During this period, Xiaobai is eating more and playing more.
I’m tired when I’m dead. I’m just fishing in a small lake in a natural sulfur mine.
That time, Xiao Bai did kill all the blind hunting fish in the small lake, which also made Lin Yue harvest almost full of catch, but Xiao Bai didn’t show anything that time.
Lin Yue wondered what had happened.
He continued to call for the little guy, but Xiaobai still didn’t respond.
It put its head comfortably in its arms and curled up its huge body as if it were a newborn baby.
It breathes long and deeply, as if it had been like this since it appeared.
"Do you mean … to shed your skin?" Lin Yue suddenly remembered this possibility.
Xiao carefully examined a small white, and actually saw a little sign of molting from the tip of its rolled tail.
But it’s strange.
It’s only been a few days since Xiaobai molted once.
Lin Yue felt more and more strange.
The train soon arrived at the excited black spots and green claws, and the little ice lizards quickly returned to the shelter, and no small white was found.
They returned to the long-lost main shelter and became very excited with his little ice lizards.
However, Xiao Meng seems to have found something different. He walked to the car and looked up.
"Goo-ow …" It growled and smelled the unusual smell of the little white body.
"Xiaomeng, come and help me get Xiaobai!" Lin Yue knew that even if he wore a robotic arm and exoskeleton, he could not easily move Xiaobai.
After all, even if it’s not that heavy there, I’m afraid it will hurt the little guy if he carries it.
The little fierce horse got into the car by ladder and came to the car. He saw the little white sleeping inside.
"Small fierce inside this guy ok? It suddenly fell asleep! " Although Lin Yue felt that it had something to do with molting, he sensed something was wrong.
He looked at Xiao Meng, but Xiao Meng seemed to hesitate without shaking his head or nodding.
"What’s wrong with it?" Lin Yue suddenly felt nervous. What’s the matter with this little white guy?
"Goo-ow …" Xiao Meng finally shook his head. The car picked up Xiao Bai and carried it to the freight elevator to let him go first.
Then it also came to the ground from the edge of the city wall, picked up Xiaobai again and brought it directly to the huge living room of the main shelter.
Now the main shelter has become a tall castle.
The original one is now used as an activity room in Lin Yue.
Lin Yue, in the corner of the living room here, was covered with three layers of thick sheepskin pads. After the valiant soldier put Xiaobai down gently, it seems to be quite worrying.
"Goo ao ….." Small dashed Lin Yue recruit waved Lin Yue to come out from there first and let Xiao Bai have a good rest.
Although Lin Yue was worried, he didn’t seem to be in a hurry to see Xiao Meng. He knew that it should not be a big problem. Although he was nervous, he still didn’t rest assured.
Lin Yue thought for a moment and finally left quite a lot of food for Xiaobai, who came out of the shelter with Xiaomeng.
Xiao Bai seems to need to continue to sleep for a while. He still has a lot to do.