"Su Li, who killed thousands of knives ….." But God secretly scolded each other and became a holy dharma god. With this huge potential position, he could just find an excuse to get into trouble. It’s true that the race god was crushed against the nine dharma gods regardless of their status.
"A few people joked that it wouldn’t be too much of a hindrance if all the holy gods of the clan welcomed them?"
God suddenly laughed coldly and said in a high voice, "But all the saints come here!"
As he ordered, four saints appeared here again.
"The clan holy capital is here, and the holy dharma gods want to inspect and teach them, please feel free."
When I said this, I "remember to listen to the teachings of the Lord of the Holy Law" towards the Nine Holy Roads.
"Yes!" Jiushengqi drinks heavily.
Su Li and Si Zhao’s three gods looked at each other. I didn’t expect the legacy of God to come. I just called the saints here to let Su Li inspect.
"There is nothing in the rules of the sacred court that says that you must enter the sacred land of the family to inspect the saints, right?" God is a bit sarcastic and proud. Isn’t Su Li very capable? I won’t let you into the sacred land. Now I see what excuse you have.
Si Zhao, the three gods kept their mouths shut, and Bai Yishen really wouldn’t let them in, so they couldn’t help it.
A round of Su Li’s eyes suddenly frowned and said, "God, you are still hiding in your sacred land." Is it meaning? "
"What do you mean?"
Si Zhaoshen is also a child prodigy. He immediately said, "Yes, I also sensed that there is still a holy breath hidden in your sacred land. It seems that there is more than one saint to invite them out, otherwise we will go in and invite them in person!"
God is furious that they are making up stories out of nothing, and the sacred land is still hidden. If people can’t hand it over themselves, they will have an excuse to enter.
He has understood that the other party is determined to enter the sacred land, but according to the rules, he can’t resist it yet
"Forgetting the Terran Holy Capital is here, and there are still several sacred towers that are not allowed to return to the sacred land and hide the holy land for the time being," Shen Shen said.
Su Li said, "So God denies that we were wrong? That’s strange. I feel the sacred breath, but God says it’s not sacred … Is there anything hidden in the sacred land? "
Si Zhaoshen and Tian Fengshen nodded and said, "Yes, for example, the sacred court order prohibits the forbidden corpse, and the soul flower exudes a sacred atmosphere. That’s right. You are so bold!"
"That’s enough!" I was very proud and trembled slightly. I saw that they were getting more and more ridiculous, but every word was really suspected of possession. The king of God ordered that the corpse and soul be forbidden to spend it. No matter whether it is true or not, it will attract the sacred court to investigate the secret of the sacred land, and it will no longer be hidden.
"To say so much is to want to enter the sacred land. Prove that I forgot the Terran innocence. I can allow one of you to enter the sacred land."
The god has to step back and make a deep and hoarse voice
"This is my last bottom line. How many people can find out if there is a problem?"
This time, the god of inheritance made a gesture of never giving in and allowed one to enter.
"All right, you three stay outside and I’ll go in and have a look." Su Li decided to go and have a look in person.
But God shook his head and said, "I can’t trust you. After all, the old Terran, I forgot that the Terran had a conflict. If you get something to plant and frame it, we can’t prevent it."
Su Li frowned slightly.
The god of heritage reached out and pointed out, "Any one of these three can have you. No, if you want to break in, you should kill me first and then break in today."
"You and I dare not kill you?" Su Li’s face was slightly heavy.
The words startled Si Zhao San Shen.
If Su Li really wants to kill the God of Legacy on the spot, it will make a big deal. There is another quasi-god in the jury of the forgotten Terran who is dying, but after all, he is not dead yet. If he wants to tell the king of France, Su Li will be doomed, even the holy God of France will be unlucky, and all three of them will be unlucky.
Su Li was so arrogant that he dared not kill himself on the spot.
"Adult, why don’t I go in and have a look?" Feng Shen’s mouth is also white, and he really wants to have a conflict. Both sides can’t get any benefits. They follow Su Li’s nonsense to bully the god, but it’s okay to kill the god, which is tantamount to piercing the sky.
A dharma god kills a race god for no reason. This kind of thing will definitely shake the whole human world. No dharma god dares to do such a thing at great risk.
Su Li also knows that seeing the relic of God is really like trying hard, and it can also regress slowly. "Good weather, Fengshen, give me a careful investigation and dig three feet, and also give me the forgotten Terran’s possession of corpse and soul flowers."
He still doesn’t know what this corpse flower is, but it should be a very serious contraband according to the appearance of the god, so he insists that the forgotten Terran has the corpse flower.
The head in the center of God’s ear was furious. Su Li obviously wanted to buckle this shit basin directly and forget the Terran head.
But at this moment, he can say "please" in a gloomy voice and then say to the nine forgotten terrans, "You would rather die than stop anyone from breaking in without my order!"