"No … not counting the magic acyl behemoth, it should still be the immature larva of the behemoth …" Yin Candle the Great suddenly sank his mouth and slightly relieved in his tone. If there is really a magic acyl behemoth in this rock column, it will be a great disaster. Fortunately, this ever-changing semi-transparent black substance looks much weaker than the magic acyl behemoth.
Su Li looked up at a short time when the semi-transparent black substance had condensed into a behemoth, which looked like a tiger like a leopard and was semi-transparent and black. It was about four or five hundred meters long, and if it roared and suspended, it suddenly raised its half-transparent black claw and caught it toward Su Li.
Su Li’s eyes shot out two divine lights to capture the information of this behemoth, but unfortunately failed to capture the information sensed.
Want to domain launch also didn’t see Su Li to this caught black claws suddenly in half blocked.
Su Li followed the mind-reading domain to sweep and wrapped the semi-transparent black beast in Ling to smash it.
"Bang" an earth-shattering noise, the square desert suddenly showed a huge pit, and the huge power of this semi-permeable beast exploded directly like a huge water polo burst, and a large amount of semi-permeable juice spilled out of it.
Su Li followed the dive and saw that the spilled semi-permeable juice infiltrated into Fanghuangsha, slowly infiltrated and disappeared.
There are more than a dozen pillars of this kind in this area, which vary in height and thickness. Now it seems that these pillars should all be sealed with this suspected magic monster larva.
It can be said that these pillars are extremely dangerous.
Yin Candle the Great said, "I didn’t expect this terrible thing to sleep in these pillars. It is possible that when the Moho Zhou will end, the magic giants in these pillars will just mature and they will break the pillars and destroy this Moho Zhou."
Yu Tea said, "Why don’t we go out and destroy all the larvae of the magic giants in these magic pillars while they are still weak?"
Shao Hao the Great shook his head and said, "No, this is the rule of heaven and earth. If we violate the rule, we can destroy these gods, create this column and the larvae of the monster with magic acyl sleeping in it. It is very likely to have the opposite effect. Maybe the rule will breed more larvae of the monster with magic acyl. Solving the problem of magic acyl is to solve the problem of finding out that more than a dozen larvae of magic acyl will be counterproductive."
Chapter 125 Magic acyl palace
Yu Tea heard Shao Hao the Great say so, and he also rejected this idea: "Although these behemoths can’t be destroyed, it should be certain that the magic acyl-first-Luo God is sure that the magic acyl may be regarded as the true face of the creator magic acyl-first-Luo God by these Moho continents."
Yin Candle the Great looked into the distance and said, "The truth is as natural as we know when we get to the Magic Palace."
Suri Yin Candle the Great decided to go to the Magic Acme Palace to have a look.
According to the location coordinates of Shadow Emperor, the magic acyl palace is very far away from here. Su Li asked Yu Tea and Yin Candle to send it back to the ancient city to facilitate the domain locking of the magic acyl palace coordinates.
A shadow god reveals a different color in his eyes. This Moho continent is extremely stable and eternal. Many strong people who have not reached the realm of the true god can tear through it, but this Moho god can’t even tear the fourth-order true god, including the shadow god.
Now the shadow god saw Su Li and tore a crack and sighed secretly. In his heart, Su Li was the fifth-order true god. Later, when he saw him, he broke the pillar of the god with a blow. His position in his heart has raised Su Li to the sixth-order true god.
Now, watching Su Li tear it at will is even more shocking. He has finished guessing what kind of grade Su Li is.
When Su Li entered this crack, he jumped directly, and when he came out of this tear, he had already crossed the imaginary distance. This distance was so far that he thought about it. He felt that the most powerful true god in the Moho continent was also the fourth order, so the distance of this magic palace was far beyond his sensing range.
At the moment, stepping out of this crack, the mind domain is released and immediately sensed the powerful true God breath in the distance.
He finally sensed the powerful true god beyond the fourth order, and that is the magic acyl palace
Su Li looked up and saw a magnificent mountain with a height of tens of thousands of meters. Half of the mountain was hidden in the clouds.
Su Li saw through the heavy clouds that there was a magnificent building on the top of this high mountain.
Those powerful true gods are convenient for this building
"The magic acyl palace claims to have won the magic acyl, and I hope it won’t disappoint me."
In Su Li’s induction, he captured the magic acyl palace, which has less than 100 five-order true gods and 22 sixth-order true gods. From the eternal Zhou view, it is the totem of 100 main gods and 22 totems. In addition, he also sensed six seven-order true gods.
The seventh order true god is eternal, and that is the king of the true god.
At present, the six kings are the most powerful ones that he can feel in his mind domain.
Whether these six kings still have other emperors in the same rank, at present, he has not been able to feel something. Of course, it is normal that Suli’s thinking field has not been able to capture and feel it because they are all in the same rank or the other side has a special ability to hide breath.
"There are six kings who should have a high probability of hiding one or even two emperors." Su Li secretly pondered the imaginary steps with his hands and approached the Magic Palace, which stands tens of thousands of meters high.
Although Su Li hid his true breath, he was so vain that he was quickly sensed by the true God patrolling around the Magic Palace.
The weakest part of the magic acyl palace is the true god, who immediately appeared in front of Su Li. One of the three true gods held a spear in his right hand and blocked Su Li when he stretched it out.
"It is forbidden to get close to other people in the highlands of the Magic Palace."
This is a second-order true god with a commanding face. Behind him stands the high magic palace, which makes him look tall when he looks at foreign true gods.
Although he didn’t feel Su Li’s breath and detailed information, he saw that he was so young and might have achieved the true God. Soon after, he didn’t know that the sacred and noble place of the Magic Palace dared to get so close to here.
After all, some true gods have a special method of hiding breath, which may not be strong, but there is something special about the hidden breath. Even a few orders higher than him, the true god may not be able to see through what he has done. It is not surprising that he did not see the information of Su Li, nor did he give Su Li an extra look.
Su Li smiled and didn’t want to wave, so he just released a breath far more powerful than the three true gods in front of him. When this breath was released, it was like an avalanche. The three true gods lost their clothes and almost fell on the spot.
The second-order true god with a spear opened his eyes and wanted to say something. Su Li had strided to the square outside the magic acyl palace, and immediately saw a magnificent statue.
This statue is weird and humanoid, but the surface is not added. It looks like a huge humanoid rock with careful carving.
Su Li looked thoughtfully in his eyes, which should represent that the high divinity of the magic acyl-first-Roman God is somewhat similar to chaos because the high divinity has no specific form.
Around the square, a true god appeared. Just Su Li suddenly released his breath. This breath is strong and less than the fifth order, and the level of the true god is better than the sixth order. It immediately alerted the top of the Magic Palace.
A complete stranger who has the breath of a true god with less than five or even six orders surprised seven elders of the Magic Palace. Each of these elders is the first one of the true gods with five orders, and even the elder with six orders.
Su Li has long sensed that there are hundreds of fifth-order true gods and 22 sixth-order elders in this magic acyl palace. It is enough for an old elder to appear with seven magic acyl palace elders.
Su Li smiled and didn’t talk. It was very calm and walked towards the inside. He suspected that there was an emperor behind the magic acyl palace. Now he wants to meet the emperor behind the scenes for a while.
If you really want to know the magic palace and the Mohawk Zhou, there are emperors, so that you can know the real secret.
"Who is the pavilion?" The song "Too Elder" stared at Su Li coming over and gave a heavy drink. Two fifth-order true gods around him had already laid a heavy energy shield and wanted to block Su Li first.
Don’t want to Su Li finished watching them. They went straight ahead. The two true gods shot the cloth and covered the fifth order energy shield, just like touching the straight line, they flew out.
In a flash, Su Li disappeared before what happened to the sixth-order elder, and then Su Li crossed the grand palace in front of him and arrived at the back of the Magic Acme Palace.
The back hill of the moyi palace is forbidden, even if the elder of the sixth order is not called, he can’t get close to it because this is the world where the six kings of moyi palace live.
Su Li had already sensed the six magic acyl palace kings and went straight in.
No sooner had he appeared than six vague figures appeared around the back hill.
The six kings of the magic acyl palace appeared, staring at the center, and Su Li was nervous.