"No, even if nothing hits us, there is still a friend, Luo Ge, who has experienced several young players. This is very precious." Di Qingyu laughed mischievously.
"You can really see this child."
"That’s absolutely."
"But what you said is also reasonable. We know that I made a list of this friend. Alas, before I think of it, I want Mr. Ghost to possess you to kill List …"
The ghost smiled. "So I’ll kill him now?"
Lan Yuan’s anger repeatedly waved his hand. "No, no, no,no. Fortunately, it’s a ghost gentleman who fights righteousness, otherwise it will be a lifelong mistake."
"Come on, it’s really disgusting at such a big age." Ghost spirit section way
Listened to the list, but sighed in my heart. It all seemed to have happened just now. How time flies.
At present, the man looked at the blood knife listed here and shook it. "These people from Long Xing Dojo are despicable and shameful. Killing one is to do a good deed."
"I want to do this kind of good thing more." Ghost ichor Dao monk’s shoulder was about to go.
The blood knife monk said, "Wait a minute. It’s a wave to kill this kind of person. Since you promised to give it to me, I hope this little man’s blood will not be stained as much as possible until I chop him."
It’s a good thing to have someone to help, but at this moment, many people went to the cave and were waiting to be happy when the people suddenly attacked. This time, it wasn’t a pair of attacks, but several people sneaked into one for the Buddha’s possession, and they did not hesitate to kill acquaintances.
However, it is not so easy to sneak attack after the first lesson. The seriously injured people fled from the blood lake and chased after them.
The blood knife monk is also going to kill the Long Xing Dojo master and get the dragon elephant’s 16-character seal, only to find that the blood lake suddenly has a movement
The dragons resounded through the blood lake in Yi Long, which shocked everyone!
The splash suddenly blew up a khaki little dragon, and the blood-red dragon’s eyes were covered with blood-red light. Suddenly, like a flash, the Long Xing Dojo master swallowed it in one gulp, and even the body next to him didn’t pass. After a spin, he returned to the blood lake again.
Everyone has a twitch in the corner of their eyes. Many people heard the sound just now, but they haven’t seen it yet.
The blood Lakers suddenly froze in place, and a wave of fear woke up their skulls. Many of them immediately showed their Buddha’s possession and bombarded this blood lake, but they didn’t expect that such a small but fast dragon was the highest predator trapped in Longbo, a unique and terrible creature in the blood lake.
Blood beard dragon!
Chapter 61 Seize the soul
Chapter 61 Seize the soul
Everyone withdrew, but people just moved. The lake was calm and blood rolled, and five yellow shadows generally jumped up.
After several screams, the lake was calm again.
Everyone regards this blood lake and blood waterfall as a forbidden area and tries to stay away as far as possible.
It’s getting dark, and it’s gloomy and dreary. The cliff is dark with light rain.
There is no torch because it is rainy at this time.
But soon there was light, all kinds of magic weapons, and all kinds of colors of light were stimulated by real power. The holy light made people feel at ease, and the grottoes people came. They all had their own gains and waited for the day with great expectation.
But the rain soon became a blood rain mountain, and an evil force gradually spread out. In the fog, the Buddha hid several evil spirits waiting to choose someone to eat.
It’s quiet all around, and the blood lake is calm as usual. There are blood waterfalls that stop hitting the ground and thunder masks people’s voices.
List slowly breathed a sigh of relief, and the fog made him a little stuffy.
The light rain gradually turned to the cold wind, which was even colder as a knife.
The rain is as sad as autumn rain, but the evil spirits are breathtaking. Many people want to give up the opportunity to explore again and leave this hellhole.
But they found that no matter how to go, they still couldn’t get out of this world.
You can go out when you come in, but it’s too late now. Evil spirits gather from all sides and will soon gather.
Ghosts have long smelled this smell and pulled and listed clothes.
List nodded. "The evil is getting stronger and stronger. I’m afraid I can’t stay here. If I don’t find a place, everyone in the shelter will become a mummy."
"Mom, it’s really not so fun to take out the relic here." The blood knife monk held the relic in his hand and he was guilty.
The ghost spirit barely smiled sarcastically, but he couldn’t laugh. He took out the relic and gave out a faint fluorescence, and the people around him gathered here.
gather together
"These people are shameless enough to rob the baby. I didn’t expect us to feel wrong now. It seems that the old man will collect some taxes." TaBaLiang narrowed his eyes and suddenly said, "Everyone’s sarira ability is limited. I’m afraid that you can’t protect these people. Let’s ask for help."
Someone in the crowd said, "Is it Tuoba’s predecessor? See mountain dharma Dojo less patriarch "
Tuoba Liang scolded the avenue, "I’ve heard a lot about your father, Shi Zongzhu, and I don’t know if I have any advice?"
Patriarch Shi Shao said, "As far as I know, Tuoba’s family doesn’t have relics, just like Luo Xiong and others. It’s Tuoba’s family, but can’t we?"
Tuoba Liang scolded 1 again. This cub is so clever that he dared to incite everyone to think so to me all the time. When he thought so, many people glared at him. In the case, some people swore that Tuoba’s family was thick-skinned. It’s shameless.
This can make the skinny TaBaLiang angry. He jumped up. "Mom, did you think of us when you wanted to rob the baby?"
"Rio colophon home have what qualifications to limit us? If you want to drive us away, at least you have to be Luo Xian’s nephew or Mr. Ghost, the master of blood. What the hell is your Tuoba family? "
"Come out and fight!"
"Come on, I’m really not afraid of you."
When he saw the blood knife, the monk ground the back of the knife, and his cheeks moved. He took a breath in his nose and said unhappily, "These people are quarrelling endlessly and simply kill them with a knife."
Ghosts laughed, "I agree."