"I read the report you handed in to Liang Zhu yesterday, and I need to find out some questions from you."
Li Chu is a little confused. He remembers that Master Liang said that he would give the report to the 49-city Medical Association. How could he come to the hospital leadership here?
It seems that I saw his question. Dean Zhang smiled and explained, "It seems that you Liang Zhu didn’t say that I am the chairman of the Committee at the beginning of the year."
"I’m not a Committee member and I don’t even know about it. Congratulations, leader," Li Chu explained
Dean Zhang waved his hand. "They are all members. You should be a member now, right?"
"I am a member of the Chinese medicine branch."
Nodded, Dean Zhang did not continue this topic, but took out Li Chu to write the report.
It can be seen that Dean Zhang has read this report carefully, and many places are marked by his pencil.
Pointing to the top of the report, "Xiao Li, you divide the causes of renal failure into three types. The first primary kidney disease, you wrote nephritis, will his kidney disease cause renal failure?"
"Leader, you are right. There will definitely be other kidney diseases that will cause renal failure from time to time due to treatment, but the problem is that I don’t understand that I can master too little just by self-study."
Dean Zhang realized that the man sitting opposite him was a Chinese medicine doctor, and he actually discussed western medicine with a Chinese medicine doctor, which made him feel ridiculous.
Throw your pen on the table and pinch your nose. Nai said, "What kind of freak are you? I heard from Master Chen that you can understand all the data in the laboratory report now? "
"Some of them need to be checked if they can understand," Li Chu said modestly.
Dean Zhang feels even more headache. How can this product be a Chinese medicine practitioner?
Aren’t all doctors of traditional Chinese medicine very conservative? He remembers that the old doctors of traditional Chinese medicine were very indifferent to western medicine.
Not to mention that Li Chu still has a teacher. Isn’t it more important to respect the teacher? How can it be so deviant?
You, a Chinese medicine practitioner, don’t say anything about western medicine research. The key is that you have also developed something.
How can these self-proclaimed elites who come back from studying abroad live?
Dean Zhang doesn’t want to talk now, and he doesn’t want to see Li Chu.
This made him feel that he had read for nothing for so many years.
He didn’t know that Li Chu was bombarded by later generations. Even if he didn’t do this all his life, he could always see something on the Internet every day.
You can remember something even if you don’t know how to watch it.
He wrote part of this research report this time according to the judgment of uremia in later generations.
Of course, he also has data support, not just nonsense
"Come on, Xiao Li, you go home first. I’ll organize experts from the Medical Association to study your report carefully later."
Li Chu hummed a ditty from Dean Zhang’s office.
If Ding Qiunan is in front of him, he will definitely know that he is in a good mood now.
He is really in a good mood at the moment, but he really doesn’t know about that report, but some of it was deliberately not written.
He can be recognized as a genius, but he can’t be recognized as a monster.
If he writes too much, the experts will not be interested, and then the experts will come looking for him.
He needs to carve his name at the beginning of this road, so does it matter who gets to the finish line first? Maybe it’s important to others.
Without going back to the consulting room, Li Chu went directly to the Chinese pharmacy to see his wife.
Ding Qiunan is up to one’s ears at the moment. Today, she is alone, and the other two pharmacists have asked for leave temporarily.
At ordinary times, the Chinese pharmacy is handled by one person here. Who knows that so many people come to get medicine today? She came to work early in the morning and is so busy that she doesn’t even have a drink at eleven o’clock.
It’s the pharmacy where Master Yang also helps.
But after all, Yang Zhu is not doing this. He is slow to move. He has a prescription, and the doctor writes while dancing. He doesn’t know it at all. He has to ask Ding Qiunan.
Li Chu came over and saw more than 20 people waiting in line to get medicine. He was also a little puzzled when Chinese pharmacies were so busy. I didn’t listen to my daughter-in-law.
He pushed the door directly and went into the pharmacy to help his wife.
Ding Qiunan looked back when he heard that the door was hit. "Li Chu, how did you get here?"
"It’s nothing for me to turn around. Why do so many people take medicine and even Master Yang personally?"
"Oh, Dr. Li, you’re just in time to help your daughter-in-law. Who knows that there are so many people today, and I can’t see that many prescriptions are white and messed up?"
See Li Chu come and help Ding Qiunan and Yang Zhu are all relieved.
Li Chu didn’t take the prescription from Master Yang and got busy.
With Li Chu’s help, the number of people waiting in line outside is rapidly decreasing.
He took another prescription from the window and was just about to get it. He froze and looked at it carefully.
Then he looked up and handed it to the other party. It was a woman in her twenties.
His prescription is supposed to help patients pass stool, but the amount of light powder in traditional Chinese medicine is too large
Under normal circumstances, the maximum amount of calomel is 1 to 2 grams. Any more will cause mercury poisoning and damage the human nervous system and gastrointestinal system. This recipe has actually lost 2 grams.
Moreover, calomel can’t be boiled in water. If it is boiled, no matter how many grams it will poison people, there is no note on this side.
Li Chuyang waved his hand and asked the woman at the window, "Comrade, who will give you this side?"
The woman outside was asked by him for a moment before he said, "It’s a neighbor of my house who told Fang that she can connect …" She said that the woman here blushed and went on talking.
"To whom? It shouldn’t be you? " This woman doesn’t look like constipation.
At this time, both Yang Zhu and Ding Qiunan came along. Li Chuke never said anything just now. Now there should be something wrong with this party.
"It’s for my mother-in-law. What’s the problem? Our neighbor said that this is what he ate at that time. "
"Did he tell you how to eat this recipe?" Li Chu didn’t answer her question, but kept asking.
"How to eat? Of course, it’s boiled and drunk. I said, doctor, could you please hurry up? I have to go back and cook. "
Chapter one hundred and sixty-two Murder
"There is something wrong with this prescription of yours and it’s a big problem. According to this prescription, boiled patients will be poisoned after drinking it."
Li Chu didn’t ask any more questions and just said it. He estimated that the neighbor might have been given this medicine by a doctor before, but he got the wrong dosage this time.
And the boiled water, nine times out of ten, is the woman’s mistake.
"What? Poisoning? How is it possible? Do you know Chinese medicine or not? My neighbor’s family has eaten it all by themselves. "
"Hey, this comrade, what are you talking about? He is the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine in our hospital. You said that he understood that Chinese medicine was caught in front of him, so he didn’t say anything. He asked you a few more questions just because you had a problem with this prescription. Why don’t you know how to be a good person?"
Li Chu and Yang Zhu haven’t talked Ding Qiunan. As soon as someone questioned her man, he immediately blew his mouth like a machine gun.
"As far as he’s still a doctor, Mao hasn’t grown up yet, has he? I think your hospital is disregard for human life. Any broken doctor dares to see a doctor. "This woman is not a provincial oil lamp.
However, Li Chu always felt that this woman’s reaction was a little too much.
Ding Qiunan just wanted to go back again when she was stopped by Li Chu and didn’t let her talk.
He gently said to Yang Zhu next to him, "Yang Zhu called the safeguard section. I suspect that this woman deliberately murdered."
"Dr. Li can’t talk nonsense." Yang looked at him in surprise.
"Hey, if you don’t give me the prescription, give it back to me. I’m going to your leader to sue you."