Seeing the breaking the surface serpent Su Li and Jiang Shuixuan believe Xu Xuehui’s words, the serpent’s head is really as big as a car. Although its body is not completely out of the water, it is seven meters long, and the snake’s body length is afraid to reach 30 meters.
This is a huge prehistoric snake.
The whole body is dark with a pair of deer-like horns and dragon-like horns, and two vertical pupils are full of strange and terrible light. The big mouth of the blood basin sticks out and the forked tongue keeps dripping with black liquid, and when it drops to the surface of the water, it makes a "zi zi" sound and emits smoke.
There is a circle of meat fans around its head, which is made up of strong muscles with cartilage in it. This circle of meat fans keeps shrinking, and it can be unfolded like a peacock screen or contracted to protect its head.
At the same time, Su Li started the "peep symbol pattern" to observe the information of this serpent.
"The name pseudo-dragon said that a kind of evil dragon was actually born by the evolution of the Xuan snake king, and a rare beast gave birth to the dragon horn dragon, but it was actually a pseudo-dragon, and its information was not enough to peep."
"Although it’s a pseudo-dragon, this guy pretends to be an imaginable strength."
Su Li sensed this information secretly.
As the pseudo-dragon roars at the bottom of the water, there are several snakes and pythons, and the crocodiles and toothed turtles in they nest try their best to escape into the distance.
A large number of snakes and pythons have appeared outside the water area of 100 meters.
Su Li knows something bad. Once he is entangled in these snakes and pythons, the pseudo-dragon will be finished.
"Fog maze!" Su Li rebuked
Jiang Shuijue did not hesitate to immediately display the "fog maze"
She is now a spiritual source "fog maze", which already has the second form, and the power is greatly increased. At the moment, the fog rolled over everything in Fiona Fang for 100 meters.
The pseudo-dragon roars to catch up with it at a very fast speed, but I didn’t expect that suddenly there was a rolling fog ahead, and it rushed into the rolling fog, but I couldn’t see anything. Suddenly, I was angry, and the snake screamed and tried to struggle out, and found that the fog in all directions was like merging together and trapped myself.
Even if it is stronger than it, it can’t escape this bondage.
This area is shrouded in a "fog maze". Crocodile-toothed turtles take this opportunity to escape desperately.
The movement three kilometers away soon caught the attention of the "Forgotten City".
Observing and keeping watch, the Forgotten immediately sent the news, only to find that there were forgotten people in the corridors and windows of the building, and they were curious to observe the distant water.
But at the moment, they don’t know exactly what happened here. They can hear the terrible snake howling and know that there is a powerful monster appearing on the water.
The second form of the "fog maze" continued to be extended. When the "fog maze" disappeared completely, the crocodile tooth turtle and three people had fled to 500 meters away.
The pseudo-dragon raised its tail angrily and slammed the water with a huge meat hammer at its tail.
"Boom" a loud noise set off waves as high as tens of meters, and the water surface was split to show a deep fissure. With the help of this tail meat hammer, it almost jumped up from the water, and its huge body finally finished.
Su Li stared back at this pseudo-dragon, almost like it was about to fly out, and watched it stretch out. According to his visual inspection, the fore and aft length should be between 30 meters and 40 meters.
Jump tens of meters, then fall heavily into the water and throw a lot of water.
After all, the pseudo-dragon is not a real dragon method, and it can really fly when it gets rid of the constraints of real rules.
In addition to this pseudo-dragon, there are countless large snakes and pythons on the water surface. These snakes and pythons are all big and small, and almost all of them are completely dark. Suri has observed the "peep symbol pattern" before. They know that the weakest body is three or four meters, and the shortest is the head horn of the mysterious snake beast, and then the length reaches five or six meters, and the nine-horned mysterious snake does not grow two or three meters, and the head grows a small unicorn.
In addition, there is a more powerful one-horned king snake whose body is seven meters long, which is different from ordinary mysterious snakes or one-horned mysterious snakes. This one-horned king snake is a nine-level elite beast.
Swarms of snakes and pythons are chasing after the alligator-toothed turtle, but their speed is not faster than that of the alligator-toothed turtle, because the two sides of the "fog maze" have been separated by 500 to 600 meters, and now they will be thrown farther and farther away.
The pseudo-dragon kept jumping for dozens of meters, and soon overtook these swarms of snakes and pythons. It was faster than the crocodile-toothed turtle.
Seeing that the pseudo-dragon is getting closer and closer, the distance between the two sides is shortening. The original distance is five or six hundred meters, and it soon catches up with 300 meters. At this moment, the distant "Forgotten City" is getting closer and closer, and they are getting closer and closer.
When the crocodile-toothed turtle fled into the last kilometer from the "Forgotten City" with three people, the distance between the pseudo-dragon and them was less than 100 meters.
Sulibai, this last mile will be the most difficult time.
At the moment, many people in the "Forgotten City" also noticed these three people and a turtle. Of course, more people looked at the big snake in the rear and looked quite surprised.
"It’s him-"
Suddenly an oblivion cried with a look of surprise and anger.
He recognized Su Li.
Yesterday, Su Li, Gong Xiao and Jiang Shuijue dived near the "Forgotten City" and fled after being discovered. A swordsman and a holy marksman chased after them with a group of forgotten terrans, among which he knew Su Li.
Su Li fled after killing the swordsman and the holy marksman yesterday, and a group of forgotten people arrived and found the bodies of the swordsman and the holy marksman.
At that time, Su Li and three people had escaped the shadow method to chase them, and a group of people took the bodies of Lingswordsman and Holy Shooter back to the "Forgotten City".
This incident caused a great sensation in the whole "Forgotten City".
After all, the slain swordsmen and holy marksman have a very high status in the whole "Forgotten City", which belongs to the top level of strength. Except for a few forgotten people who are in the leading position, they have the highest status and strength, but now they have been killed by the old humans they despise.
This hatred will naturally be reported.
Because it was dark at that time, they didn’t take immediate action, but decided to send a team in different directions today to search for Su Li and several others. Once they found it, they immediately showed their bloody revenge.
At the moment, this team has won the floating island behind the Forgotten City. Each team has 30 elite Forgotten Terrans plus a leader. They just assigned the team and haven’t set off yet, but they don’t want the distant waters to suddenly make a loud noise and attract their attention.
Then they saw a snake tens of meters long in the distance approaching here.
Although they were surprised at the big snake, they were not surprised and even a little excited.
Chapter 224 Lead the tiger to drive the wolf.
After all, the more powerful the monster, the more rewarding it means. You can’t get a lot of spiritual sources, and you may get powerful special abilities or spiritual source equipment.
Either way, their strength can be improved.
When they saw the snake approaching them, they were not frightened but excited, and then they gathered in the edge of the floating island, and people with long-range attack methods became a row. When the snake approached the range, they would show long-range attack.
The serpent fled in front of the crocodile-toothed turtle and turtle-backed Suri, although they also noticed it, but most people’s attention was focused on the rear, and the serpent was further away, so they couldn’t see Chu and Suri clearly until the crocodile-toothed turtle rushed into a kilometer. Finally, someone recognized Suri and couldn’t help but lose his call.
"It is they who killed Ye Ge and Yin Jie yesterday!" Will Su Li recognize bearer couldn’t help screaming.
He said that Ye Ge and Yin Jie were the swordsman and holy shooter who were killed by Su Li yesterday.
As soon as this word came out, there were a lot of forgotten Terrans’ faces showing surprised anger.
"Is this the guy?"
"How dare this guy come to us again?"
"No, he didn’t mean to attract that big snake to us, did he?"
"Yes, he certainly can’t cope with this big snake and wants to bring it to us!"
"It’s so naive that he can deal with us with just a big snake?" A forgotten Terran sneers.
"He caught himself in a trap today and attracted a rare monster for us, even killing him to avenge Ye Ge and Yin Jie!"
Among these people, there is a sullen and short man’s vagina. "Since he came to die, we will naturally become him."
As he spoke, he put his right hand in front of his chest, and soon there was energy and light pouring out of his chest and turned into a bright black crossbow.