Unicorn Chan wanted to move forward at the moment, but he was pushed out by the spell power. The root method crossed the line half a step in Unicorn Chan’s anxious moment. A faint sound sounded in Unicorn Chan’s heart. Don’t go in the past. The blood soul will not be trapped in the darkness. His voice is indifferent, but it makes Unicorn Chan feel at ease.
Who are you? Unicorn Chan asked puzzled.
But the sound disappeared.
After waiting for a moment, I didn’t reply. Unicorn Chan simply stopped talking. Because this avatar must be a big shot. Since it is now so likely from the curse, the strange ancient palace in the ghost world thought of here. Unicorn Chan simply stopped thinking about it and looked up at the sky.
Nie Jing, a secluded prison living in the outer space, is already in the heat at the moment. Unicorn Chan Gen can’t see the figure of two people. He can see two groups of light flashing and colliding. From time to time, he will show the huge figure of the soul of heaven, but then he will disappear. The two light groups are constantly flashing out in the outer space, and from time to time, the residual power will directly hit the ground, suddenly causing a shock.
Ye Piao felt that he was dead at the moment, but he was not completely dead. He felt that he had a trace of consciousness floating in the dark, like a wandering soul. At that time, memories came out and kept shaking in front of Ye Piao’s eyes, and the noise kept ringing in Ye Piao’s ear. That was the sound he had heard before, and that was the sound of all beings.
Light and darkness, they represent the opposite of the world.
You should have seen such a scene, that is, a narrow beam of light can also penetrate the darkness, bringing new hope to the virtual world, which is more meaningful because of the existence of light and darkness.
In the middle of the chaos, it seems that I heard the Caron sound, and those words of light and darkness are once again now. Ye Piao’s ears are not waiting for Ye Piao to ponder carefully, but Ye Piao knows that it is just an illusion, and in a short time, the Tai Chi ghost figure has collapsed into chaos.
Chaotic leaves are floating and mumbling, and suddenly a flash of light flashes in my mind. Everything is born in chaos. I don’t know. Ye Piao remembered this sentence, and then a passage is now in Ye Piao’s mind. Tai Chi is born in two instruments, two instruments, three talents, three talents, four elephants, five elements, six rivers, seven stars, seven divinations and nine palaces. All ten parties were originally and finally Fiona Fang.
The sound stopped slowly, and suddenly the leaves floated and found that the sound was actually floating from one’s own mind, and everything was everywhere.
Source Avenue is extremely reborn. Suddenly Ye Piao heard himself drinking. At the moment, Ye Piao felt that his body was actually regrouping in an instant, and suddenly in the depths of the vast darkness, an unusually dazzling beam of light lit up like an Excalibur, tearing the dark realm, followed by a round of Taiji ghosts and gods.
Ye Piao’s right hand stretched out and one hand held Tai Chi in anger, and everything was renewed. At the beginning, the chaos of Yin and Yang was staggered. With Ye Piao’s anger at Tai Chi, the ghosts and gods flew high, and in a short time, a darkness was shrouded. The dazzling light pierced the absolute darkness and lit up.
Great spell at the moment a shiver seems to feel the huge energy from the darkness. Those huge eyes slowly disappear, and the spell also shrinks sharply and quickly returns to Unicorn Chan’s double horns.
Just as the spell was just in place, Unicorn Chan suddenly burst into thousands of bright lights in front of him, followed by a round of Taiji ghosts and gods, and the darkness suddenly fell apart. Ye Piao was now holding hands with Tai Chi, white hair and flying robes, and shooting two lotus flowers at the sky like a furious fiend, which seemed to be more suffocating and powerful than tall.
Nie Jing, a secluded prison in the outer space, slammed a punch. With the help of a powerful shock wave, two people suddenly retreated. At the same time, two huge heavenly souls appeared again, and two light blades split and slammed a sacred domain. Many ancient gods were shattered and floating around them. Huge celestial stones burst in succession.
What a powerful force can break my darkness. Nie Jing can’t believe it. His eyes are dull.
Do you think you can really kill the blood soul? The secluded prison stands in the divine domain and drinks coldly at Nie Jing opposite.
It is said that Ye Piao looked up at the sky on his back, and his eyes almost materialized. Suddenly, a huge blood soul appeared behind him, and then a lotus flower went straight to the distant sky.
Looking at the bloody ghosting through the sky, Unicorn Chan’s eyes almost fell to meow. What happened to the blood soul today? Chapter one hundred and sixty-seven Lei Ming, the high priest.
Nine seals, my Lord and nine souls, I respect heaven and earth, and I was born after a bloody battle. Nie Jing, who was in a secluded prison, struggled to part with the blood soul, but the deep voice was broken for nine days, which made Nie Jing, a secluded prison, resonate in his heart and couldn’t help but look in the same direction again. However, a blood-red figure quickly broke through the void and rushed to the celestial realm at a high speed.
Blood overflows nine Wan Li leaves before people arrive at the first mouth, which is a day. Behind the law, the blood soul roars and waves one arm at the same time, drawing a crack in the sky. The bright red liquid surges from the crack and rolls all over the sky. At that time, the bloody sea in the sky is full of pungent blood smell.
I, hundreds of millions of creatures, have broken your dark realm, and the magic power has gone with the leaves, and the realm of heaven and earth has been almost devastated. Many broken temples have been smashed by the sea of blood, disintegrated in the sea of blood and then disappeared.
Looking at the blood soul leaves floating angrily and killing to the secluded prison, Nie Jing, the dark soul, immediately retreated. At this moment, he stood in front of the blood sea and looked at the blood sea stretching tens of thousands of rugged talons and catching Nie Jing’s eyes. Two substantive dark eyes suddenly penetrated several blood claws, followed by the dark soul’s hands to cut, and the square god domain was shaking.
Unicorn Chan is now looking at a piece of miserable red reality, watching the sky burst constantly in the violent power, and there is a hope in his eyes. How strong it would be if he could hold the power to break the heavens and the earth one day.
Just as Unicorn Chan was thinking, a figure was sad now, and Unicorn Chan was surprised. Unicorn Chan almost stepped on the past to see the face of the bearer. Unicorn Chan couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief and said, I said that the secluded prison will bring something greatly, okay?
Deep and remote prison at the moment has been back to the soul looked around Unicorn Chan didn’t speak but looked up at the sky.
At this moment, many creatures in the real world look at the lotus flower, and there is a trace of fear in the depths of the heavenly heart in the distance, which comes from the soul trembling and the daily war makes the creatures uneasy
The dark soul splits a pure dark force and immediately twists the powerful blade around it, splitting the blood sea and hitting the leaves behind the blood sea.
Watching the dark forces cut straight and the leaves floated with a cold hum, Tianwei once again waved the power of the vast border to sweep across the square, which quite shattered the sense of Liuhe’s disintegration.
The violent shaking of the divine realm, the root method, has endured this power from the extreme source avenue, and has just finally realized that Ye Piao is now far from the past because Ye Piao has gone from Tai Chi consciousness to the limit.
Everything is born and died by yin and yang, and the leaves are floating in anger. A sacred land collapses rapidly, and the pure and dark forces of the dark soul are completely annihilated with the collapse. In the power of Tai Chi, the powerful forces split the sacred land and went straight to the real world. The city of the mainland was the first to bear the brunt of the huge forces, and tens of thousands of people in the city of the war were devastated.
Damn it, looking at that dazzling beam of light and rushing straight to the secluded prison of the war house city can’t help but scold him. He clearly knows that this residual day can raze the war house city. Just rushing straight and intimidating has already caused a devastating blow to the war house city. I didn’t think much about the secluded prison. A light passed.
At the moment, a huge soul shadow is now a ghost. At this moment, the secluded prison stands proudly in the face of the aftermath of violent energy, and is not afraid of the danger. The right hand slowly raises the ghost’s huge palm and slowly rises, and a piece of black light suddenly ignites.
The ghost’s hands held high like Mount Tai’s coping, looking at the force rushing straight at you, and the secluded prison didn’t hesitate. His hands immediately hit a tactic and thundered.
Method tactic rushed into the hands of the ghost of the raven, and the raven suddenly spread out like a canopy, and soon it had covered a war city. That force was severely hit on the screen, but the screen was not damaged, but it was crazy and all-encompassing and it was possible to do its best.
Ghost single-handedly holding up the raven’s deep and remote prison combat power. Senior four looked at it and didn’t think about it. He immediately threw his strength into that piece, saying that the seven gods ruled the magic circle in the valley.
Boom for a while, the violent force swept the party. If Unicorn Chan didn’t run fast enough, it would definitely be submerged by that explosive force. The earth cracked everywhere, the mountains collapsed, and the sky was red with blood. The real world was a doomsday scene.
Ye Piao Nie Jing destroyed a divine realm at the moment, and fell from the sky at a high speed. He slammed his body and pulled back the distance. Looking at the secluded prison, he threw the riot force into the valley. Ye Piao did not respond, but Nie Jing was frightened to disgrace.
I made a furious sound in the Seven Gods Array, and then a blazing light broke out in the valley, which directly hit the ghost secluded prison still standing high. However, at the moment when this force suddenly broke out, Ye Piao keenly felt a powerful corpse gas leaking from the valley, which was a moment but it was real.
You prison root didn’t expect that it would wake an ancient strong man and watch that light hit him, but at this moment Nie Jing suddenly stopped in front of him and hit the dark shield with one hand.
The darkness came again and distorted the light, which was directly blasted by the Diablo shield to the remote outer space. The gods in the real world were not fortunate that the real world suddenly became a piece of land. After thousands of years of development, the precious things in the real world had already been robbed by the real world, but the once-god world has become a dead world.
A powerful idea swept to Ye Piao and other three people. After everything was calm, an ethereal figure emerged in the valley, and several strange spells seemed to connect the ancient times. A strong momentum enveloped the quartet.
Three souls, such as Ye Piao, were still playing in full swing just now, but now they have unified the front line and looked cautiously at this mysterious strong Unicorn Chan. At this moment, he also returned to Ye Piao’s side, and his eyes were staring at that figure.
From the strong now far away in the real world, the teacup in the hands of the high priest Wu Yue suddenly fell to the ground and fell to pieces, but the strategist did not seriously damage the city. The city was led by the duke and looked at the valley.