It doesn’t mean that if it’s so easy to absorb a horse, it won’t be called then avenue. If it doesn’t match the body and qi, it will spread into the flesh, bones and veins, and if it does, it will leak out of the body
People who eat too many drugs still have resistance. The situation is that all of them in the elixir are mixed with weak mental thoughts, which makes it abnormal to stir up easy emotions, especially when they are trained in Xiao Zhou’s fate. This is the sequela, right?
Time waits for no one. People with Yuan gods are jumping out one by one. Who knows what other people are there? As the saying goes, people are in trouble and fall from the sky, and strength is the root. Everything is nonsense.
I relaxed my muscles and shook my clothes, then crossed my legs and sat on a special cushion to relax my facial expression. On the other hand, I could see the dirty body, meridians and bones, skin and flesh vividly.
At present, the abdomen is bulging with true qi, and it is full of vigor and thickness. The "quantity" is enough, but it is not concise and does not form "quality"
Yi first refines the essence of the kidney, leaving no drops until the external kidney contracts like a child’s size.
Eyes closed and eyes focused on the empty space of dantian, but I felt that white light and golden light were gradually bright as sunshine and soft as moonlight, and I couldn’t feel it.
Gradually move to the eyes, left eye, right eye, and month. Look at a piece of platinum shining in the eyes of Dantian, and the true qi will rise like water boiling.
After a while, I slowly turned my eyes from Huiyin point to the left, went up to my head, and then started from Baihui point to the right, and went down to Huiyin point, which turned into a fire for thirty-six weeks.
From Baihui point on the top of the head to the left, go to Huiyin point, and then rise from the right to Baihui point on the top of the head. This is another Zhouyi, which has been turned for thirty-six weeks. The Yin symbol rises left, falls right, falls left and rises right. This is the burning of Qi Dan, which makes it compress and condense.
It’s noon on Sunday, and it’s circulation in the north-south direction, that is, the front and back circulation of human body is copulation according to the Code of Divine Machine.
On Sunday, the east-west circulation is the left-right circulation of the human body, that is, lateral copulation
On these seventy-two laps, I was so tired and dizzy that my heart jumped, and my stomach rolled and my diaphragm at the corner of my eye ached slightly, so I took a short rest.
Suddenly, the true qi in the abdomen spontaneously rotates and dissociates. Four Gu Panpan’s eyes should not be easily stopped, and the temperature of the eyes of the left and right sun and moon should be controlled gently, and the natural breathing should be kept so that it is not hot or cold.
It is precisely in response to this sentence that "then Avenue is not difficult to visually observe Nakata’s night-keeping, fire and water, and selfing a group of business eyes"
The true qi gradually spins out pieces of light to drive the air flow of zang-fu organs to turn around, and a little light from the outside melts into the gold along the pores, killing the wood, killing the vitality, making the water flexible and burning, and experiencing the extraordinary feeling bit by bit.
Before you know it, your mouth is full of saliva and your throat is like rain, but it’s not over yet. Suddenly, gold drops like water, and your mouth is full of fragrance. If you eat honey, but it’s not as sweet as it is, your internal organs will burst into life and your blood circulation will accelerate.
It’s easy to get dizzy, but I feel dizzy and turn into a feather. I can’t tell the difference between southeast, northwest, sun, moon, stars, heaven and earth.
The memory stored in the brain suddenly came out like a sluice gate. From the moment I remembered it to the present, the memory department recalled it bit by bit, like a dream, a shadow, an outsider and a middle experience. The joys, sorrows, loves, hatreds and past events are present.
I don’t know when I lost my breath from my nose until I was so quiet that my body was so empty.
Suddenly, I feel that the little qi outside the abdomen is flourishing and spinning faster and faster, expanding to the periphery of the abdomen, filling the veins of my body and taking away something that I can’t say.
Then it flows into the abdomen and gathers into beads. It is wonderful to disperse and gather like a fire bead.
Suddenly, it automatically rushed to the body, and bang, the fire ball bounced back and forth to rush out along the external kidney.
This can make Yi-hai almost fly out of the sky, and cold sweat suddenly surges out. If this thing is gone, it will be a draw water from a bamboo basket, and the past efforts will be wiped out. What about ideals and ambitions to live forever?
Drive the mind to rush around like a hand, drag it back tightly, and then rush to the valley road, which is easy to contract the muscles there. Bang! With a trembling face, it’s as hot and uncomfortable as a drill bit spinning out.
It can’t rush out, but it turns to rush, and the tail is shaking, so that the meridians swell as if they are about to crack. It is like a living thing turning into a thin line along the Du meridian and entering the Nigong pill.
Yi Nao’s brain is full of Venus’s brain, which is like being squeezed. The mind is out of control. When it is stirred together, it turns around like a winding thread. However, it seems that there is a limited amount of sweet liquid in the mouth, and the drops are like honey, which can be scattered with the swallowing and digestion.
Then the ball of fire stopped spinning, as if it had passed through a virtual chest, swelled and slammed, and settled here in the abdomen.
Then, according to the "seven-day big trip, seven-day big sting, deep silence, a big break, a chaotic seven-day light silence, if you don’t leave the slow fire, you will get carried away. I don’t know if I have a body or a heart, and I can’t have a spark of distractions at all times."
After seven days, it’s easy to open your eyes like a flash of gold, and it’s more than half a foot long. The room is bright and dazzling, and it’s irresistible like a god.
The second volume Then Avenue Chapter 39 Acting warden
Easy to look back, walk out of the house, look around the subtle substances in the world, and show more mystery in front of you.
The brain is as cool as water, and the ancient well is not full of waves, and then it is a new level. The body is light and seems to be gone with the wind.
The spirit moves, and the surrounding air is suddenly heavy, like it is exhausted, and it gathers into a point and flings forward! An invisible wind blade sticks across dozens of meters of land to draw a crack.
Yi also cast some newly learned spells, and the elixir is still in its primary state, so it needs to be nurtured for a few more days to gradually change and adapt to an environment, and then it will be opened in one fell swoop.
After just being stimulated, it became a little lively, and a little bit of anger floated around it. This is the biggest change in refining the elixir-samadhi is really fire samadhi? The monarch fire, the minister fire and the people fire belong to the heart, the kidney, the spirit of the abdomen, the essence and the qi, but the fire is scattered and the gas is scattered.
This fire can burn everything, but it is still effective against people with yuan gods, but it is useless to practice until it reaches a certain temperature. Now I don’t want to.
Yuan Shen’s flying extinction can gather energy and disperse, but the general magic weapon can’t hurt himself. Now, thousands of ghosts come out in the lunar gathering coffin. I don’t know what the effect is, but it belongs to the type of seeing death.
This magic weapon is too important besides one’s own skill. It’s nothing if you don’t make trouble honestly and can’t afford to practice disputes with peace of mind.
But I am doomed to be not the kind of person who can practice with peace of mind and endure people everywhere. I still have to forge a few serious magic weapons.
It’s easy to stretch out my hand and pat my head when I think of a magic weapon, but I think of three evils. I almost forgot to dig that humanoid little tree in the doorway
Take out the jade bottle from the bag of Gankun, pull the young tree with one stroke, and fly out from small to large. The trunk and branches have not been seen for several days, and some of them are weak, just like a girl’s sick posture is delicate and touching.
The inside of the dried Kun bag is isolated from the outside atmosphere and does not get enough nutrients.
It’s difficult to plant this small tree at home without a good place. Although you can’t see anything now, it must be precious and unusual for the three evils to plant it in a stone room.
I’d better take it with me. It’s okay. Let it out for air. I took a bottle in my right hand and moved a few small trees in my left hand. Suddenly, it changed from big to small and was sucked in.
Easy-to-shake bleeding Yuhuan arranges an array to absorb some ebony aura and pour it into the jade bottle. First, replenish it, then say that the jade bottle disappears with a wave of your hand.
Yi corners of the mouth become warped smile, this encirclement and suppression of three evil doors has its own advantages and gained a lot of knowledge, which can be said to be a small gain.
In Bashan and others, whether they die or not, everything has its own advantages and can’t be pulled by themselves.
"Man’s Royal Sword Man Try the Flying Taste of Royal Sword" Easy to cast a smoke screen and then take out the red and dark sword and input the true qi. Suddenly, the tip of the sword was full of green light and suffocating gas.
Spiritual thoughts are injected into the flying sword to form a special connection with the body, just like the sword is a part of the body and an extension of the wonderful abnormality.
Easy to step on the empty foot, suddenly the green light flashed and the flying sword appeared. Turn your feet and turn your right hand to knead the sword and make a stroke! Fly sword suddenly MAO shot out.
Strong strong wind resistance makes it easy to blow, and it is difficult to keep your eyes open and your body sway from side to side. It took a long time to get used to it by covering it with a layer of true qi.
The villa area where I live is already a small black spot. The towering Nanling Mountain is like a dragon, and the surrounding Nanshan Mountain is covered with a layer of ice and snow, just like a bird watching the great rivers and mountains, and I can go anywhere.
The clouds beat their faces a little wet, and then they were blown dry by the wind. Unconsciously, they flew higher and higher, and the gangfeng became more intense.
The true qi hood is blown down rapidly, and it is easy to fly to such a height at first sight. After all, it is flesh and blood, and it can’t be compared with steel unless it is refined to protect the magic weapon. Let’s call it a day.
Yu Jian flew back to the villa to wash himself, then changed his clothes and ate a medicated diet to make up for these seven days of nutrition.
Just after dinner, the phone rang, but it was a special message. I asked to go there for a while and didn’t say anything.
It’s easy to come to the special place and feel that the atmosphere today is a little different. Some people are worried and some people are happy, but when they see themselves, whether they know each other or not, they are very enthusiastic and take the initiative to say hello. Some of them are also flattering.
Seeing Nian Youlin again, he was all smiles, and he couldn’t see that he was hit at all. His expression was easy to be seated, and then he was warm and dignified. He also hit the snake and talked with the stick for a while, and they drew closer and gained something.
If something is abnormal, something will happen. Sure enough, the topic is coming.