However, Ding Hui, the promoter of this conference, is in no hurry. She accompanied Su Li and introduced the situation of each district for him.
"Not counting your’ new district’ and our’ Qinhuai district’, there are seven major forces in its three districts. We have all joined forces. It’s too early now. How many forces are there in your’ new district’, Brother Su?"
Su Li moved in his heart and said, "There are two’ new areas’ besides our’ Golden Eagle Alliance’ and the’ National Exchange Center’. I met their leader Wen Ying before, and the other party promised to arrive today."
I thought that there were seven forces in its three districts plus four forces in the "New District" and "Qinhuai District", that is, eleven forces. Of course, I don’t know how many forces were actually present today.
Abrupt observation on the edge of the roof, the northerners and southerners cried almost at the same time, with a face of excitement reporting that someone in the north and south was coming here.
In a short time, two people arrived at the roof one after another.
The number of people from the north is about 70. After mutual introduction, Su Li heard that they are from the "Changfeng District" power organization name "New World"
From the south, the number of these people is small, and there are thirty or forty people with domineering names. They are called "Imperial Capital" and come from "Chongyuan District"
With the arrival of the "New World" and "Imperial City", five major forces have come, and the number of people on the top floor has exceeded 300. The scene seems a bit lively.
The vast majority of these 300 people are men, and a few women are naturally the focus of attention.
Many people are talking to each other, but it is the first time for everyone to gather in such a grand way after the flood, which is particularly novel
Su Li quietly opened the "peep symbol pattern" and has been quietly observing and peeking at the level information of these people around him.
After observation, he found that the vast majority of people have reached level 1, and it is almost impossible to see anyone below level 1. Obviously, this time they are the elite of the major forces.
In addition to level 1, a small number of them have been successfully advanced, but their bases are all at level 1. This small number of people is naturally the elite of the major forces, and their bases are in the leadership.
With the observation one by one, he finally found a person who broke through the first level among the more than 300 people.
This person comes from Chongyuan District and the Imperial Capital, and he is the only one in the audience. The second level is a second-level Berserker.
Suri is now a first-level holy knight. It is natural to know how difficult it is to upgrade from level 1 to level 2. It takes five spiritual sources.
This man was able to become a level 2 Berserker, which attracted Su Li’s attention and made him feel a little surprised.
How did this man rise so fast?
You know, even Ding Shi’s brother and sister are also at level 1. I didn’t expect this person to step into level 2 before them. This is really amazing
Su Li saw that this man was in his twenties, and his figure looked very lean. After he boarded the roof, he nodded toward Lin Feng. After they seemed to know each other, he quietly found a place to sit and repose without even paying attention to Ding’s brother and sister.
Su Li doesn’t know his name, but he can guess that he should be the leader of this "Imperial Capital" organization.
About ten minutes later, almost one after another, two forces came again.
First came a group of people, about 50 or 60 people from the northwest of Yingdong Building. After Ding Hui quietly introduced Su Li, I realized that these people were from the name of the organization of Green Town, another force in Changfeng District.
Later, a group of about 70 people came from the remittance center, another force in the "new area"
Su Li met this group of people, including Wen Ying, Zhang Feng and Wang Xiangyu, and immediately took the initiative to meet them and say hello.
It’s polite to give yourself a face if the other party can come.
Wen Ying also politely replied that Zhang Feng smiled at Su Li, and Wang Xiangyu’s eyes went round and round looking for Gong Xiao in the crowd.
"I didn’t expect so many people to be really glad you came."
Zhang Feng has a smile on his face and then looks at all forces curiously.
Wen Ying smiled and didn’t show the slightest. He really wanted to look a little hidden.
"What time is it?" Ding Hui looked at the side.
This man stretched out his left hand and showed his left wrist, wearing a green water ghost watch and saying "9: 30"
Ding Hui nodded slightly. "Seven forces have come. Let’s wait another ten minutes."
The original appointment was 9: 00, and now it’s 9: 30. As a result, there are only seven eleven forces, and she decided not to wait for another ten minutes.
Of course, she is satisfied to have seven forces.
After all, this time it’s all the big forces in each district, and the seven big forces have accounted for more than half of the number of Nanjiang five districts.
Now monsters are becoming more and more ferocious and terrible, and it is almost impossible for small forces to be born to the whole Nanjiang city. At present, there are only eleven well-known forces.
Looking at Ding Huichao LAM Raymond motioned for him to speak before.
When she motioned, two groups of people appeared in the distance, coming from the east and southeast respectively.
The two newcomers came from the east, and a hundred of them came from the "Taixiang District" in the east. The name of this force is very Chinese, and it is called "Doomsday Club"
At least 30 people from the southeast came from Chongyuan District and Pearl City.
"Are there still’ Bell and Drum Tower’ and’ New Baiye’ people left to wait?" This looked at Ding Hui asked.
"Don’t wait for LAM Raymond, tell everyone. After this, I estimate that these two families will not come."
Lin Feng nodded and went out from the crowd.
At the moment, the nine forces have occupied a piece of ground, and some of them know each other or are familiar with each other and say hello. Of course, most people are watching.
The number of people on the roof has reached five or six hundred, and they are all elites. It can be said that almost all the strongest people in the whole Nanjiang city are gathered here.
They are the last hope of Nanjiang city human beings.