"No, no, this mother is sick, and her family is here. Others can’t laugh even if they want to!" Liu Fei holding Edward chan very unhappy face smile happily said
"I knew you were the best!" Chen Haoxuan realized that some things didn’t know whether they were sincere until they met something.
"Is Lu Fei here?" Just as the three of them greeted each other at the door of the ward, Chen’s mother called out weakly.
"It’s mom, I’m coming!" Liu Fei was also very polite and responded to it. At the same time, he told Chen Fu and Chen Haoxuan around him, "Then I will go in first!"
"Come on!" Although Chen Haoxuan doesn’t know whether his mother will speak well or ill, the only thing he can do now is to hope that Liu Fei will stop being angry with his mother.
Lu Fei walked in carefully and saw Guan Chen’s mother lying in the hospital bed.
"Come and sit down!" Chen mother difficult with the wave Liu Fei hurriedly come and put Chen mother hand back in place.
"Mom, please stop moving. I can do it myself!" Liu Fei was afraid that Chen’s mother was unwell, so she quickly came and sat down.
"Feifei, mom … forgive me for being sorry for you before!" Chen mother looked at Liu Fei and regretted tears.
"Mom, what are you talking about? I have never resented you!" Liu Fei looked at Chen’s mother and said with great love
"Mom knows that you don’t like me. I was so confused before blaming me!" Chen mother nai with a sigh.
"Mom, let bygones be bygones. You see, I am still optimistic and alive every day!" Liu Fei smiled at Chen’s mother.
"Mom always wanted to find someone helpful to her career before she got old, but she just ignored your feelings. I was actually very happy to see you two have such a good relationship, but I was just confused for a while … hey!" Chen’s mother is getting sadder and sadder.
"Mom, I know what you think. When you saw me, I heard the first sentence. You thought I was from a poor family and a rural child, but you treated me so well at that time. I was still good with Haoxuan!" Liu Fei was very pleased and said
"Yes, it seems that it is best for a marriage to have feelings. This is the perfect marriage!" Chen mother looked at Liu Fei and felt very regretful.
"Mom, don’t think about it now. Everything has passed. Now, take good care of yourself and wait patiently for the kidney to arrive, and we will be saved!" Lu Fei advised Chen mother not to think about those careless things and to be optimistic.
"This kidney source is so easy to get my disease, I am afraid it will not get better!" Mother Chen knows that she has been punished for so many years.
"It’s all hard to say. There are some things. You will wait until the kidney source. Besides, our medical body is so healthy now!" Liu Fei encouraged Chen Mu.
"Feifei" mother Chen holds Liu Fei’s hand. "If only I could get along with you more well in a good time!"
"Mom, it’s the same when you’re waiting. I’ll hold your grandson for you to see every day!" Liu Fei looked at Chen’s mother and walked over and said
"Don’t look at me. I don’t like babies on the surface. In fact, I take baby photos and look at them over and over again every day. When you are ready, you can travel with Haoxuan and take care of the children. Leave it to me!" Mother Chen also made plans for her future life.
"That’s right, mom. You see, our future life is so beautiful, so we must persist until the day we see a beautiful life, right?" Lu Fei’s language is really infectious, and just a few words actually gave Chen Mu the motivation to live.
"Feifei, that’s very kind of you. Why didn’t I find it earlier …" Mother Chen looked at Liu Fei with great emotion. "It’s a blessing for our family to marry you!"
"Mom, it will be my day if you praise me for a while!" Liu Fei said it on purpose, which won Chen’s mother a smile.
"Hey, after hearing what you said, it seems that this happy life has just begun. I must not lose my fighting spirit. I want to cheer up!" Chen’s mother and Liu Fei are very happy after chatting for days.
"Why does it seem that mom is very happy!" At this time, after waiting outside for half a day, Chen Haoxuan and Chen Fu came in when they looked at it.
"Yes, your mother just cried wolf. Now it seems that Lu Fei is still fierce!" Chen Fu couldn’t help boasting about landing Fei in front of Chen Mu.
"Dad flatter me. I chatted with my mother for a while!" Liu Fei is very polite to respond.
"wife!" Chen Haoxuan approached Lu Fei shyly. "You are really amazing! You just got my mother!"
"What do you mean, done?" Liu Fei deliberately looked at Chen Haoxuan angrily. "Is it good for me and my mother to come?"
"Yes, yes, yes, it’s really a treasure in our family to be with you!" Chen Haoxuan happily kissed Liu Fei.
"Son, can you stop showing your love in front of your sick mother?" Chen mother looked at Edward chan and blushed shyly. Liu Fei was very funny and asked.
"Wife" At this time, Chen Fu poked Chen Mu. "Why don’t we go out for a walk and leave them young people bored together?"
"Well, it seems that we have to make room for young people!" Chen’s mother deliberately said that Chen’s father helped him out of the room.
Chen Haoxuan looked at Liu Fei nervously and looked at her after Chen Fu and Chen Mu left.
"My mother didn’t say anything bad, did she?" Chen Haoxuan asked.
"Look at your mother’s smiling face when you came in. Does it look like we had a verbal battle?" Liu Fei cocked his head and looked at Chen Haoxuan.
"That’s good. You don’t even know how worried I am about you outside!" Chen Haoxuan’s heart finally fell to the ground. "Our mother-in-law war has finally come to an end!"
"What are you talking about?" Liu Fei looked shyly at Chen Haoxuan Xuan and then asked very seriously, "Did mom find the kidney source?"
"Hey, not yet." Chen Haoxuan felt very uncomfortable when he thought about it. "So many people with kidney disease in China are looking for a kidney source. How can it be so easy to find it!"
"That’s right. It’s really difficult to handle many such things every year!" Lu Fei also felt very worried when he heard about it.
"We have all done the tests and can’t match our mother!" Edward chan said very nai.
"testing? Why didn’t I do it? " Liu Fei heard Edward chan talking about this a little surprised.
☆, Chapter 246 Always meet and pinch each other!
"Didn’t you do it?" Chen Haoxuan looked incredible.
"No!" Liu Fei looked at Edward chan very frankly and said
"If you didn’t do it, you didn’t do it. Anyway, the probability is not great!" Chen Haoxuan now wants to wait for the kidney source with all his heart. It is unlikely that Liu Fei can match Chen’s mother.
"Then how can one more match and one more hope!" Liu Fei pulled up Chen Haoxuan and was about to leave. "Go and take me for a test!"
"Feifei didn’t expect you to be so careless about all kinds of bad things to you before my mother …" Chen Haoxuan looked at Liu Fei so enthusiastically and didn’t feel that he didn’t protect Liu Fei before.
"I won’t say these words anymore. They are all family members. What’s wrong with them?" Lu Fei took Chen Haoxuan’s hand and said very seriously, "It is true to cure my mother’s illness now!"
"Wife" Chen Haoxuan was very pleased to see Lu Fei. "I will be good to you in my life!"
"Let’s go! Stop talking nonsense! " Liu Fei, although the surface is very disgusting, is actually warm in his heart.
Shen Nuo and Xiao Jin always went back to every house late, and Lu Xiusi despised that he had already returned home early. Lu Xiusi knew that Shen Nuo would be very tired one day, so he came to work early to cook dinner.
"Come back?" Lu Xiusi has lost the majesty of the past when facing Shen Nuo and Xiaojin, but habitually smiled.
"Well, manager Lu, we are back!" Jin always looked at Lu Xiusi and said happily
"Kid, I didn’t ask you!" Lu Xiusi crossed Xiaojin and always looked at Shen Nuo.
"I’m so tired today!" Shen Nuo took off his shoes and collapsed on the sofa.
"Manager Lu, the sofa in your home is so soft and comfortable to lie down!" Jin always saw Shen Nuo lying on the sofa and followed him.
"Kid, hurry to wash your hands and eat!" Lu Xiusi grabbed him up and drove him to wash his hands.