However, although both of them are extremely horrible to them, there are still some differences. Trojan terror is terror in his ruling strength, while these armed soldiers are terror in their magical fighting skills.
In the chaos chapter, Jiuzhong is being surrounded by three armed soldiers.
The attack speed of the three armed soldiers is so fast that even the attack trajectory can be captured as if their hands and feet had disappeared.
Compared with these three armed soldiers, the terrorist offensive is surrounded by nine times, which is even more horrible to others nearby. It should not be called terror but abnormal condition.
See nine heavy in the face of three armed soldiers siege awe-inspiring qi Shi left and right bow in three armed soldiers generally can’t see hands and feet at the same time surrounded by three armed soldiers, nine heavy is dancing out of three phantoms with fantastic action as if into superhuman powers.
Near the Jiuchong battlefield, one or two armed fighters attacked the monster, pacifism and please listen to me. The three men stole a look at Jiuzhong while fighting, and saw Jiuzhong playing there, swearing at Jiuzhong pervert, but at the same time they were at ease.
Three armed soldiers caught a glimpse of the big fiend in a dogfight, and with a hint of help, they looked at the other battlefields. The players were also in a mess, and then they looked at the golden compass above their heads, which was still evolving. The eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, and suddenly a drunken king entered a state of fit.
Chapter seven hundred and forty-nine Clearance
Chapter seven hundred and forty-nine Clearance to detain, Jiuchong’s whole body is bluish, and it burns like a flame. With a deep dragon song, an unreal blue dragon soul rushes out from Jiuzhong’s sole, and it swims around Jiuzhong’s whole body.
Others fighting nearby can’t help but stare big eyes when they see Jiuzhong’s cool state.
This is the standard state of the Nine Heavenly Kings after their integration. The former Nine Heavenly Kings also performed once against the Tathagata Buddha, but at that time, they tried to hide their true strength as much as possible. When they performed once, the Nine Heavenly Kings won at once, and this complete state of war was not fully displayed in front of everyone.
All other people will show such expressions when they see Jiuzhong’s present state.
"Wow!" After a king enters a fit state, Jiuzhong no longer hides his real strength. The real strength here is not the strength of the king, but the strength of the warfare in his reality.
This time, just now, three armed fighters who seemed to be on a par with Jiuchong War and didn’t fall in the wind issued an attack, and there was no text. Jiuzhong took advantage of his amazing counter-measures to unload their three six arms first, and then "cracked" them for three consecutive times, directly twisting their necks.
In the process of the first three armed soldiers fighting, Jiuzhong has already discovered the characteristics of these armed soldiers, and their fighting skills are extremely superb. However, although the speed is fast enough, the more stiff they are.
For this phenomenon, Gu Wuxiu reached the pinnacle, and at the same time, he was very familiar with the reasons behind it. This is precisely the fighting characteristics of those otaku players who have a high level of game operation but have no kung fu in reality.
To deal with such a player, it’s really not difficult for Jiuzhong now. The three armed soldiers he just met have been entangled, and there is no winner. It’s not that he can’t handle them, but that he doesn’t want to handle them yet. He wants to maintain this situation first, and when he delays as much as possible, wait for the golden compass in the star to collect light from the center from all directions to complete the collection, and see what will happen next, so he can improvise.
But he didn’t expect that these armed soldiers didn’t cause much pressure on themselves, but they could cause so much pressure on other players present. Please listen to me and don’t say it. Even the big fiend pacifist who is not afraid of melee and sudden war is in danger, and he is in an abnormal mess and is in danger of dying at any time.
Although I don’t know what will happen next, he can’t let these people die too early. If he hadn’t waited for the change of the golden compass in the star to be completed, he would have died, leaving his brother alone. Even if he could put his real skills into play in the game, he would be afraid that his fists would be hard to beat, and he would be beaten to death by the armed soldiers who poured out from it.
Therefore, seeing that they can no longer support it, Jiuzhong can also change his strategy and choose to do it now.
See nine heavy suddenly broke out to get rid of three, melee up to now, no one can get rid of an armed soldier, first revealed the shock, but the horse was replaced by joy.
Of course, it’s mainly the big fiend, pacifism and please listen to me. Because they are a team with Jiuzhong, they are bound to come to help them out.
And then the development was as expected by the three people. After three armed soldiers were killed by three to five and two, the nine-heavy figure immediately swept toward the three of them. Please listen to me when you arrive first.
Although this guy’s ability is severe, his plate is too fragile. If it weren’t for his magic in the window, he would have been put down by those armed soldiers, but he persisted until now and went to the limit, seeing that he was going to be killed.
At this moment, I arrived at Jiuchong, with my arms shaking together, and put into practice the ancient martial arts routine in reality. After a few exchanges, the siege was put down by two armed soldiers, please listen to me.
"Follow me!" Jiuzhong threw a word to please listen to me, and then he shook his body again without hesitation and went straight to pacifism not far away.
"Oh!" Please listen to me. When I heard the words, I rushed out of the window, and my body was blinking closely behind Jiuchong.
Pacifism, although a super melee fighter with magic and martial arts skills, is not as skillful and skillful as Jiuzhong. Facing the siege of three armed soldiers, it is also a matter of two fists against four hands. A hero can’t hold a pack of wolves, and he has no temper at all when he is beaten by three armed soldiers. He has no fighting back, and it is a moment to lose.
"Nima …!" In the hands of pacifism, an armed soldier was bombarded with two axes, but he could no longer prevent the other two armed soldiers from jointly attacking. Seeing the two armed soldiers swinging their weapons, they could also be secretly cursing, and there was no way.
At this moment, a figure Huo Ran appeared behind the two armed soldiers, flying his feet and kicking them. The broken virtual feet actually kicked the heads of the two armed soldiers, kicking them to attack pacifism, and then his hands were followed, buckling the necks of the two armed soldiers, and the wings of the king of God flapped behind him, forcibly pressing the two armed soldiers to the ground.
When Jiuzhong temporarily controlled the two armed soldiers, please listen to me. He directly punched a window in the pacifist head, leaned out from the inside, fished out a surprise from Pandora’s box, and smashed it in the face of the armed soldier who was attacked by pacifism. The armed soldier was directly twisted into a vortex that rotated like a turbine and disappeared.
"Let me come!" After being cleared of pacifism, I looked up and rushed to thank you. Then I turned around and saw two armed soldiers who were pressed to the ground by Jiuzhong. Suddenly, I showed ferocious color. I said to Jiuzhong, and I swung my double axe in my hand. I swept over and chopped the two armed soldiers into dozens of pieces.
"Come with me!" Nine heavy and throw a word to pacifism, shape has been swept to the nearby big fiend battlefield.
Compared with pacifism and please listen to me, the big fiend is slightly better than some of the three people. With the special properties of absolute ice, although not only can’t he be trapped and besieged by his three armed soldiers, he is even more chased by them in absolute ice, but it depends. Finally, there is no life worry for the time being.
"Big fiend, door!" There is still a short distance from the big fiend’s absolute ice field to form an ice peak, and Jiuzhong has shouted from the front to the inside
As soon as the words sound fell, a gap automatically appeared in the ice peak in the direction of Jiuchong’s advance, and Jiuchong castrated and rushed straight into the absolute ice area, followed by pacifism and please listen to me.
Then she heard a "scratching" sound in the absolute ice field, and then the absolute ice field formed an ice peak and the frost dissipated, and the three armed soldiers who besieged the big fiend fell to the ground like dead dogs.
"Holy Lord, help us too!" Seeing the excellent results achieved by Jiuzhong, some singles players did not hesitate to ask Jiuzhong for help among the first people in other war zones in the melee nearby.
Nine heavy smell speech looked in the direction of distress, eyebrows a wrinkly slightly, moment suddenly hands into claws, pushed out toward other melee battlefield, "dragon grammar-flurry! !”
Chapter seven hundred and fifty Hard work
In an instant, Bailong came out of the hole, and the golden light and shadow shot out from the nine claws, interspersed with reciprocating Mercedes-Benz. At that time, the dragon shadows were everywhere, and the armed soldiers who besieged them were forced to break back under the surprise and inexplicable gaze of other living players.
Although it is said that these suddenly killed armed soldiers have amazing fighting power and are not lost to the first person present in a war zone, it is a bit difficult for them to suffer nine heavy injuries before the King’s fit, but now the King of Nine Heavy has entered the fit state, raising his hand and throwing himself at the attack, all of which have broken virtual effects and are still 100% real injuries. Now, it is not difficult to force them to retreat, even though Nine Heavy has no confidence to kill them with a trick of "dancing in groups of dragons".
"Get together with me!" Push at the same time nine heavy shouted at other battlefield players everywhere.
Temporarily get rid of the entanglement of these armed soldiers and hear Jiuchong’s propaganda. These players did not hesitate to gather in Jiuzhong as soon as possible.
"Jiuliantai!" When these players gather around them, they take out the nine lotus stands from the bag of Gankun, throw their hands over their heads, and instantly enlarge the nine lotus stands. A huge canopy covers the heads of the people and releases a layer of light curtain to cover the people.
"How long can this shield support their attack …!" Propping up the nine lotus stands to defend the nine heavy horses and saying to everyone, "It depends on the strength of your stopping their attacks. If you don’t want to die soon, give me all your strength!"
"understand!" They should have been attacked for a while, and since the defense shield of Jiuliantai is like a hundred flowers blooming, although they still don’t know what these sudden armed soldiers will attack them, they don’t want to be killed by them so inexplicably, and they haven’t earned the 1 billion challenge prize yet. They are naturally willing to work hard if they have the opportunity to live a little longer.
Immediately, the two sides launched the most violent offensive against each other. Without these armed soldiers, they can fully display the situation. Although the number is different from each other, the attack intensity is not too much to make it difficult to distinguish at the moment.
However, Jiuzhong didn’t participate in the boom, cocked his head and stared at the change of the golden compass in the overhead star with a frown. "It seems that it will take a while to completely complete the change … I’m afraid it won’t be supported by Jiuliantai defense shield alone!"
"The horse called armed soldiers to attack!" In the real world, the main computer room saw Jiuzhong put up a mask to protect the rest of the players’ department. The white-haired old man immediately looked gloomy and said to the middle-aged man with glasses beside him, "Never let them live until the golden compass is activated, otherwise it will definitely have an impact on our next plan!"
"white!" The middle-aged man nodded and immediately rushed beside him. The middle-aged woman made an expression of eyes. The middle-aged woman nodded knowingly and turned away.
Although all the players in the game world are protected by the defense shield of Jiuliantai, they can deliberately display their skills. These armed soldiers can also display their skills to attack them.
One player and all the people can also temporarily stop these armed soldiers from attacking the defense shield of Jiuliantai, but as the armed soldiers keep pouring out of that virtual door, the fire blockade of all the players is finally gradually full of loopholes, and the defense shield of Jiuliantai is constantly consumed.
A look at the distance change of the golden compass. There is still a time when Jiuzhong temporarily takes back his attention and focuses on the armed soldiers who are bombarding them. He looks at the consumption speed of the defense cover of Jiuliantai, and his brow is wrinkled and slightly wrinkled. He thoughtfully fished out the Kowloon Icehouse from Gankun bag.
At the most dense place of armed soldiers outside the defensive cover, I waved my hand at the Kowloon Ice Room and flew out of the Nine Lotus Terraces from the palm of my hand. The defensive cover was instantly enlarged to the size of a basketball court, and a large number of armed soldiers who were too crowded to dodge were enveloped in it.
Those armed soldiers who were enclosed in the Kowloon Ice House immediately launched an attack on the Kowloon Ice House inside in an attempt to destroy it outside.
Unfortunately, due to the special nature of Kowloon Ice House, spontaneous attacks will be rebounded by a large percentage. Although some attacks have not rebounded, they can impact Kowloon Ice House, but they are not enough to break through the defense of Kowloon Ice House.
Armed soldiers trapped in Kowloon Ice House bombarded for a while, but it didn’t work when they saw it, so they immediately called on their companions outside to try to attack and destroy it. As a result, the armed soldiers outside sent out an attack department to block them from entering the Kowloon Ice House, and the armed soldiers trapped inside blasted them with a slap in the face.
Seeing that Jiuchong Kowloon Ice House is not trapped in it for a while, the armed soldiers simply give up the rescue of their companions trapped in it for a while and continue to bombard Jiuliantai defense cover to kill Jiuzhong inside, so this Kowloon Ice House will naturally fall apart.
A large number of armed soldiers were trapped in the Kowloon Ice Room, which temporarily slowed down the consumption of the defense cover of Jiuliantai, but the defense cover was still being consumed at a high speed.