Pei Xizhen frowned and said, "Did Kobayashi find you again?"
"No, I played games. Hey, hey," Lin Muxia turned red. "After playing for a night, I finally passed the sad reminder and came here before I knew it."
"What game so fan? To introduce "I said.
"Super Mary …"
It’s dark outside. Looking at the window, it’s dark. A gust of wind roared past. Looking at it, it’s raining heavily today. Soon there will be raindrops scratching the glass. Seeing that the rain is getting heavier, when we went to die, the little-eared Taoist priest appeared again. He was soaked and poured into a drowned rat. He threw a sentence "There are still 14 days" and turned around and limped away.
Pei Xizhen said, "It’s really persistent. How afraid he is of the star-picker."
"Pei sir, don’t talk about small ears. The three of us were also squeezed together and slept for several days." Lin Muxia came to die with a tired face and went straight into the lounge to sleep.
At this moment, my mobile phone rang, and it was a strange number. Later, I picked up a weak male voice. After listening carefully for a long time, I didn’t know what the other party said. At first, I hung up and dialed back, but the sound quality remained the same.
After hanging up, the other party called again. This time, I could barely hear "Ask for directions for five yuan to save me", and then there was no sound on the mobile phone.
After thinking for a long time, I finally remembered who asked for directions for five yuan. When I rushed to save my mother, I asked for directions and carved my number. I wanted to develop the stall owner into an informant. After so long, it was hopeless. I didn’t want to contact me after a month. His tone seemed to be in danger.
I said hello to Pei Xizhen, and I drove to the street near the train. There was a sign of the pencil necked stall owner, but no one was seen.
There is a female college student who sells a restricted magazine stall next to her. I asked her if she knew where the stall owner who looks like a monkey went. She chuckled, "I’ll tell you as soon as I buy it for ten dollars." Why are people like this now? I handed the past twenty dollars, and she took the dirty and fragrant the duke of mount deer and handed it to me. "The stall owner offended the Red Snake Gang and was kidnapped by a group of people."
"How to offend?" This is the first time I’ve heard the name Red Snake Gang.
"I didn’t pay for protection," sighed the stall owner. "Today is the last day for me to set up a stall, and I won’t set it up again. I haven’t earned enough."
"Thank you"
I called Lin Muxia for a long time before she vaguely answered, "Does Ling Yu want to get back at the morning?" She sounded as if she was going to hang up.
"It’s not that you listen to me. It’s urgent." I’m anxious. "You hurry up and bring up the information of the Red Snake Gang. The more detailed the better. I’ll send a mobile phone number later. Check the last dial-out address." After hanging up, I sent her the owner number of the pencil necked vendor and waited anxiously for nearly ten minutes. I received two short messages from Lin Muxia. I read them carefully.
The first text message "The number owner is the crematorium at 9: 29 when the last call was made."
The pencil necked vendor won’t be burned alive by the Red Snake Gang … I can’t wait to order the second message.
Chapter 41 Bone slave, bamboo leaf red
The Red Snake Gang, an evil force in the west of the city, is active in trains and cars. The gang leader is a female nickname, bamboo leaf red, with a red water snake pattern on his left chest. Five people have a blue water snake pattern on his left arm. About 13 people have small snakes on their arms. They belong to medium-sized gangs, mainly selling tickets and collecting protection sources. In recent years, it is suspected that there are trafficking in women and children, and illegal transactions have been filed. Because no evidence has been caught, they are now listed in the crackdown group’s rectification list. The address of the main hall is Panyang Road and Charming Bar.
After reading the profile of the Red Snake Gang, I was stunned by the most poisonous woman! This bitch is quite capable of leading more than 100 men, which should be a difficult role.
Without hesitation, I immediately went to the crematorium nine kilometers from here.
The fresh air at the beginning of the rainstorm failed to dilute the tense and depressing atmosphere in the crematorium. There were cries or sorrows everywhere, and my mood was also affected. I felt that my footwork was heavy. I was relieved to think that I would lie here and turn to ashes many years later. I asked seven people if they had seen a man who looked like a pencil necked, but no one gave me the answer.
Wandering around the back of the stone smelting furnace, there are twelve holes for collecting ashes, and many families of the deceased are waiting for the ashes to be released.
I gave up the idea of asking before, and people were sad, so they didn’t talk to me.
At this time, I saw two strong men with five big and three thick coming out of the toilet. At first glance, they were thugs. They walked towards the back of the crematorium. Someone might ask which big five? Which three are thick? Then I have big hands, big feet, thick head and thighs, thick waist and thick neck!
I noticed that both strong men had blue tattoos on their hands, which were suspected to be snakes, and nine times out of ten were red snakes, so the gang quietly followed.
There is a big pit in the back hill filled with piles of bone fragments.
Following two people here, I hid behind a big tree and saw more than 20 people on the edge of the buried bone pit. The woman in the middle was wearing a red cheongsam with a phoenix hairpin on her head. Her back was turned to my direction, and her back was beautiful. I couldn’t help but fantasize about what her face looked like, and she was respectful to her. This woman should be a red snake Wang with a red bamboo leaf.
The ground was also tied, and among the two people, the owner of the pencil necked stall was trampled by a strong man’s foot and could not move. I was afraid that the strong man would accidentally lose control of his strength and make the skinny bones fall apart.
Sit tight
Laughing like a bell with bamboo leaves, "Hehe ~ You can get good things by catching bone slaves today."
The breeze brought her voice into my ears, which was magnetic and slightly vicissitudes of old records.
"Still go" Zhu Yehong pointed to the pencil necked vendor and the other man "I won’t come if I don’t catch three pieces". Her voice just fell and she stepped on the two strong men to untie them and threw them into the buried pit without mercy.
Then four gang members threw a rope into the bone pit, and after dozens of breaths, they saw these people dragging the rope. Soon, four gray-faced people were pulled in, which turned out to be the same as the owner of the pencil necked stall. After being thrown, they were stained with ashes.
They trembled as if they would fall down at any time, holding two or three gadgets in everyone’s hands and offering their hands to Zhu Yehong.
Zhu Yehong took the first person’s things over and over and looked at the "garbage" for a few times. Her long legs suddenly lifted without warning and kicked to the man. Zhu Yehong chuckled "one" and at the same time a scream came from the depths of the pit.
"garbage" and "one"
Another scream.
"It can be finished today"
Someone laughed.
"Garbage in garbage" Bamboo Leaf Red kicked people into the buried tunnel for the third time "Hey? ! There’s no one left. Then drag the two bone slaves that were just released. "
Two ropes were thrown into the bone pit by the gang, and soon the owner of the pencil necked stall was carrying three things in his hand, crying and screaming, and the other rope was
"If you agree, it’s not the first time for you to set an example for new people. If others find three things, you can have five. "Zhu Yehong sneered at the pencil necked stall owner and ticked his finger." Give it to me first. If the quality is good, I’ll let you go today. The quality is generally barely up to standard, so you can work hard again. "
The pencil necked stall owner cried and begged, "Please give me a break, Sister Hong. I can’t be a bone slave. It’s horrible. I don’t want to go again in my life." His face was full of tears and his voice trembled.
Zhu Yehong looked at three things as if he hadn’t heard them and shook his head. "It’s a pity that two kinds of garbage are as good as one. Please go again."
At this time, Lin Muxia called me, and my heart thumped, so I dug up the cell phone pool. I saw several people in front looking around and thinking it was broken! The mobile phone bell is so big that it will be heard by the Red Snake gang. Sure enough, I saw bamboo leaves turn around and face this way. I hated Lin Muxia a hundred times in my heart. I didn’t call early or late, but I was too busy tracking and forgot to mute my mobile phone.
"Who rolled out by himself?" Zhu Yehong shouted at the Woods.
I can’t hide from that simple point. I quickly shook hands with the gun, and the sight of bamboo leaves became red step by step.
When the Red Snake gang saw me walk out with a gun, a few people panicked, but after all, it was a few bamboo leaves with the same red face. She was the backbone of this group of men, and she was reassured by the calm appearance.
"Type 92, are you a bar?" She cocked her head at me.
The red face of bamboo leaves is not much worse than her back. The only fly in the ointment is that she is not so plump, but she looks exquisite.
I can’t help asking, "What is a bone slave?"
"Bone slave is just like him." Bamboo leaves gave the pencil necked stall owner a red look. Hehe smiled. "It’s just a treasure hunter who jumped into the bone pit."
"Treasure hunt?" I asked.
"When the deceased was cremated, he had something of value with him," she added, adding that the family members put a small part of the ashes into the urn, and most of the ashes were poured into this big pit, so I brought someone to pick up the treasure. I am very law-abiding ~! "
"obey the law?" I smiled. "Take a step back and say that even if you don’t violate the law, isn’t it against the labor law to force these people to be bone slaves?"
"Otherwise …"