It is quite normal for nine sultans to sit in my house by turns today-of course, in reality, peace comes from the bloody history. Today, Sudan’s interests have been weakened to a minimum by generations of prime ministers, especially in 1993, when Sudan even lost its political freedom, which means that they will face illegal imprisonment and murder for their lives. It may be really too bad.
As early as before, the Sudan’s daily expenses were strictly restricted by the government. Although it was still enough to spend a lot of money, the Sultans still wanted to find a way to make a fortune without cutting back, seeing that the king of Brunei went out with five Rolls Royce styles.
Liu Xinyu said in a seductive tone, "I’m sure I can say sirajuddin, Sultan of Terengganu."
Speaking, she wore black-rimmed glasses and burst out her shirt. Her chest was quite sexy.
Student Chen Yi is extremely indifferent to the image of this white shirt with glasses, but the question is, "I have the impression that sirajuddin is about 4 years old. Can it affect politics?"
Look at Malaysia’s information. Sudan is a side tree that can’t be avoided in politics. However, it lost its power in the early 1990 s. Now it is the weakest time for the rulers’ parliament to expect to return to politics. The Sudan has a strong and weak securities market, which is difficult for them to achieve.
The opportunity flies, and in two months, around Christmas, the wave of mergers and acquisitions will end, and various securities companies will return to their prices.
In the face of Chen Yi’s doubt, Liu Xinyu affirmed that "Terengganu is rich in oil, and sirajuddin has a strong personality. When he was a teenager, it was the most brilliant time of Sudanese power. Now he has been actively wooing the opposition party." Liu Xinyu stopped here and said, "If sirajuddin agrees to help, it will be no problem."
"Well, what do you call him?"
Liu Xinyu didn’t answer directly, but said, "He is Sudan, and it is difficult to contact with the complex of king and prince."
"Do you have an idea?"
Chen Yi looked at her for a moment.
Obviously, Liu Xinyu is unwilling to explain, such as contacting and talking about sirajuddin. She will be an important weight for herself.
If Chen Yi wants him to come forward and display his image, the imprisonment will be lifted and he will go to distant Malaysia.
This is also a test for Liu Xinyu.
Chen Yi gave a negative answer almost immediately, saying, "I know the situation. Do your own thing."
He didn’t insist on Liu Xinyu’s contact with the Sultan of sirajuddin or his method. Liu Xinyu is not a Malaysian expert. She knows that someone must know that such a thing is not worth threatening.
Jin Douna still massages Chen Yi and the acupoints are stronger.
Since the completion of the body level exercise, the muscle endurance has made a qualitative leap, and the ability to fight is uncertain, and the ability to resist massage is quite strong.
Jin Douna had a long tactical training, but she couldn’t reach the point where Chen Yi was in pain. Her masseur would have exhausted his back.
Chen Yishu groaned, and Liu Xinyu sat back to his position and gently put the burden on his chest on the desktop.
Jin Douna smiled at Liu Xinyu with great challenge.
Miss Chen Yi didn’t agree to her opinion, which made her quite upset.
Jin Douna’s massage position is getting more and more all the way to Chen Yi’s chest. The slender fingers are far more powerful than they look. The fingertips are pressing against the thin clothes and rubbing against the skin.
Liu Xinyu deliberately turned it upside down
She always wants to control everything in her own hands-now everything is out of control.
On October 1st, other students had already had a holiday. Luo Xiaoshan and Nie Ping led Luo Fu to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Nie Ping is a diplomatic family of Nie Haoer. He is fair-skinned and treats people with moderate hardness and a little pride. He is a relatively ordinary young man.
The two went to Kuala Lumpur as managers of Jinsheng Securities Company, where they met Luo Fu with several colleagues and friends of Nie Hao.
Luo Xiaoshan and Nie Ping are the magic weapons of sirajuddin Sultan for Chen Yi.
Of course, the real contribution is Luo Xiaoshan’s father and Nie Ping’s father.
Luo’s father has been in the shopping mall for a long time and is the boss of a large real estate enterprise. Although there are not many contacts between Southeast Asian businessmen, he is exquisite and willing to spend money to be the mastermind of M&A negotiations. However, Nie Hao is a member of the circle of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including the ambassador and counselor in Malaysia, who can speak easily and be familiar with the local situation.
With these two people in charge of Luo Xiaoshan and Nie Ping, they can get enough exercise and finish the work as well as possible. Chen Yi took out a 1% profit share. If all goes well, this is at least tens of millions of dollars. It is not too small to directly invite Luo Fu and Nie Hao to go out.
Of course, money is on the one hand, and the Chen family is more important. Luo Xiaoshan and Nie Hao therefore joined the Chen Yi camp, which means that Luo Jiahe and Nie Jia joined the Chen family camp. They were unwilling to do so six months ago, but now they are quite happy.
Meet at that airport was commercial counselor Gao Yongxian, an unusually tall diplomatic photo bus among Malays who were almost 1.9 meter long. He briefly introduced the local situation and added, "Sultans all live in their own territory, and there is a’ grandfather’ in the palace. Although sirajuddin often comes here, it is not easy to see."
"Shall we meet him in Terengganu?" Luo Fu asked.
"Can’t get into the palace" Gao Yongxian shook his head slightly and explained that "Malaysian Sultans lost their political power in the last two years. They were like China … members of the Politburo are now more troublesome. If they can still apply for a meeting through the government during their administration, they will be dismissed. It is impossible to see them at the level of the founding fathers of China."
Afraid that the three people don’t understand him, he added, "It’s just like the difficulty of going to England to see the queen …"
Leaders of small Commonwealth countries or Asian leaders are often willing to pay tens of millions of pounds to meet the Queen of England, and many members of the royal family will live this life.