Pan Hui can afford him, but he can’t!
Pan Hui is now a fairy, but he is only five lights, and he still depends on whole grains to maintain his life every day! He doesn’t want to starve to death in this array!
In order to avoid him, the third brother, who is very much loved by your brothers and sisters, starved to death in an unknown array.
Chapter 2 Twelve Long Lights (2)
He must not tell Pan Hui about Duane’s fall! Otherwise, if Pan Hui knows that he can be linked to Duane from the first time, Pan Hui will really abandon him completely in this law!
Pan Hui didn’t continue to ask Bai Shu at the moment, but quietly sat on the swing in this trapped array. Everything in the trapped array was controlled by Mu Yan. Now Mu Yan saw that Pan Hui looked bleak and attracted a few wisps of breeze.
"The third brother Huier wants to know if the elder brother is well now. When all the meridians were broken and the abdomen was abandoned, I forgot everything. I can’t help him share or wash away his grievances. Now I don’t even have the qualification to know his recent situation?"
The silence in Pan Hui’s words made Bai Shu feel unbearable.
He didn’t know that Pan Hui and Duane have a good relationship. This child can maintain Duane’s abnormal feelings when he remembers the situation. This kind of brotherhood makes him look envious. Now, watching Pan Hui is like an abandoned puppy, delicate and touching. It will never comfort people. He can scratch his head and comfort him. "Big Brother, he is fine now. His meridians have been repaired in Dantian, and it should be soon …"
Long Xuan doesn’t know much about Duane Xiu. Bai Shu is still very conscious. Even in this law, even if the object is Pan Hui, since he promised Duane that he wouldn’t repair what he had already restored, he naturally wanted to keep his mouth shut about other things … He explored Duane Xiu today. It seems that there is no difference between him and mortals, and he continues to maintain the illusion that Dantian was abolished.
Bai Shu thought that his words were flawed, but unexpectedly Pan Hui suddenly got up from the swing and approached a pair of eyes. "The third brother really knows that the big brother seems to see you often!"
Scare …
Bai Qiao found himself trapped.
He didn’t want to say anything. I didn’t expect Pan Hui to be so pathetic that he sold himself. Fortunately, he didn’t reveal important information. Otherwise, Pan Hui would never look at her with gherardini, but had forced him to lead the way to find Duane immediately!
Pan Hui returned to the swing and sat on it, shaking her face lightly and returning to the old silence.
She has always been special to the elder brother, but she was rejected from the first place. Even if she rescued her, she still didn’t want to meet each other. After six years, the meridians recovered and she still didn’t tell her that even if she was near Changxuan, she still met the third brother.
She knew that she always knew that when she was young, she was a burden to her other disciples. Without her, the three of them would get along well, but what promised to take care of her generation always inadvertently made her feel so far away from him, even if he made up for it.
Bai Shu saw the bitterness in Pan Hui’s eyes and was only calculated that the embarrassment had disappeared. He said in a weak voice, "Hui Er, your big brother, he is not convenient to see you now, so don’t be difficult for the third brother, okay?"
Pan Hui nodded his head and didn’t insist on what it was to Bai Shuo. He pulled out a faint smile and said, "Good Third Brother, let’s go and enjoy the moon."
"Aye ….." Bai Shu couldn’t react at the moment, which one was sung. He knew very well that Pan Hui didn’t like to enjoy the moon since she was a child. This girl said when she was a child that she loved the stars. When the moon came out, it would cover up the stars. Why did she have a whim to enjoy the moon today? It’s really strange!
Pan Hui got up and let Mu Yan collect the trapped array. While the moonlight spilled from the middle shop identified the direction, she walked towards the Jade Temple.
She didn’t really like to enjoy the moon before, but since she moved into the jade palace, she suddenly got a new understanding.
Once upon a time, she was just one of the many younger brothers in Changxuan, and even if it was repaired and highlighted, it was just a dazzling star mixed in the starry sky and shining with its own unique brilliance. Now she lives alone in the Jade Palace. Isn’t she just like that round that took away the stars and shone on the moon? Cover up all the people’s light completely, so that one of the 127th generation brothers of Changxuan has her name separated from all the people and carved into the long lamppost in front of the temple for a moment.
Pan Hui walked quietly in front of her, but she didn’t walk fast, and Bai Shi followed behind her silently.
I don’t know. Bai Shu always thinks that Pan Hui is in a bad mood today, but he can’t tell what’s wrong. He knows that Pan Hui is very stubborn and will tell you something when she wants to say it. Otherwise, even if you ask her questions, she will directly start work. Bai Shu thinks that now he is definitely not Pan Hui’s opponent, so he wisely chooses to be silent.
The two entered Tiandufeng in tandem.
This is the first time that Bai Shu has to enter Tiandu Peak. Tiandu Peak was the most mysterious place of Changxuan in the past. There is no reason why this is the place where Yu Niang, the director of all previous dynasties, lived alone. Except for Yu Niang, the licensors are not allowed to enter Tiandu Peak all the year round. The fog here is thicker than Tianlu Mountain, the main peak of the Broken Tooth Mountain. Let’s find out from the outside, and take care of Duane when he was still alive. He has been living in the deep temple, and they have no chance to follow him into Tiandu Peak.
Now it’s the first time I’ve entered Tiandufeng, and there’s not much difference between me and Master Tianjingfeng. The only difference is that there are a pair of long lights on both sides of Tiandufeng Mountain Road every half a mile. Bai Zhuo curiously counted these long lights until he reached the top of the mountain, only to find that it turned out to be a full twelve pairs, which changed in sequence from the foot of the mountain to the mountain. He looked at Pan Hui in surprise and said, "Huier, these lights …"
Pan Hui said faintly, "These lights are the twelve levels of the long porch technique. Didn’t you find that the first seven pairs of long lights are on?"
Bai Shu suddenly realized that these lights show that Yu Niang Xiu Pan Hui has now got seven lights, so seven pairs are lit, which is the remaining five teams … Bai Shu remembers that in Changxuan’s ancient books, all the ancestors of Changxuan rose in nine lights, and no one has ever practiced twelve lights, but even the ancestors of the lamps are only ten. So there are twelve pairs of long lights arranged here. Can anyone really practice? Or is it that Yu Niang can only be practiced in Changxuan?
Chapter 29 Twelve Long Lights (3)
Pan Hui obviously didn’t notice Bai Shu’s look. She pointed to the roof of the Jade Temple and said, "Third Brother, let’s go there!"
"Good" Bai Shu’s mind is still focused on the problem of "the length of heaven and earth" at this time. Naturally, he should have finished what Pan Hui said and didn’t listen carefully. After Pan Huiyue found that he didn’t come to call a few more words, he quickly followed and jumped. Two people sat side by side on the glazed tile roof watching the midnight moon and the stars.
"Look, Third Brother … how lonely the moon is … although it hides the light of the surrounding stars, it can’t hide its loneliness. It should really want to be with those stars, otherwise how could it rise and fall and want to contact more stars?"
Pan Huiyin is faint as if she were describing an ordinary thing, but Bai Yi still keenly recognized her regret from her words.
He thought for a moment and said, "It’s not lonely at all. Don’t you see that all the stars around it are trying hard to support its light?"? How can a person who is willing to sacrifice his own light to support others leave his supporters alone? "
When Duane was at the height of his power in Changxuan, he was also the one who was covered up by the light, but he never felt unwilling because he knew that even if Duane asked him to talk when he was alone on the high platform, Duane would definitely turn around and drag him to share with him. Only from a high place can he see the beautiful scenery.
Duane is like the sun in the 127th generation of the younger brother of Changxuan, illuminating everyone warmly. Now Pan Hui is like a bright moon, gradually leading Changxuan out of the darkness of the fall of the sun. Even though the bright moonlight is not as hot as the sun, it can wash people’s hearts and make people feel calm.
"Master Hui’s brother has been waiting for you, waiting for you to pick him up." Bai Shu smiled at Pan Hui and saw tears in Pan Hui’s eyes.
Pan Hui didn’t expect Bai Shu to say such things to herself. She didn’t think that anyone could see whether the loss and hesitation in her heart came from her side. She had always known her best, but she didn’t expect that there was another person who could see through her, and she was still the one who didn’t seem to be a pedestrian.
"Three seniors …" Pan Hui sucked her nose and forced her tears back. "Thank you."
After all, she is still not used to crying in front of the big brother’s outsiders. Maybe all the tears in her life are shed by the big brother alone. This may be why she has been obsessed with the big brother for many years and the water in her brain can flow to the big brother alone.
Bai Shu opened his mouth to say something, but he didn’t say anything after all.
He rubbed Pan Hui’s head and lay on his back on the roof as he did many years ago, silently looking at the stars, which was unprecedented in peace.
For sixteen years, since Duane was expelled from his master school, he has hidden the rage department in his heart. He doesn’t hate it or complain, but he can’t be as desperate as Uncle Feng Zi and Pan Hui to find the truth in Changxuan, because he found that some truths may be in front of him.
At that time, he told the master that Uncle Yi Xuan was very suspicious, but the master reprimanded him and told him that all inferences are guesses before there is absolute assurance and sufficient evidence, and guessing means that you are talking nonsense. It is important to have a smart head and keen intuition, but the most important thing is to forbear and hide yourself. If you don’t hide yourself, it is the most unwise choice to find clues in the dark and easily expose yourself. The other party will tolerate you, and you must be more tolerant than the other party to inadvertently reveal the clues, then you will win.
So over the years, he deliberately slowed down the pace of cultivation, making Pan Hui gradually become the first brother of Changxuan. The higher he is, the more dangerous he is, and the more likely he is to expose himself. Therefore, he can gradually retreat to the position that is not the highest but can overlook others. Hui Er is simple in heart, but with him, Master, Uncle and Third Martial Uncle protecting her, no one can hurt her even if she is taller, so he can safely hide in Hui Er’s light to find the truth.
Bai Shu slightly raised his eyebrows and saw Pan Hui still sitting on her knees, her cheeks shining in the moonlight as if she had sprinkled a layer of light silver light.
His heart unconsciously missed a beat, and he quickly turned around and continued to look at the night. Suddenly, he became shortness of breath for a few minutes.
The sun set early and will rise again one day, but the moon has been following the footsteps of the sun, rising and setting, but it seems that it has never crossed.
He knew that Pan Hui was bent on practicing hard because of an agreement made by Duane, and finally achieved Yu Niang. But now they are like the sun and the moon that can never meet each other. If one day the sun and the moon are far apart, will it be possible to usher in a new future?