"I am looking for someone to thank!" After Shen Nuo politely refused, he carefully searched room by room.
Looking at the hot business of the hotel, Shen Nuo couldn’t help sighing when she could find Lu Xiusi’s right figure, but it happened that Shen Nuo turned around and she saw a familiar figure through the crack of the door.
"Is it him?" Shen Nuo looked down the line of sight. He saw Lu Xiusi sitting in a chair and didn’t know who he was talking to in Kan Kan.
Shen Nuo hasn’t seen Lu Xiusi for several days. Looking at his back, Shen Nuo feels very satisfied.
"Thin!" Shen Nuo one-way murmured
Shen Nuo couldn’t bear to disturb Lu Xiusi, but she didn’t want to leave, so she went to see the man in front of her in an invisible position, which made her very worried.
But when Shen Nuo looked at Lu Xiusi carefully, he actually had a pair of women’s hands on his shoulders.
Who are these hands? As soon as Shen Nuoxin got to her throat.
Shen Nuo quietly walked to the door to see who these hands were, but when Shen Nuo turned his attention to the owner of these hands, Shen Nuo saw a face that she didn’t want to see anything.
Bai Lulu … Actually beside Lu Xiusi!
Shen Nuo watched Bai Lulu massage Lu Xiusi’s shoulder. It was very intimate. Shen Nuo unconsciously took two steps back and couldn’t believe his eyes.
"Lu Xiusi, you didn’t give a message home. It turns out that you have a gentle hometown here!" Shen Nuo burst into tears.
Looking at Bai Lulu posting landing Hugh so close, Shen Nuo wanted to ask a question, but Shen Nuo looked at the houseman Shen Nuo and knew that he should not directly disturb Lu Hugh’s business field even if he didn’t like this scene.
Seeing that Lu Xiusi didn’t refuse, Shen Nuo left in tears.
Wu Lulu didn’t listen to Lu Xiusi’s warning, but massaged Lu Xiusi’s shoulder and landed.
"Tired? You didn’t sleep well last night!" Bai Lulu tried her best to help landing Hughes massage her shoulders, hoping that Lu Xiusi could relieve her fatigue a little yesterday.
"no!" Lu Xiusi pushed Bai Lulu’s hand. Now he doesn’t want Bai Lulu to touch himself, but hopes that Bai Lulu can leave the scene quickly and don’t make trouble for Lu Xiusi.
"You’d better not make trouble for me here!" Lu Xiusi once again warned Bai Lulu. However, Bai Lulu looked at Mr. Jin regardless of Lu Xiusi’s obstruction and said to him, "Mr. Jin, are you talking about business today?"
Jin always keeps his eyes on Bai Lulu. "Yes, you know a lot about Xiao Ni!"
Mr. Jin’s slanted eyes made Bai Lulu feel queasy, but he still had to bite the bullet and talk to him.
"Mr. Jin’s family also knows some business things more or less. Then why don’t you sign the contract now?" Bai Lulu asked with a naive face.
Lu Xiusi looked at Bai Lulu around him and was disappointed with her to the extreme. Lu Xiusi finally knew what Bai Lulu had learned abroad in recent years. It turned out that Bai Lulu had learned to spend money to buy her master.
Lu Xiusi felt that Bai Lulu was no different from ordinary princesa at this time.
"Now that Miss Bai Lulu has spoken, how do you think we can sign the contract here today, Manager Lu?" General manager Jin asked
But at this time, Lu Xiusi didn’t want to. He opened a president in front of Jin Zong, but he couldn’t resist Bai Lulu’s beauty.
"Mr. Jin, I think this matter is still …" Lu Xiusi was interrupted by Bai Lulu before he finished speaking.
"Manager Jin, why don’t I go with you to get it?" Bai Lulu’s smiling face caters to General Manager Jin.
"Yes, yes, I am very willing to have a beauty!" Gold always looked at Bai Lulu and threw herself so actively that she was very happy and agreed.
Lu Xiusi pulls Bai Lulu. "Bai Lulu, what are you doing?" Lu Xiusi’s face frowned.
"Hugh, don’t worry, I won’t give you any trouble. Trust me!" Bai Lulu saw that Manager Jin was already waiting for her at the door, so she got rid of Lu Xiusi and followed Manager Jin and went out.
"Is this woman crazy? What does she want!" Lu Xiusi looked at Bai Lulu’s dissolute figure and was very suspicious.
Bai Lulu followed Jin Zong to go out for a while and then Jin Zong stopped.
"Why doesn’t manager Jin leave?" Bai Lulu asked curiously
Mr. Jin looked at his entourage. "You go first!"
The attendants nodded and obeyed and left.
Bai Lulu noticed that General Jin’s eyes had changed significantly again.
"Miss Bailulu" looked at Bailulu. "Actually, I … have liked you for a long time!"
Mr. Jin conveniently took Bai Lulu’s hand and Bai Lulu was startled.
"Mr. Jin, what are you … what are you doing?" Bai Lulu wants to break free from the gold master, but because the gold master is too strong, Lulu can’t break free.
"Miss Bai Lulu, I know that you are the business manager Lu." Mr. Jin greedily sucks the smell of Bai Lulu in the gas. "You know that I have always been very kind to women …"
"Mr. Jin, you …" Bai Lulu will give Mr. Jin a little sweetness and he will agree to this matter, but now Bai Lulu feels that he has made a mistake.
"Miss Bai Lulu, you smell so good!" Manager Jin tried to get close to Bai Lulu and pressed her against the wall.
"Mr. Jin, you respect yourself. If you are touching me, I will call someone!" Bai Lulu desperately tried to break away from General Jin’s clutches.
"You shout, there are all my people here, and there is nothing for you to shout again." Mr. Jin looked at breaking away from Bai Lulu and said, "If you want to leave me, I will immediately agree to cooperate with Mr. Lu. Don’t you want to help him? Now it’s just to your liking."
Bai Lulu looked at Jin Zong before and remembered what he had just said. He couldn’t help but bend Bai Lulu’s mind. Lu Xiusi can do anything, even betray his body.
"You say … really?" Tears in Bai Lulu’s eyes are rolling in her eyes. Her innocence has long since disappeared. What’s the difference between her and the greedy person in front of her?