Xing Xuan and Zi Rui stood in this Huaguoshan at this time and looked at it. It was blown all the way by Tang Fei. Huaguoshan Holy Land couldn’t help secretly nodding. Huaguoshan really deserves its name. It’s no wonder that it can produce a practitioner like Monkey King.
Xing Xuan and Zi Rui lamented that Sun Boyi had already flown from Yuyu Qiongzhou and shouted, "Ma Wenyuan Ma Wenyuan, you old monkey, let’s see who’s here!"
As Sun Boyi shouted from the depths of the mountain forest, there was a noisy beam of light flying from the mountain forest, and several little monkeys flew in the clouds towards Sun Boyi.
In the blink of an eye, those little monkeys surrounded Sun Boyi, squeaking and screaming, and tied Sun Boyi to the ground.
Xing Xuan and Zi Rui couldn’t help being shocked. Why are these monkeys so savage that they don’t say anything and tie up the guests first?
I am hesitating whether to teach these little monkeys a lesson to let them know that when they are entertaining guests, a binge of drinking comes from the depths of the forest, "Children are not polite!"
With this sound, a tall human figure in golden armor flew towards Sun Boyi and arrived in front of Sun Boyi. With a wave of his hand, he tied Sun Boyi and broke him, dragging him up.
Then Sun Boyi shouted with some feelings, "Ma Wenyuan, what do you know about me? Can you still trap me with these broken ropes? I just pretended to be dead to scare those little monkeys. You messed up when you came!"
Ma Wenyuan laughed and said, "It’s my fault again. Keep pretending to be dead and I won’t save you!" As he spoke, the green light flashed, and those ropes that were broken by him were reconnected and recovered exactly as before, and Sun Boyi’s Xu was kicked and tied up again.
High school star Xuan’s eyes flashed red, and I couldn’t help secretly surprised that those little monkeys tied Sun Boyi with an ordinary rope. Now it’s easier for everyone to break a rope like this than to eat popcorn. But if a piece of rope that has no magic and has never been sacrificed and refined is restored to its original state like Ma Wenyuan, Star Xuan believes that he has absolutely no such skill.
"Grandpa Ma!" Tang Fei jumped toward Ma Wenyuan, shouting at this time.
That Ma Wenyuan picked up Tang Fei with a big smile on his face and said, "It’s not bad to grow so big after a few years. Hehe, we can’t grow old!"
Tang Fei Xi Xi smiled and was about to speak, but he was still lying still pretending to be dead. Sun Boyi said, "Ma Wenyuan, you’re such a joke. How can you be old? You escaped The six great divisions in the wheel of karma and you can’t die if you want to!"
Ma Wenyuan laughed and kicked Sun Boyi and said, "Aren’t you going to call me an old man in disguise?"
Sun Boyi spent a stay and then burst out laughing. He was very proud of his "very meaningful" words just now.
Xing Xuan and Zi Rui landed in front of Ma Wenyuan at this time. Tang Fei hurriedly introduced Long Xingxuan and said, "This is the patriarch of Long Xingxuan from the human world, and next to him is the wife of Long Dage, Zi Ruixian!"
Jin Mang in Ma Wenyuan’s eyes looked at Long Xing Xuan’s body, and his face suddenly turned out to be more rude than in horror and shouted, "Go, go, leave here. You are not welcome in Huaguoshan!"
When this sentence came out, not only Long Xingxuan, Zi Rui, but also Tang Fei and Sun Boyi froze. That Tang Fei shook repeatedly and Ma Wenyuan cried, "Grandpa Ma, what’s wrong with you? Brother Long is my friend!"
Sun Boyi immediately jumped up from the ground and broke the rope in front of Ma Wenyuan and cried, "What’s wrong with you, old monkey? Did Long Xingxuan rob your wife before?"
Ma Wenyuan’s face was flushed at this time, and his eyes stared at Long Xingxuan without giving in at all.
A flash of cold light flashed in Long Xingxuan’s eyes, reaching out to stop Sun Boyi in front of him and asking Ma Wenyuan, "Have we met before, Lord Mashan?"
"no!" Ma Wenyuan said very simply.
"Since there is no Mashan Lord, why should I insult Long Xingxuan?" Xing Xuan stared at Ma Wenyuan in a pair of eyes at this time.
Tang Fei and Sun Boyi froze. None of them thought that they had just met and it turned out to be such a scene. Who should they help if they fight? It’s really a headache.
"Insult insults me. Say it again, Huaguoshan doesn’t welcome you to leave!" The Ma Wenyuan stretched out his hand and dialed Tang Fei at this time and watched Long Xingxuan than sink a voice and said
Violet is nervous and sweaty at this time, and the thin-winged starlight barrier is flickering in front of her.
"Haha, I’ve really seen the hospitality of Mashan’s main place. Since Mashan’s main place doesn’t welcome us, Zirui, let’s go!" Longxingxuan took a step back at this time and pulled up Violet to fly away.
The long Tang Fei breathed a sigh of relief. At the key moment, Long Xingxuan couldn’t resist not growing up with this Ma Wenyuan.
When Sun Boyi saw that Long Xingxuan and Zi Rui had left, he flew into a rage and turned around and grabbed Ma Wenyuan’s neck and shouted, "Ma Wenyuan, you old monkey fairy, what do you mean, Long Xingxuan is my best friend? What do you mean, you drove him away!"
Next to Tang Fei, he also said, "What is the reason why Grandpa Ma wants to drive Brother Long away? Is it because he is from the human world? Do you look down on Grandpa Ma?"
The Ma Wenyuan broke free from Sun Boyi and flew out far away and said to the two men
"Don’t ask me again. Ask me and I won’t tell!"
Say that finish a twist immediately disappear.
"Hum bastard, Senator Marvin broke up with you!" Sun Boyi waved angrily and attracted a thunder and fire to burn towards Huaguo Mountain.
The little monkey zoomed in and called out several human figures from the jungle to form a phalanx, and all kinds of brilliance immediately turned into a huge optical network from those people flying out and arriving, all of which blocked Sun Boyi’s thunder fire in the middle.
Sun Boyi was so angry that he screamed and dazzled the cold mountain and flew out with a flash of lightsaber, slashing at that group of people.
As soon as the gesture of the group changed and the direction of the optical network changed, Sun Boyi’s lightsaber was resisted again, so that the lightsaber could not enter.
"Ma Wenyuan, you are cruel!" Sun Boyi was so angry that he screamed and took the lightsaber and flew back and never looked back.
Tang Fei also flew away with a sigh
Just then, the golden light flashed before their eyes, and Ma Wenyuan went back and stopped in front of them.
"Hee hee, I know Ma Wenyuan, you were joking with us just now, right? Hehe, I’ll get Long Xingxuan back right now!" Sun Boyi immediately eyebrow eye smile said to the Ma Wenyuan
The Ma Wenyuan a little smile and no grabbed Sun Boyi said
"It’s no joke, but you two can’t be with Long Xingxuan. Come with me!"
The Sun Boyi and Tang Fei were pulled by Ma Wenyuan, and Zhenyuan suddenly failed to work properly. With Ma Wenyuan, they dragged them to fly to water curtain cave.
Sun Boyi swore all the way out, and Ma Wenyuan turned a deaf ear.
In the distance, Long Xingxuan and Zi Rui saw all this in their eyes. Long Xingxuan asked Zi Rui with a wry smile, "Is my face annoying?"
Violet shook her head and said to Long Xingxuan anxiously, "Xingxuan, since he doesn’t welcome us, let’s leave him alone!"
Xing Xuan laughed after hearing this and said, "Zi Rui, I can’t let it go in my heart. Maybe someone planted a frame on us, or maybe you wait for me here. I’m going to go over and explore and see what’s going on!"
Zi Rui grabbed Xing Xuan’s clothes and said, "I want to go, too!"
Xing Xuan waved his hand and said, "Zirui, wait for me here. If Ma Wenyuan shows up, I’ll start work on me. I’m counting on you to meet me here and escape!"
After hearing what Xing Xuan said, Zi Rui let go with Xing Xuan, thinking that Ding Ding told Xing Xuan, "Be careful!"
Xing Xuan nodded his head and flashed into the air to fly away again in the direction of Huaguoshan.
Ma Wenyuan dragged Tang Fei and Sun Boyi into water curtain cave and reached a crystal screen. The crystal screen suddenly fluctuated like waves, and then slowly cracked a crack. Ma Wenyuan waved his hand and threw Tang Fei and Sun Boyi in.