The men’s reserve is trained by former martial arts people in fenglei city.
The female reserve is trained by Xiao Ju and them.
Is it more about female reserve training or investigation
While the people in other parts of the planet Oedipus are still in dire straits, fenglei city has been reborn and entered the evolution mode of "all the people are soldiers"
The householder left for half a year, and when he returned to Fenglei City again, he still went to the wrong place. Before Fenglei City, people were dead. Except working in the fields, they leaned against the wall, basked in the sun or hid in the shade, saving their strength and rarely walked.
But now it’s different. They have their own land, but they don’t pay the rent. They harvest the food by themselves. When they are full, they have nothing to do. They walk around and talk with their neighbors about their feelings. They talk about the reserve together. They walk around the city and try the food they have saved for many days before they dare to eliminate food.
Speaking of this delicious food, because of the poor resources, there is no decent food on the whole planet of Hubei. It is said that even the people usually eat steamed bread from the dragon side
It’s easier for people to drink porridge and eat steamed bread. It’s not scarce to have radish and cabbage salt, but cooking oil is precious. Only people in a layered society dare to cook with vegetable oil. Ordinary people cook with water and salt.
However, since the gang of owners in fenglei city came, their living standards have been getting higher and higher day by day. Suddenly, there are many food shops with good quality and low price, so they need to take out some food to eat.
Not long after the householder walked into the city, he was surprised to see a dragon growing in the front row of a small shop, and he smelled an attractive aroma. He approached the crowd and asked curiously, "What is this for sale?"
A middle-aged woman glanced at the householder and said, "Are you from other places?"
"I’m a native of fenglei city. I went for a walk in other places and just got back today."
The middle-aged woman suddenly said, "No wonder you are suffering again. Now our Fenglei City is a treasure trove. When you stay for two days, you will never want to go out again."
The householder doesn’t want to listen to women’s long-winded questions and ask, "What do you want to buy in line?"
"The bag smells good," the woman proudly said, as if eating the bag was the most conspicuous thing in the world.
"package? What is a bag? " The householder was puzzled by this new thing like a savage coming out of a ravine.
"The steamed bread is a package."
The householder laughed heartily. "It really is a group of ignorant civilians who can make them greedy by ordering food in steamed bread. What good thing am I?"
The householder turned to leave, and the middle-aged woman saw that the householder was disdainful and unhappy. "Don’t underestimate this bad luck. Can’t you smell this fragrance? I can tell you that you won’t know what fragrance is until you eat it in your mouth!"
The householder is a little disdainful, but the fragrance of the package is really attractive. He has never smelled the fragrance. Look at those who have already bought it. They can’t wait to put it in their mouths and eat it with a mouthful of oil. They are content and intoxicated.
The householder growled twice and asked, "How much is this bag?"
"One catty of grain for two"
"It’s also affordable to change two kilos of grain for such a big bag. I wonder who this bag shop is."
"Xia Gang, Xia Gang, do you know that if you haven’t heard of Master Guang, you’ve always heard of it? I heard that Master Guang secretly fostered a gang, and his old man destroyed several other masters and sent us light, so that we can live a good life now."
The householder heard sincere praise from others, and his heart was happy with flowers. He also lost his sense of fatigue when he came back all the way.
"Well wow …"
The householder left with a smile.
The middle-aged woman looked inexplicably at the light master’s fading back and muttered "strange old man"
The light Lord came to the Xia Gang’s rudder, which is the place where he is in charge of reserve affairs. After he revealed his identity, he was welcomed in by the helmsman here.
"I don’t know if it’s rude for your old man to come." The young helmsman’s name is Shimo. Although he has just made achievements in science, he has a good qualification before he got the thunder life.
The householder looked young and polite and asked, "How old are you this year?"
Why not say "twenty-three" truthfully?
"It’s really dare for such a young helmsman, Lord Lei. Don’t let down the expectations of Lord Lei."
Why don’t you solemnly say, "We will do our best to repay the help of Master Wang and Master Guang for their cultivation."
Master Guang patted Mo on the shoulder and said with satisfaction, "Do a good job. Do you know where Master Lei is now? Give him a message for me so that I can find him."
"I’ll help you find it. Please sit down and drink some water first."