"At your age, they’ll never be as ready as you are."
"Anyway, there are six positions of champion king, and you must have a seat in these six positions."
Hear Su Meng comfort Liu Yuan mood is not much easier.
It’s true that things are the same as Su Meng said. There are six champion positions.
If you get one of these six seat.
It is not too difficult for the current land source.
But if you were human, you would want to fight for breath.
Now Lu Yuan is like this.
If you want to do it, do your best!
Just as there is a big gap between the ordinary king and the champion king.
There is also a gap among the champions!
Although the chief king and the sixth king are both champions.
But there must be huge differences in the resources they can obtain.
Liu Yuan, who has so many adventures, doesn’t feel that he is not competing for the qualification of chief king now.
Even if it takes ten years to practice, what about it?
With a unified plug-in, the gap is not irreparable!
Thinking of this, Liu Yuan replied to Su Meng, "Don’t worry, Master, I won’t embarrass you."
Su Meng, who is still in Shuilu College at this time, doesn’t know what to say at the moment.
Because she saw Liu Yuan’s firmness from this passage
She’s an apprentice … She’s as proud as ever!
Chapter 72 Low-key genius
Although there are three people who can pose a threat to themselves in the information received so far
But Liu Yuan won’t be naive to think that there will really be three people with such strength in this pop war.
The world is neve short of people who are powerful but not famous enough.
Although the extraordinary world needs strength, it is often easy to harvest the corresponding fame
However, nothing is absolutely impossible, and there will be people who practice in the mountains for decades and finally reach the full level before they reach the mountain.
It will be a great headache for him if he really meets such a person.
After all, these people are not famous, but this will be their advantage.
Because they are not famous, their opponents will not value them.
You might be able to capsize your opponent in the gutter.
Liu Yuan doesn’t want to be the shipwrecker.
This time, the most likely person to win the position of the first champion in the Tianwang War.
Presumably, his information should have been sent to all the players.
While he is studying others, others are studying him.
Chief, there’s a man who nobody wants to stay for a long time.
Although the news of the King’s War has been released.
However, the specific process arrangement has not been completely finalized.
After all, this is a tryout that radiates the whole league.
For the league, it is to finalize a successor competition.
The so-called King of Heaven is, in a sense, the alternative guardian of the top six colleges.
But this time, the college put these six alternative guardians on the table from the dark.