When we came back to Tianwang Tower from the ground mirror, as soon as I came out, my body tightened my consciousness and protected Yue Qianling. I didn’t expect Tianwang Tower to wait for me to be Qiu Nuo, just like I saw her that day, but the nine black soft whips in her hand seemed to be spiritual and surrounded her.
I can feel the rage in her body, but not at me, but behind me. If I want to fight, I ask myself that I am no match for Qiu Nuo, but she once saved me from life. Although I don’t know, I believe I am valuable to her, otherwise I really can’t think of any reason why she would save me.
Qiu Nuo’s eyes kept staring at me, and it seemed like a question, but she soon turned to me without words. Nine black whips raised her eyes now, just like when Liu Hao and I were exterminated that day.
She didn’t even give me a reason. I still wondered at her. The black nine lashes in Qiu Nuo’s hands have come like my attack. Wen Zhuo and I can resist her five lashes together, but it’s not good. I get back the golden palace under the sea and it’s sealed for nine days.
I took out the national seal and poured the Daofa into the middle, then abruptly took Qiu Nuo’s black whip. I don’t know if Qiu Nuo was trying or trying to provoke him. No less, no less, no less, just five lashes. The national seal was splashed with fire, and the magical power should not be underestimated. I actually blocked Qiu Nuo’s five lashes by myself, but the impact shock hit my body too hard. The more I tried to resist, the more uncomfortable I felt. My chest was like being hit by a 1,000-pound hammer, and my lips and teeth were full of red.
Qiu Nuoxian hasn’t tried his best yet, but I’m already trying to resist. I’m afraid that the more I want to come over, the more I’m afraid that I’ve been gritting my teeth and insisting that the corners of my mouth are slowly red with blood, and the blood is pouring out of my mouth.
"Leave me alone and get out of here. I can stall her!"
Yue Qianling shook her head hard. She is stubborn. It’s not my first day to see the situation. It’s when I’m in danger. I know what to say. She won’t be far from facing a Taoist, and I can’t kill my opponent. I really don’t know what to do.
I was distracted to talk to Yue Qianling, and it was more effective to resist Qiu Qianling’s way of shaking hands. Qiu Nuo didn’t try again this time. There were four lashes left. I could feel that she was trying her best to hit Qiu Nuoxiu at me. I couldn’t resist the consequences of a blow from her. I can think that if I tried to block her, the blow would definitely take my breath away, but I can’t retreat now because Yue Qianling is behind me. I am her last and only barrier.
I watched the four snakes coming at me like thunderous snakes, getting closer and closer to me, and I wanted to close my eyes and wait for myself at the last moment when I suddenly heard a distance shock in my ear.
Qiu Nuo stumbled back a few steps, but was quickly dragged back. Because the nine black whips in her hand were firmly grasped, I tilted my head and looked at the more beautiful next to her.
I even have some doubts about whether it was that she blocked Qiu Nuo’s nine lashes in front of me, and now they fall into her hands. I need to rely on the national seal and all the Taoist methods to barely resist the five lashes, but Yue Qian Ling seems to have shaken Qiu Nuo without blowing off dust, and I still caught Qiu Nuo’s nine lashes alone.
It may be because Qiu Nuo didn’t react too quickly, but she didn’t lose her black soft whip. She was consciously used to being gently dragged by Yue Qianling in the handshake, and her whole person instantly reached Yue Qianling like a matchmaking doll.
When Qiu Nuo reacted completely, her neck was gripped tightly by Yue Qianling. I was shocked to see Yue Qianling’s expression. Qiu Nuo got up from the ground bit by bit, and her face was flushed. She struggled in vain to pinch her neck. It should be a delicate hand. Now it falls into my eyes like a pair of iron tongs.
I can hear Qiu Nuo’s neck being crushed slowly. Qiu Nuo’s front is full of violent anger, but now I can feel suffocating and uncomfortable. The violent anger is stronger than before. It emanates from Yue Qianling’s body and should not belong to her. Even I am a little creepy.
Yue Qianling’s expression is that I’ve never seen cold and scary. She quickly raised her other hand and pinched the advanced Taoist handprint, hitting Qiu Nuo’s chest with a heavy palm. The whole move was done at one go without any slowness and decisiveness, which made me stunned.
Qiu Nuo, my shocked eyes flew out again. I know the power of this palm. I’m afraid Qiu Nuo’s heart is now lying motionless in a handful of pieces. Although hating this woman can make me so determined to kill her, maybe I really can’t do it. Yue Qianling didn’t hesitate at all. She seemed to be familiar with me. She couldn’t see any kindness in her eyes, but only a gloomy death.
Yue Qianling kept the posture that killed Qiu Nuo just now for a long time until I found her arm shaking slightly-and then turned to look at me. I believe I knew Yue Qianling because I knew purity and kindness in her eyes.
"How are you?" The thousand ling worry to ask
"How are you?" I frown more worried about rhetorical questions.
Yue Qianling is worried about my injury, but now I’m worried about her. I feel a little inexplicable panic in my heart. I know that feeling very well. It was Yue Qianling’s magic that manipulated her body just now. It seems that she can’t control the strength in her body any more than I can.
What’s more, Qianling is more troublesome than me. She can’t remember what happened just now. She should be able to save me. Her magic power was aroused. I wiped the blood on her mouth to comfort her. She turned dark in the middle of the speech.
Qiu Nuo got up from the ground and slowly came to us. She dropped a soft black whip before picking it up from the ground. I can be sure that Yue Qianling’s palm was unbearable. I sighed heavily. It seems that I calculated that Qiu Nuo is really true. She is really immortal and can still be damaged by Yue Qianling’s palm.
Yue Qianling helped me to get up and stand in front of me, but at the moment, she must have no deterrent. Qiu Nuo actually smiled a satisfied smile. I saw her slowly put away the soft whip and there was no violent and calm before, and said to Yue Qianling
"You can leave the Heavenly King Tower. I have something to tell him alone."
Yue Qianling refused to shake her head and face without the slightest fear of protecting me behind her. I patted her on the shoulder behind me. This is exactly what I want to see. It is more important than anything that Yue Qianling can leave here first.
"You’ve done your best in the magic. I’m not your opponent, but it’s a pity that you can’t kill me." Qiu Nuo is outspoken without any affectation. "But people around you may not be as good as you unless you look at people around you all the time. If you don’t leave now, I can assure you that I will kill everyone around you, including Qin Yanhui."
Yue Qianling may recognize Qiu Nuo’s threat, but I know very well that Qiu Nuo is not a joke and grandiose person. Since she can say it, she will certainly do it.
"Don’t come back from this Heavenly King Tower no matter what happens. Don’t worry, I’ll go back to find you." I said to Yue Qianling very seriously.
She still shook her head, but she didn’t stand firm before. Maybe it was because she saw my expression. I looked up and looked across the street. Qiu Nuo calmly told Yue Qianling that she came here today to test your ability and see if you have the magic power in the Five Mountains. She may know that you can’t master these magic powers skillfully and kill me as soon as you hit it. I’m afraid she knows the crisis. You will subtly lose the Taoist power you have.
Now that Qiu Nuo’s goal has been achieved, she really wants me not to be stupid enough to face the fact that she has too many plans. I’m sure Qiu Nuo came here today for two things. The first thing is how much she has mastered before trying to cross Qianling, and perhaps only an immortal like Qiu Nuo dares to challenge the power of the habitat.
In the second thing, Qiu Nuo really has something to tell me. I made Yue Qianling obey. She hesitated for a long time, and finally she slowly walked to Tianwang Tower. Yue Qianling looked back step by step, and her eyes were full of worries. I tried to smile and make myself look relaxed. When I watched her disappear, I took a deep breath and turned to look at Qiu Nuo.
"What do you want to tell me?" I asked with an expression on my face
Qiu Nuo walked around me, full of confidence, and finally stopped in front of me and gave me a meaningful smile.
"Tell you that you don’t know the truth!"
☆, Chapter sixty-two The truth in the palace.
I don’t know what. I won’t think deeply about everything she says to Xianqiunuo, let alone doubt it. The reason is very simple. I can easily end it. I must try my best to lie to me.
However, there was a person I didn’t know very well in her mouth. I didn’t speak and looked at her coldly, waiting for Qiu Nuo to tell her face to face. Qiu Nuo walked around the three huge mirrors and finally stopped in front of me.
I know you must be wondering what will make you summon Qi Qi’s magic, and I know your heart must be full of doubts. Qi Qi’s magic can guard all sides and restrain everything we do, but still want you to do it.
I still haven’t spoken. The fact that Qiunuo said these things is what I really want to know. I always feel that this is a catch me if you can, but Qiunuo seems to be the cat in front of me, and I am like an escape mouse. Cats always have a sense of superiority in front of mice.
You can enter the mausoleum of Qin emperor now!
I frowned, and I waited for Qiu Nuo to answer my doubts, but I got this result, and Qiu Nuo’s attitude was extremely positive and serious. Perhaps these two things span too much, and I won’t be able to follow her thoughts for a while.
Before I could ask her out, Qiu Nuo said unhurriedly that there are two things to come to see me today. The first thing is to see if I have cracked the true map of the five mountains. This result is easy to verify. Yue Qianling already has a part of the Tao, and it is enough to say that I have done it with one hand.
You can enter the mausoleum of Qin emperor now!
This is the second thing Qiu Nuo told me. She repeated that I didn’t speak vernacular for a long time. I laughed coldly and cracked the true map of the five mountains. I was forced to resist. If I didn’t do this, I couldn’t stop the impending disaster. The man could still threaten me, but I really couldn’t think of a reason why I had to go.
"I didn’t think about going to that place, and I won’t go!" My tone and attitude are more firm than Qiu Nuo’s.
"You’re wrong," Qiu Nuo told me calmly with a faint smile. "It’s not that you won’t go, but that you can’t!"
I’m a little surprised. Before frowning, Yue Lei said the same thing. On that day, I saw in the mirror that I entered the mausoleum of the Qin Dynasty, and finally I didn’t know why I could get there.
Qiu Nuo looked up at me, but her voice was still cold, but it was even colder than her. There were precious stones in the mausoleum of the Qin Dynasty, and the water and the milky way separated the interface between man and god by nine stars. There were millions of dead people outside, and the terracotta warriors guarded the strangers from getting close to the trapped people, and they were never allowed to live beyond life.
"How much do all these people hate trapped people to be a lonely Jedi?" Qiu Nuo paused for a moment and asked me thoughtfully. "You have just seen the magic of Mi Qi. Do you think she is stronger or weaker than Ying Zheng?"
This problem seems simple. After all, I have to admit that Mi Qi is the first person in Xuanmen. Even Ying Zheng’s nine-day hidden dragon definitely is the strength she has given.
Qiu Nuo was very satisfied with my answer. He walked behind me and asked lightly
"Since Mi Qi is so much more powerful than Ying Zheng, Ying Zheng in front of her is like you and me. Do you think it takes life and life to seal you now?"
My fingers twitched involuntarily for a while, and Qiu Nuo asked me something that I had never thought about. Now I think about it carefully, and suddenly I realize that what happened in the sacrificial palace seems reasonable, but after careful consideration, there are many places that can’t be said.
You need to kill Ying Zheng for the righteous cause, so you can repair Ying Zheng in Daoism. How can you be her opponent? Maybe you are reluctant to kill Ying Zheng yourself, so you can seal Ying Zheng.
This is the only answer I can think of, but it turns into a mocking chuckle in autumn.
"I can seal you now but I don’t take my life …"
The profound meaning of Qiu Nuo’s words is to lead me to think about another question. What is the reason that makes Mi Habitat seal Ying Zheng? She doesn’t need to do this. My mouth wriggled for a long time before answering.
"Mi Qi and Ying Zheng are congenial. Finally, Mi Qi chose to sacrifice herself at the expense of righteousness. She couldn’t bear to seal Ying Zheng with Ying Zheng’s hand and life, which is considered to be together."
Qiu Nuo didn’t comment on my answer, but I saw a little disappointment through her eyes and suddenly laughed, which was very warm and gentle, reminding me of the first time I saw her.
"You and Qin Huang are the same soul, whether you accept it or not, you are him, and so is he. It’s just you and me here. What’s your evaluation of Qin Huang?"
Qiu Nuo feels strange today. What she says is even more strange. I feel like a doll being dragged. I think with her thoughts. It seems that I can’t easily answer every question she asks today.
Arrogance, domineering, violent feelings …
It seems that there are these cold words in the words I can think of. I don’t think much better about Ying Zheng. Qiu Nuo didn’t surprise me by answering, but even nodded and asked me.
"Why would you say that about him?"
I suddenly found that I couldn’t answer this question, which made me feel a little overwhelmed. I didn’t know this person. Everything was heard from others. After I met Wu Zetian, I no longer believed in those historical things. Wu Zetian said yes, history was written by kings for thousands of years. How much truth and falsehood can I write with a few strokes?
"What … what are you trying to tell me?" I’m not as calm as before.
Autumn’s silent for a long time meaningful answer.
"You heard everything about Qin Huang from other people’s mouths, but you don’t know that even what you saw with your own eyes will be false. How much of what you heard is true?"
I have no intention of Qiu Nuo, and I continue to talk about going to Qin in a daze. His purpose is to protect Qin Huang Yuanyang and prevent Qin Huang from entering the WTO. He has sealed Qin Huang from the underground palace for more than 2,000 years, and Qin has always fulfilled his duties.
"What can protect you for more than two thousand years, but you have to let your emperor star enter the WTO?" Qiu Nuo stopped in front of me and looked up seriously and asked
"…" I still can’t answer, and my eyes are a little flustered. I attribute everything Qin has done to me to my family. Besides, I can’t think of his reason.
"How come you still think you are accidental?" I can’t understand Qiu Nuo’s cold smile, his eyes and his smile. "Let me tell you something you don’t know."
I’m waiting for her to tell the truth. I’ve never been so confused, and I’m so confused that I can’t even answer the deep-rooted things.
"Qin is not a guardian of Qin Huang Yuanyang"
"That … that he lived for one thousand years is what?"
"He is waiting for someone who can accept the orders of Emperor Qin!" Qiu Nuo said to me with emphasis, "You just have an emperor’s life so that the Emperor of Qin can join the WTO? Although the emperor’s life is rare, the two thousand-year-old Chinese emperor star has not sent you a Qin Yan back. Why did Qin adopt you? "
If I had been before, I would have absolutely believed that Qiu Nuo would not listen to her, but I didn’t think about these problems before, and I found out that there were too many doubts when she said them.