After putting it in, the nine whirlpools suddenly merge into one, and then "Tianyuan Obsidian Life Virtual Imperial Armor" runs.
When the whirlpool shakes, nine whirlpools merge into one and a black robe appears.
Avenue armed with night robes!
This robe represents the manifestation of the dark night avenue with poor power
This robe can be said to be the core treasure of Night Avenue.
The robe fell on Yang Xiushen and merged with his body.
This night completely protects Yang Xiu. Even if those people can see Yang Xiu in the dark night, they can see that he is the night master of the night avenue!
He extracted the weapons from the avenue forged by the dark night heaven!
It’s not that Yang Xiu has several people who are inexplicably induced and immediately learns that he is refining one by one to get the night garments.
Armed forces on other roads have appeared one after another.
Dark night robes, pale brocade cloud clothes, Tian Mu fortress, motionless mountains and seas, really like a dream, ten thousand sources belong to one, and thunder weaves robes
"Tianyuan Obsidian Life Virtual Imperial Armor" was also promoted to the seventh place.
After the feeling of controlling the avenue completely dissipates in this robe’s life, it is the best practice to increase the power of excavating the avenue with Yang Xiuxiu.
Then, when Yang Xiu-shen’s strength reaches a certain level, he can really travel around the universe in the flesh to find those who have great limitations.
This is no longer a road battle, but a real physical battle to kill the other side or lower the other side to seize the refining road limit
Or Yang Xiu was found to be attacked by the other side and killed Yang Xiu to seize his avenue limit.
Yang xiu smiles and walks around the world in a dark night robe!
Walk freely in this sea of clouds
With this night robe, even many Mahayanas can’t feel him.
The night protects me!
He swam slowly in the distance of the sea of clouds. Although it was already night, there were still star battles.
Now it has entered the hinterland of South Chu and captured a third of the world of South Chu.
There is no such war that will not stop for several years and decades.
Zhuzong Coalition forces are not as intimidating as before. They want to leave but can leave quietly.
But most monks are still there.
It is a rare opportunity to participate in such a war.
The site was successfully called in front, and many monks were reluctant to leave before they scraped a lot of meat.
And monks are constantly coming here to join the war in all directions.
Yang xiu shook his head, making money and eating birds die!
Look at the quartet Yang Xiu decided to go back to practice and suddenly he was one leng.
Looking into the distance, he felt a little strange in the sea of clouds
This is what he saw before, but now he is the night Lord and all other lords in the dark night.
It was hidden and strange, and he found it at once
This is South Chu infiltrating into the Coalition forces?
Yang xiu quietly went over to see if this was the undercover.
But I don’t want those Mahayana abode of fairies and immortals in the center of the sea of clouds everywhere.
Looking far away, Yang Xiu suddenly became one leng!
Wonderful zonghai dust!
Twenty-six Mahayana core is a base. This time, he has a high wing, Ryukyu and frost, and Su Changqing is the first to hold Li Yueheng and others in his life.
But Yang Xiu felt that there was something wonderful about Zonghaichen, which was a disguise.
And this guy he is more familiar with.
It is Yang Xiu’s ancestor Danyang Gong!
I don’t know if Miaohua Zonghaichen was attacked and faked by him or if it was Danyang Gong.
Chapter two hundred and thirteen The Secret Law of Yama’s Separation Strategy
Yang xiu’s silent words quietly left when he didn’t see anything.
I don’t know what the ancestor Danyang Gong wants.
What does he want to do? Yang Xiu has no way to stop even if Yang Xiu appears in the night, he can’t stop the other party from a finger.
But Yang Xiu is not without a way to have Shen Yuanqi.
At the critical moment, Shen Yuanqi’s two great masters, Emperor Xun and Zu Hai, can destroy Danyang’s public plan.
Returning to the ghost clan, the pagoda battleship has been quietly strengthened by adding the core fairy secret method "Great Self-discipline and Heaven-like Land"
If we say that there is a true nucleus in front of the tangible, we have broken through the seventh-order battle fort to some extent and promoted to the terrace Kun fortress.
Back to Tutu battleship Yang Xiu and Zhang Yue and others gathered to study this matter.
What does Danyanggong want to do?
"You said he really want to do? Is it necessary to kill the Coalition forces? "
"Unlike Danyanggong, he is not that simple. I feel that his plan is definitely not simple."
"Danyanggong feels that he is suspected of usurping the throne and wants to overthrow Chu Zhuangwang and seize the great cause of South Chu."
"This is also known to everyone, but it’s not so easy for the top ten masters of Chu Zhuangwang, the patriarch of South Chu!"
As far as their research is concerned, seven Taoist priests came here as if to talk to Zhang Yue.
Yang Xiu and others can end the conversation and Zhang Yue should deal with it.
Yang Xiuyi glanced at it, but it hasn’t arrived yet. It’s not bright yet.
At first glance, Yang Xiu took a clap at one leng and Zhang Yue suddenly everyone knew that they were ready to fight.