Although Lazio have maintained their strength in this game, their strength is no problem even if they win Twente again.
The delay in scoring at half-time was due to Inter Winter’s pushing too hard.
The winning strategy for Lazio is to use frequent balls at half-time to mobilize the opposing players to either attack in a hurry or lure Twente back and forth to keep running.
Consume their physical strength
This kind of high-intensity running and interception will definitely not last long.
Wait until the half-court continues like this until the opponent’s physical fitness is obviously unable to keep up, and then suddenly accelerate!
Once or twice can solve the battle.
You don’t need a fast-paced confrontation like Tottenham Hotspur to completely destroy your opponent.
In the 70th minute, Lazio’s first goal in the last game came late.
Because Twente was obviously unable to run for half a game before this, when Lazio played in the backcourt, their forward avant-garde could press all the way to Lazio’s restricted area, forcing Lazio to return the football to the goalkeeper, which really created some dangers
However, when Lazio continued to fall in the backcourt at this time of half-time, two Twente players pressed and robbed the remaining players, not because they didn’t want to come, but they also ran forward at a much slower speed.
So Lazio launched an offensive against their time difference, and a sudden and rapid attack disintegrated Twente’s defense and scored a goal.
Lazio looked calm after finally leading Twente, and didn’t celebrate the goal. candreva also waved his fist and ran back.
Then Lazio did the same thing and scored another goal in the 12th minute.
Lazio completely ended the suspense of the game.
Redknapp smiled when he heard that Lazio had led Twente by two goals at home.
Tottenham Hotspur’s qualifying situation will become very simple. Just play Twente away in the final round of the group match and do your own thing without looking at others’ faces.
In the end, the two Champions League group matches ended. Lazio beat Twente 2 at home and Tottenham Hotspur beat Werder Bremen 3 at home.
Now Lazio’s five games and five wins are 15 points, Tottenham Hotspur’s seven points and Twente’s four points, and Werder Bremen’s two points are at the bottom.
The situation in this group has become very simple. Werder Bremen must have advanced and must have been eliminated. In the last round of the group stage, Twente will play Tottenham Hotspur at home. It is still worth watching, because Tottenham Hotspur beat Twente at home at 41 in the first round. If Twente wants to qualify, he will have to beat Tottenham Hotspur Sanqiu at home in this last round of the group stage. At least they all need 3 to be able to eliminate Tottenham Hotspur by the advantage of away goals when they play each other.
In the last round of the match between Lazio and Bremen, it was also a qualifying situation. Lazio can kick it at will, and no one will praise him and then put him on the fire.
After the game, Redknapp did not talk to Chang Sheng in Lazio about his game, and he was full of confidence in qualifying for the group.
The winning side has never visited Tottenham Hotspur since the final game, and he has not responded to Redknapp’s praise and praise for himself.
Back in the league, Changsheng did not directly exchange all the players who started in the Champions League, but kept about half of the starting lineup and replaced half of the former substitutes. This is the so-called C-array.
Of course, this substitution is not random, it depends on the physical fitness of the players.
Elias Dominic, a physical fitness coach, will test the players’ physical fitness every game and then give them a physical fitness test the next day after each game. By comparing the data, we can analyze the players’ physical fitness curve. From this curve, we can intuitively see whether the player’s physical fitness is at a high level or going uphill.
The winning team suggested to Elias that he hoped Elias could show a player’s physical condition in a simple and easy-to-understand way, and finally everyone thought of this graph.
Every player has a graph. Players with good physical fitness will not be too healthy in continuous games. Players with poor physical fitness have to be able to rest and recover like a roller coaster to play a game. Players like Klose can cope with continuous games, and Klose is easy to get hurt when he is old.
Therefore, he is a player who must take part in frequent rotation.
Some players, such as Sai Passareira, don’t have any problem with his physical fitness.
There are also players because of their special positions, such as goalkeeper Handanovic, who can’t rotate several times a season.
C team played Lazio and beat Catania 3 at home.
It’s called "total victory" for other teams to beat their opponents by three goals.
And switching to Lazio is "easy"
This is the gap between Lazio and other teams.
After the 14th round of the League, Gao Hongbo led 30 China international players in the China national team training list to Rome and arrived at the Fulmelo training base.
As the official joint venture, Lazio Club also held a simple welcoming ceremony at the training base in Vermelo, inviting many China and Italian media to interview and report.
Actually, no, they invited many China media to apply for interviews
This time, as many as 30 media came to China with the China national team
These media didn’t come here to cover the welcoming ceremony and leave.
They have been stationed in Rome for one month, so they have reported on the training and preparation of the China team!
Whenever the China team leaves them, they will follow.
Moreover, this reporter came with the team. In addition, other media have not set off, but they will come one after another.
These media are that reason why Lazio club agreed to let China’s national team train here.
This is a great opportunity to promote yourself and expand your influence.
Lotito’s habit is sure to benefit.
At the training base of Vermelot, the China team received a warm welcome and hospitality.
This is the first time that China’s national team has entered Vermelot, the training base that gave birth to today’s football overlord, which makes them very curious.
Five league titles, two Champions League titles, one UEFA Cup title, two European Super Cups, five Italian Super Cups and two World Club Cups.
Are born from this seemingly insignificant training base.
And Gao Hongbo is coming for the second time.
In an interview with Italian reporters, Gao Hongbo said to reporters with an accent of Italian, "I am very happy to be back in Flamelo again. It is like going home. I miss my training and working time in Flamelo and thank the coaching team of Lazio Club for helping me."
Then Gao Hongbo gave the opportunity to be interviewed by Italian media to the national team leader.
He knows that even in the Football Association, there are people who are unhappy about being elected head coach of the national team. He keeps a low profile and refuses to give everything to the team leader as much as possible.
Of course, he didn’t know that his behavior offended the media, who thought he was aloof and did not cooperate with the media …
Otherwise, how could he be hacked by multimedia?