Lu Heng as a whole has an indescribable sense of pride, which is just like being in a high position for many years. His words and deeds or demeanor are extremely obvious.
Yi mark even people who don’t know how to read faces can see from this momentum that this person is by no means ordinary.
Now, after looking at it from the front, Yi Mark’s heart is even more fearful. He is not afraid of personnel, but he will not despise an opponent.
Where the other party puts on a pair of high marks, it is also very calm and slightly bowed politely and said, "Brother, please!"
"Hum, you are Yi Mark. Very good-"
Before the word "good" could be said, Lu Heng suddenly moved. He was a very strange gesture, and there was no sign of moving after moving.
A silver sword light flew out from Lu Heng’s hand, and the speed made this light form a phantom as if nothing had happened.
And this light is instantaneous fall in the easy mark.
Taiwan suddenly exclaimed, of course, most of these exclamations came from some female brothers, and this exclamation was not because Yi Mark was immediately hit, but because they thought it was really too fast!
The sword light instantly penetrated Yi Mark’s body, but to everyone’s surprise, Yi Mark didn’t splash blood, but the figure instantly broke and then disappeared.
On the other side, Yi Mark appeared in the public view. At this time, Yi Mark and Lu Heng finished opposing each other.
In the sky, the two ghosting images fought each other several times in an instant, but they were inseparable. The brothers were ugly and clear, and they fought each other.
Beacon Wang Chongshan and Leng Yue cicada both opened their eyes wide, and their eyes showed incredible excitement.
And several elders and the other three dharma protectors were equally surprised. Of course, one of them looked gloomy. This person was Master Lu Heng, that is, Cui Shang, the three dharma protectors.
Cui Shang stared at Taiwan, and his face was changing rain or shine, but at last his eyes were complicated and there were many people. He slowly clenched his fist and slowly loosened up.
At this time, Wang Chongshan and Leng Yue cicada are communicating.
"Lock soul work really get heard there are nine brake mountain spirit reality this person has this achievement method? Wrong novel network many words "Leng Yue cicada light tone way.
"Well, there is this statement, but we’d better not think about it this way. What do you think of this man? What is its body like? " Wang Chongshan said indifferently
"Well, his qualifications are really poor, but his body has some aura instead. It’s really strange, but it’s the best in the situation." Leng Yue cicada said indifferently
"It’s rare to see this easy mark with a cold left-hander and give it to you." Wang Chongshan smiled slightly.
Easy mark figure fierce dodge to then reverse distortion conveniently a foot in the Lu Heng abdomen.
So violent a foot directly to Lu Heng severely split fly out.
"Poof-"Lu Heng suddenly spit out a big mouthful of blood and then stumbled a few steps to stabilize in the beacon tower.
His eyes were a little red and he stared at Yi Mark’s talking eyes with naked hatred.
That kind of hatred eyes can’t help but make Yi Mark shudder.
"This person is not afraid of not being better!" Easy mark heart fast calculation way
After knowing the threat of the other party, Yi Mark has already decided to kill this person completely, not only because the former Wang Chongshan confessed, but also because this person is extremely dangerous.
If you want to eradicate this person, you have to calculate it in your mind.
According to each other’s diabolical and easy-to-mark heart, a decision was made.
At this time; Lu Heng attacked desperately again because he seemed to feel humiliated in front of everyone. This time, every move of the attack was extremely ruthless and freaky.
Easy mark carefully dodges and then fights back from time to time. One or two moves are not properly consuming each other’s physical strength.
Although the qualification is very poor, but the physical strength is very good. If you cultivate the body again, you can speak.
Yi mark’s body is deft and evasive, killing the other person’s anger and letting the other person’s anger vent in a gathering way, which will be very scary if it breaks out at the end.
After Yuto for a moment again, Lu Heng finally tired, and the serious consumption made his body sway. At this time, Yi Mark didn’t move the lock soul work and suddenly made it out.
But this time it’s still the second floor, and it doesn’t look fatal.
A dark cloud flew up from Yi Mark’s hand and hit Lu Heng’s chest with great speed. Lu Heng’s body trembled and his legs stepped back ten meters after being hit by this recruit’s true qi impact.
Beacon is pulled out two footprints often.
And at this time, Lu Heng’s face became pale. After spitting out one mouthful black blood again, his body twitched for two times and then he sat down on the beacon tower.
This is not the end of the battle, because no one has given up yet in this battle, and not giving up naturally does not mean the end.
This is also a cruel point of fighting.
"I … I Lu Heng … recognize …"
Lu Heng said trembling, then tried to sit up and then tried to get up and talk.
At this time, Yi Mark has noticed that his body seems to be gathering energy. With the secret map and those real consciousness exercises, it is too sensitive to these Yi Marks now.
It is so easy to mark that I seem to feel an energy of resentment that is about to erupt in Lu Hengshen.
"Are you finally coming?" The wrong novel network doesn’t jump, the word is easy to mark, and muttered in my heart.
He has been waiting for this moment for a long time. This is to attract this Lu Heng and then he will kill each other naturally.
He is not afraid of the other party’s hidden weapons means, and he is afraid that the other party will not make moves.
Now once the other side sneak attack, he has a fair reason to kill the other side.
And everything I have done before is just paving the way for this matter.
Kil Lu Heng is that real goal.