in the jungle fights the pig farm". If the boat jumps at it with a smile, it will give Devon a second. At this time, they are not ready yet, and I am about the same as them. There are more than 50 seconds left.
Both Levin and Hammer Stone are still in the fifth grade. When they see the lion and dog coming, they will retreat directly without fighting with us.
"Brother Tong killed mantis first. I had already flashed him out in the wild area before. Now he has no e and no flash to kill!" If the boat says it, it throws an E more accurately than hitting mantis.
I made a big move in the rear, followed by mantis, and then I saw that the output was almost the same. I canceled the big move and EAQA mantis was taken away.
Then there was a hammer stone bloom left in the field, which attracted Taqiu, who had been fighting against the tower on the edge, and now it was dying. Aishi said, "I’ll withdraw your fighting tower first and take him away."
Lions and dogs now have five points of brutality, and there is no E skill to bind the hammer stone. The hammer stone has been wandering around the tower anyway, and I can’t leave if I want to. I directly hit the hammer stone with two Q skills and then dumped an E skill. I immediately retreated. It was him who resisted the tower.
So the residual blood hammer stone now has no skills. In my eyes, it is just a person slaughtering the lamb. I took the hammer stone away easily after a few general attacks, but it’s a pity that Dreven didn’t let himself take it, otherwise this wave will kill three.
"Will Luta be pushed off?" If the boat asked me
I took a look at the amount of blood in the tower, and there was still a lot of blood, so I said, "Forget it, just go get the Xiaolong pigsty and don’t leave it to raise pigs."
"Good tung elder brother but the opposite sheet is missing" if the boat wakes up.
"There’s nothing to be afraid of if an ice girl is afraid that he will come and grab the dragon?" Ai Shi said
"… well, I’m steady," Ruozhou said.
We don’t try our best to take off the ice girl opposite the little dragon, but she really wants to come and grab the dragon, but this is obviously unrealistic. At least the lion and dog still have a punishment
"This is the first dragon opposite the single wave. At this time, it is better to make up the soldiers in the middle of the road. It’s a real dish." Aishi and I disdained to go back to the city
"Well, I can pull out a storm sword when I go back this wave. Draven is completely out of play," I said to Aishi.